What Everyone Else is Saying.....

We could talk until we are blue in the face about how good our honey skincare is but, if you have never heard of us or, never used our products, how do you know how good they are?  



So, I have put together this page to showcase what everyone else is saying about us to help you make an informed choice about whether to try our range.

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 What Our Customers Are Saying

"Bumble Bee Face Cream

Best Face Cream For Eczema. Well, what can I say - I've tried so many things over the years and spent way too much money trying to find that one miracle cream. I'm so happy to say I've finally found it. My very sore and itchy face is no longer like that thanks to Bumble Bee Face Cream for Dry Skin. I'm almost cured :) and when nothing else helped I used this on a dry and extremely itchy patch of skin on the back of my leg after feeling so down as nothing else helped. Hey presto! The itchiness has stopped and dryness almost gone. Wow!! I can't recommend this cream enough. Stop wasting money on chemical ridden products tested on animals when you can buy this purely natural product and not only that but smell great and feel great too. I'll be buying more of this and some of the other products. Customer service is excellent and delivery fast. What's not to like? Thanks to Cath and the bees. You make life more beautiful x"

"Honey Bee Beautiful

I've been using the products for about a year. I have sensitive psoriasis prone skin and find the products for dry skin suit me beautifully. I also love the fact that HBB is a small artisan company and the service feels really personal. Also love the weekly newsletter and the videos Thank you Cath xx”

"Honey Bee Beautiful

I absolutely adore these products and have recommended them to all my friends and family. I started with the facial cream and was so impressed that I quickly bought other products. My favourite, if it’s possible to have one, is the face scrub, but each pot brings its own rewards. The ethical packaging and recycling scheme are also winners. I love the fact that Cath shares her knowledge with us and is always happy to answer queries. Brilliant customer service! Try for yourself and see the amazing results”

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What The Beauty Industry Is Saying


 Winner - 'Best Bee Beauty Brand 2018' 

Finalist - 'Guard Bee Honey Lip Balm'

Editor's Choice - 'Bumble Bee Face Cream'

Editor's Choice - 'Busy Bee Cleansing Balm'

 Beauty Shortlist Awards 2018


 Gold - 'Busy Bee Cleansing Balm'

Janey Loves Platinum Awards 2019


 Gold - 'Nurse Bee Universal Balm'

Green Beauty Natural Beauty Awards 2019


 Silver -'Sensitive Bee Face Cream'       

Shortlisted - 'Honey Bee Soap Teatree, Rosemary & Lavender'

Shortlisted - 'Nurse Bee Universal Balm'

Free From Skincare Awards 2019


 Commended - 'Bumble Bee Cleansing Balm' 

Commended - 'Guard Bee Lip Balms'

Editors Choice - 'Honey Bee Soap Geranouam   & Frankincense'

Beauty Shortlist Awards 2019


 Bronze - 'Honey Bee Body Cream Rose Geranium & Frankincense'

Green Beauty Natural Beauty Awards 2020


 Commended - 'Queen Bee Shampoo Bar' 

Commended - 'Garden Bee Universal Balm' 

Finalist - 'Honey Soap Rose, Cardamon &   Coffee'

Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020


 Silver - 'Baby Bee Honey Soap'

Bronze - 'Gentle Bee Shampoo Bar'

Shortlisted - 'Sensitive Bee Cleansing Balm'

Free From Skincare Awards 2020


 Bronze - Honey Bee Body Cream Rose  Gernaium & Frankincense

Green Beauty Natural Beauty Awards 2020


What The Media Is Saying


 "Honey Bee Beautiful products have become so popular that they have been named 'Best Bee Beauty Brand 2018' in the Beauty Shortlist Awards beating Burt's Bees, an achievement which Catherine is justifiably proud."

'Monmouthshire Living Magazine'
"Bees are important to us as pollinators for our food but they also produce honey and pure beeswax which are perfectly suited to skincare as they heal and lock in moisture naturally."
'Escape to the Country'
"'As a lawyer I was helping people solve their problems but now I am helping people solve problems to do with their skin. Having the bees means I can work completely in nature, which I love.'"
'The South Wales Argus'

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Cath & Bec