Ambassador Ella!


Yes it's true, HBB are now at the dizzying heights that we now have an official ambassador to help spread the bee love to all the natural skincare lovers out there ;)

Let me introduce our newest HBB is Ella Newport, a beautiful model by day and a natural skincare lover by night!

Having struggled with her own very dry skin and found it difficult to find products that suited her, she is very keen to work her way through the HBB range and give us her honest reviews of the products.  Her full reviews will be on this, her official HBB page, and on her Instagram page where she can been found at @ellanewport_ .

Please note that Ella is not being paid for her reviews although we are helping her to work her way through the range with her own little 'bee-friendly' discount!

So without further ado, I would like to wish Ella a very warm welcome to the HBB family and I hope you will too.

Please read on for her full profile along with her ongoing reviews.

'Hey, I'm Ella Newport, and I'm an ambassador for honey bee beautiful 🐝💓

I've been a model for 12 years, I'm with Elliott Brown agency and Profile model management.  I recently came across Honey Bee Beautiful on their Instagram page @honey.bee.beautiful and was straight away interested by the way all the products were 100% natural and homemade. After coming in to contact with the company, I was kindly offered to try out some of the products, and was sent the "BUMBLE BEE" face kit (for dry skin). Straight away I was happy with the service, and how they took the time to ask about my skin type and select the right products just for me💓

From the first time trying these products, I instantly fell in love!!! I've always had very dry and sensitive skin, so I struggle with finding products that work for my skin type, treating the dryness but not being too harsh on my skin. I applied these products in the morning, and found that my face remained so amazingly soft and moisturised throughout the whole entire day, which is something a product has never done for me before!

After using these products for a few days, they became part of my everyday skincare routine and I didn't want to go back to anything I had been using before.

I'm so happy that I got to become an ambassador for this amazing company, I couldn't recommend these products enough, I've honestly never tried anything like them, and I can't wait to continue using them, and trying out more and more products! 😊

You can use my code.. ELLANEWPORT10 to save you 10% off your order💓


 BUMBLEE BEE - CLEANSING BALM . This product is definitely one of my favourites! I use it about 4 times a week in the evening. After using this balm, before even using a moisturiser or any other products my skin feels so amazingly soft, I can best describe it as just feeling like velvet. This product helps to take off any makeup and provides a gentle but efficient cleanse for your face. I also love the rose scent in this balm, as rose is one of my all time favourite smells!! I use this followed by the bumblee bee facial oil, and the bumblee bee face cream as my evening skincare routine.

 BUMBLEE BEE - FACIAL OIL.  This product is amazinggggg!!! Definitely another one of my favourites. I apply this most mornings followed by the face cream. This oil is the main product that helps to leave my skin glowing throughout the day. Once applied, my skin is given an amazing healthy glow, and feels so moisturised and soft. The oil will leave an amazing silky feeling on your face throughout the day!! It also smells so amazing and fresh. I can best describe it as that instant feeling after you've applied moisturiser where your skin feels so hydrated and soft, it leaves that feeling on your face all day!

 BUMBLEE BEE - FACE CREAM.  I love the way this product is so quick and easy to apply. The texture of this cream is so smooth and silky it absorbs in to the skin with a quick gentle swipe, yet it's so rich and creamy! Makes applying moisturiser so quick. Also, a little goes such a long way with this product, the size of the product is small, and it's already lasted me 2 weeks with using it twice a day, and I'm only half way through the pot!! Especially when the price of this product is so amazing, I 100% recommend.


 BUMBLEBEE FACE SPRITZ.  I don't use this product a huge amount, but one thing I really like about it is how hydrating and fresh it is! In the morning a couple sprays on to tired skin is so refreshing and really wakes me up. The product also smells amazing!!

I've always struggled with finding a good body moisturiser or anything that will keep my skin smooth and hydrated. I've tried so many brands and nothing seemed to help with my extremely dry skin. This product is absolutely amazing!! What I love about HBB products is that they not only do the job but they look so amazing on the skin, not only does this body butter help moisturise and hydrate the skin, but it leaves it so incredibly shiny and glowing, it has tiny tiny sparkles of gold in it, which would shimmer so beautifully in the sun! This product makes your skin look so healthy and glowing! It also smells amazing.. love the lemon scent! Definitely would recommend this product.
What I straight away realised about this product is a little goes a very long way, which is always amazing because then your product lasts ages! This scrub is so so soft on the lips, my lips get so dry and crusty especially in the winter.. this product is so easy to apply and leaves your lips flake free and feeling so smooth! After taking off the scrub my lips almost feel glossy, it's such a nice moisturised feeling! Love this product! I picked the scent "honey" and it smells amazing.
In the winter my lips get soooo dry, and I've been absolutely loving using the lip scrub to help take off the dry flaky layer of my lips, although I wanted something that I could use afterwards to add extra moisture and softness to them. This lip balm is perfect! The combo of these two products work so well together and leave my lips feeling so soft!! I also love the mint scent which makes me feel really awake and fresh! Love this product.
This product makes taking off your makeup sooooo quick and easy! I find taking off makeup in the evening such a pain, as it takes such a long time! With this oil, I massage it into my skin, and not only does it feel so soft and silky instantly... but it literally dissolves the makeup straight off your skin! You can see it all coming off almost instantly, and then when you wash off the oil it's all completely gone! It's also so much nicer using an oil that glides on your face to take off your makeup, rather than using cotton balls that drag across your skin! Not only does it take of your makeup, but it also cleanses your skin, so saves you having to use a separate cleanser afterwards, which I usually would after using regular makeup remover. I 100% recommend this product, as its one of my new favourites.