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My name is Catherine Clark and, in 2014, I made the decision to leave behind a 20 year career as a litigation lawyer to found Honey Bee Beautiful, a Welsh indie skincare business committed to producing 100% natural skincare using products from the hive including raw Welsh honey, pure beeswax cappings and other natural ingredients.

Having had a lifelong passion for alternative therapy, aromatherpay and a love for nature, once I started beekeeping it was only a matter of time before nature would take it's course, so to speak!.

No animals have been tested in the production of our natural skincare range (apart from our willing doggie volunteers!) and all of our honey is either produced by our own honeybees or purchased from other local beekeepers thereby supporting, and sustaining bees and beekeeping in Wales.

Our natural skincare range is particuarly suited to sensitive & dry skin types, problem skins such as eczema & psoriasis, those who care for the environment and who prefer not to to use chemcially laiden products on their skin.

The range includes face, hand, foot & body care ranging from intense treatment balms such as our 'Nurse Bee Balm' to our daily face cleansers & moisturisers, scrubs, honey soaps and bath oils all of which leave the skin baby soft, protected and nourished whilst the natural essential oils soothe and uplift the senses.

In addition to having our wonderful range available for sale through our website and at shows, we also run workshops teaching others about the wonders of bees and honey and how to make honey soaps, lotions & potions.

In 2017 we were shortlisted in the Free From Skincare Awards which is the only awards dedicated to 'free from' cosmetics and skincare products designed to celebrate manuacturers who create products that exclude some of the allergens, fragrances and other ingredients sometimes associated with skin and health issues, ethical and environmental concerns, and which may appeal to those looking for purer or more natural cosmetics and products for their skin, including those with problem skin conditions.

In March 2018 we were awarded 'Best Bee Beauty Brand' by the Beauty Shortlist Awards This year The Beauty Shortlist assembled an international team of judges from the UK, USA and Australia to put beauty products through their paces – championing natural, organic and eco-luxury cosmetics in particular. The Awards independently test products from over 600 brands across the world. There are no sponsors, no advertising and no public votes, just independent testing from the experts.

We were also finalists for our 'Guard Bee Honey Lip Balm' and were awarded Editor's Choice for our 'Bumble Bee Face Cream' and 'Busy Bee Cleansing Balm'.

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"Honey Bee Beautiful products have become so popular that they have been named 'Best Bee Beauty Brand 2018' in the Beauty Shortlist Awards beating Burt's Bees, an achievement which Catherine is justifiably proud."
Hive of activity
Monmouthshire Living Magazine
"Bees are important to us as pollinators for our food but they also produce honey and pure beeswax which are perfectly suited to skincare as they heal and lock in moisture naturally."
Escape to the Country - Series 17 (45 Minute versions): 42. South Wales Jonnie Irwin is house hunting in the South Wales countryside with an itinerant couple who have £600,000 to find a rural retreat close to their growing grandchildren where they want to keep chickens and bees.
Escape to the Country
"'As a lawyer I was helping people solve their problems but now I am helping people solve problems to do with their skin. Having the bees means I can work completely in nature, which I love.'"
Lawyer turned beekeeper is building her natural skincare brand thanks to her busy bees
The South Wales Argus
Winner of 'Best Bee Beauty Brand 2018', Finalist for our Guard Bee Honey Lip Balm & Editor's Choice for our Bumble Bee Face Cream and Busy Bee Cleansing Balm - March 02, 2018
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"As soon as I opened my package, there was such a beautiful, natural smell. I am a strong believer is supporting local and up and coming brands. So I love that the ingredients are sourced from Welsh suppliers, where possible and include honey and beeswax their own bees and other local beekeepers."
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