'Bee Green' Return & Reuse Scheme

Yay!  It has arrived - our 'Bee Green' Return and Reuse Scheme.

What is the scheme?

This is a scheme designed to create an environmentally friendly way to handle our product packaging.

In essence, it allows used glass and metal containers to be returned so that they can be reconditioned and put back into use, thereby re-using your containers. 

How does it work?

Step 1

Collect 5+ used containers, saving your last delivery box and wrapping.

Step 2

Remove labels from containers and soak in hot soapy water to remove any residue

Step 3

Download Free Postage label HERE.

Step 4

Pack cleaned containers into box and attach free postage label, popping in a note confirming name, address or email so we can award your loyalty points.

Step 5

Take to the post office and send.

How is it good for the environment?

Reusing containers is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to reduce the environmental impact of packaging. Refilling and reusing glass and metal containers directly reduces the demand for manufacturing. Accordingly, lowering demand for single-use containers reduces waste and energy consumption. Significant reductions in waste and energy consumption can be achieved with just 7–8 reuses of a single container.

How is it good for you?

To say a massive thank you for helping us, helping the environment and in effect helping the bees, we will reward you with 50 loyalty points for every box you return to us - just make sure to include your name and email or address with your returns so we know who you are 

Thanks so much for helping
Cath, Bec & the bees xxx