'Beauty Bee' Box 12 Months (INCLUDES POSTAGE)

'Beauty Bee' Box 12 Months (INCLUDES POSTAGE)

Regular price £270.00

If you like 'Bee...utiful' surprises and natural beauty than what better way then to sign up for our surprise delivery of beauty gifts every month for 12 months?  

The concept is you sign up, pay a one off fee and every month a box filled with four beauty items lands at your door with a value of £40+.  You pay just £22.50 per box which includes postage!

The box is themed for the time of year and the monthly price of a box is cheaper than what you would pay for the items individually. All products come at their regular shop-sold size meaning you really are getting value for money. 

And you can decide if you want the box or if you want the box to be delivered as a gift to family or friends.

Here's How it Works:

  • You will be billed upfront when you purchase this Subscription
When will we dispatch?
The subscription will begin from when you order and will repeat on the same day of the month for the duration of the subscription.