'Pet Bee' Paw Protector Mini Sample or Travel Size

'Pet Bee' Paw Protector Balm Sample / Travel Size *FREE POSTAGE*

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Does your pet pooch suffer with dry skin on his/her pads, nose or elbow? 

Do you regularly take your pooch walking on pavements which are treated with salt in winter?

Have no fear, we have you, and all your fur friends, covered here at HBB with our brand new mini 'Pet Bee' Paw Protector.

With beeswax & calendula to protect & soothe this is the 'purrrfect' treatment for all your pets skin ailments and is super gentle for sensitive skin types.

In a handy 10g tin this makes the ideal size to try out or simply to keep in your pocket when out and about! 

Simply rub onto sore/dry patches just before walk time for maximum protection!

TOP TIP:  To get maximum benefit, and to avoid your pooch licking off the treatment, apply just before a distracting activity such as eating a bone, before walkies or just before sleep time! 

What our 'Bee....autiful' testers say:

At home I have used this regularly on my own dog. I used it prior to walking in the snow, ice, and after the roads had been gritted - it has worked wonders! Even after the roads had been gritted, which normally causes an upset tummy, there were no problems! Bruno spent 3 years of his life living in a kennel in a rescue centre before we adopted him, because of his he has always had super dry elbows, which are also bald, and very raggedy dry pads on his paws. Since applying Paw Protect regularly he has beautifully soft elbows and his pads are smooth and soft - this is something we've never achieved before despite spending lots of money on various products that  didn't live up to to their promises. Both my husband and I work as dog walkers, so I've been using it on some of my clients dogs in various scenarios. I've had a couple of incidents of holly leaves and thorns in the pads, once removed I've applied the Paw Protect to seal the tiny pin holes left which has stopped the bleeding and left a nice clean seal. One of my clients dogs has suffered very badly with a dry flaky nose for months, a balm has previously been applied but the dryness returned, a few days of applying the Paw Protect and the dryness has completely disappeared and not returned.  I'm so glad it's a natural product as all the dogs I've used the product on love to give it a good lick! I am a huge fan of using natural products on dogs, rather than putting stuff onto them laden with chemicals that I wouldn't dream of using myself, so will be investing in a Paw Protect in a large tin once available!'

10 grams in aluminium tin.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), Avocado Oil (Persea Gratissima), Calendula Oil (Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract), Beeswax (Cera Alba), Honey (Mel)


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Kelly Fowler
Not just for pets!

I bought this to use on cuts, grazes and general sore bits . With 3 small girls I’m constantly having to “put cream on”
Germalene isn’t always the best option. This balm is all natural and actually works! The girls love it and so do I