Our Story of Bees & Natural Skincare 



If you are on this page it is pretty likely that you are looking for a natural solution for your dry, sensitive or acne prone skin to transform it into a healthy, smooth, glowing complexion

If this sounds like you then you are in the right place...so read on!

Croeso and welcome, we are Cath & Bec and we know that finding a steroid free, natural solution that won't cause reaction for sensitive, dry and problem skin can be a challenge, so, we have designed a range of honey based skincare which is super gentle, natural and highly effective for achieving a balanced, soft, clear complexion without worry, particularly if you have dry or sensitive skin or skin prone to eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or acne.

Our priority is helping people and we do everything we can to support our customers on their skin journey whilst also supporting our local bees and the environment; including supporting bee charities, choosing our suppliers with care, using sustainable and plastic free packaging and re-using our containers.

See what our 'bee-utiful' customers are saying:-

"Great For Sensitive/Eczema Patchy Skin. Decided to treat myself to this after reading positive reviews from other rosacea/eczema sufferers. It didn't disappoint! This product is wonderful for getting rid of dead skin patches without irritating my face. The oils make my skin feel baby smooth and my face looks so clear and bright after using. I scrub with this once a week and I haven't had an eczema flare up using it which is heaven!" Beccie

"Lovely Skincare I ordered a sample kit of the Bumble Bee dry skin products, I was so pleased with the improvement in my skin after one week that I ordered the full size trio along with the moisture lotion. After years of using chemical based skincare which was expensive and never really lived up to the advertising hype, I am so happy to have found this range. My middle aged, hormonal skin is much calmer, less red and feels much softer and less dry. Thank you so much to Catherine and the wonderful bees for making these lovely products which are a pleasure to use." Emma

"Amazing For Acne!!! 
 I don't even know where to start.. This stuff not only smells amazing but has sorted out the pesky patch of acne that I have had on my chin for the past year or so. I also love the fact that you can buy in a travel/tester size as well as a larger size. I will be upgrading to the larger as I actually don't know if I can survive without this in my life. I would just like to add that postage was very fast and the customer service is outstanding." Clare

'"Great Products  - Love this sample kit, totally agree with other reviews about using these for problem skin. I’ve ordered the facial oil again and will be ordering the cleansing balm again too. Not a bad word to say. Love how natural these products are and yet help heal problem skin far better than anything else I’ve used. You can literally feel your skin saying thank you." Sarah

"What a fantastic company! Beautiful, ethical, natural products. Wonderful eco packaging with tonnes of product information included and a personal touch of handwritten note and flower buds making it even more extra special than I knew it already was! Thank you Cath and the bees xx"

We are so confident that you and your skin are going to love our products that we offer a full money back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied!

If you are still uncertain whether to try our honey goodies, have a look at our 'Why Buy from Us' page for lots more info to help you decide.

Our values

  • Love and respect for every living thing (we NEVER EVER test on animals)
  • Compassion before profit
  • Bee ‘green'!  We are plastic free and sustainable in the way we run our business
  • Putting YOUR needs FIRST.  We will always listen and love to help so do talk to us

So, how did it all start?  

My name is Cath.  I am the founder and 
I grew up in a small Welsh village with home grown food and a sustainable style of living at its heart, where nothing was ever wasted. 

As a result I fostered a close connection with nature, animals and the natural world.  Having a life long passion for this lifestyle, along with natural therapies, it was a given that, when inspired by my Dad to start keeping bees, I was excited to not only learn more about our amazing bees but also to share their precious resources by creating my own range of natural skincare now that I had access to the healing power of raw honey and pure beeswax

So, after a 20 year career in law, I gave up my life of commuting and the office for a more relaxed lifestyle and a return to country living and with it Honey Bee Beautiful was born. I now live on a farm in the rolling hills of Monmouthshire surrounded by my menagerie of chickens, dogs, cats and of course the bees.

Since the birth of HBB in 2015, I have since been joined by Bec, a passionate frog, nature and skincare lover and together we run the business. Between us we formulate our honey skincare range, help customers with their skin concerns, pack orders and manage all the other parts involved in running a small business.



At HBB, we want to share with you the amazing power of honey to heal. We only use ‘Raw Welsh Honey'. 'Raw' honey is not heated to high temperatures or micro filtered, thereby retaining all of its natural vitamins, enzymes and pollens to help nourish and heal the skin.  

We also only use 'Beeswax Cappings'. The cappings are the wax made and used by the bees to seal the honey comb containing their honey stores. It’s the purest form of beeswax with no possible chemical residue which might be present in other beeswax where the bees have needed treatment for disease, for example.  Beeswax acts as a natural breathable barrier locking in all of the skins natural moisture and protecting it from environmental pollutants including sunlight, bluelight, pollution and harsh weather.

The last product from the hive that we use is 'Propolis' which is used by bees to sterilise their hives. It’s made from the buds and sap of trees and is a potent antiseptic and natural anti-inflammatory. It also contains minerals like magnesium and zinc which help the skin to regenerate.

We also only use 'Pure Essential Oils' rather than synthetic fragrances which means that you benefit from the added therapeutic properties when using our products which help to relax, uplift, and soothe the senses.

Honey Bee Beautiful have featured on the internationally successful BBC2 series, Escape to the Country, where you can see me beekeeping and making our natural products from the hive. Read all about it in our blog HERE.

See me at my apiary.

The full range is assessed to ensure our products are safe for your delicate skin as approved by our membership of the Guild of Soap & Toiletry Makers which provides information on guidelines for craft soap and toiletries.

Look at our heavenly range of products

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Please note that even though all of our products are natural some people may have sensitivities to certain natural ingredients. If you have not used our products before we would recommend that you patch test a sample on the inside of your arm prior to use to avoid any potential adverse reaction. If you do have a sensitivity to any of our products we can, on request, send a patch test kit to help you identify the trigger ingredient.  We may also be able to provide a bespoke product to suit your skin type.  Please email with any enquiries of this regard to info@honeybeebeautiful.co.uk and we will be pleased to help.