100% gofal croen naturiol a gwenyn-gyfeillgar

100% natural & bee friendly skincare


Why purchase our products?

Trust in natural honey skincare to moisturise your dry & sensitive skin


How does your purchase help bees and the planet?

We support the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust & all jars can be returned for reuse


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We know that when trying a new brand it can feel like a leap of faith, will it work, will it be a waste of money, why does it cost so much etc..

If you are unsure about whether to buy from Honey Bee Beautiful, this will hopefully answer all your queries.

Will our products work for you?

The most important thing to know is whether the products will work for you and your skin.  This is why we have spent alot of time and effort collating both tester feeback, product reviews and testimonials from our 'bee-utiful' customers so that you can spend some time getting to know our range and how they perform. 

Reading experiences from real life people who have similar problems and concerns with their skin and hearing about the relief that they have experienced can help to provide the reassurance and information that you need before taking that leap of faith so please do go ahead and scroll to the bottom of each product page and read through the testimonials and reviews. 

Also, did you know that we have a full money back guarantee if you find that your skin does not get on well with your new HBB product.

Are our ingredients natural?

The next most popular concern is whether the ingredients really are natural and whether your skin will react to them? 

This business was founded on the principles of simple, natural & effective so you can be assured that every product we make has that as it's basis.  We are completely transparent about what goes into our products and each product page lists the ingredients which are in plain English and easy to understand. 

If you are unsure of anything or wish to obtain specific advice on a product for your skin type simply email us at info@honeybeebeautiful.co.uk and one of our team will get back to you with our tailor made recommendations. 

If you are still uncertain, then we offer the majority of our range in mini travel/sample sizes which are an ideal way to try before committing the the price of a full size product.

Why do we charge what we do?

Then there is the price!  Why do we charge what we do and why can't we make our products any cheaper?  Get ready as this is a long, but hopefully very useful answer.  

Hand made

All of your honey goodies are are lovingly hand make in small batches to ensure that when you receive your package they are at their optimum scent and freshness. We are not a factory with machines to do our making in bulk (nor do we want to be) nor are we a home craft business with little or no overheads

Superior ingredients

Your products are made from pure natural ingredients which are not always the cheapest, such as our raw Welsh honey and pure UK beexwax cappings (the purest beeswax from the hive), but we choose these ingredients as not only do they help you support our Welsh & UK bees but they deliver on performance for your skin every time

Sustainable & plastic free

Helping you to 'bee' as green as possible is very important to us so we do not sell or pack in plastic so you can be sure that your HBB containers will never be seen bobbing about in the sea.  Every product is either a zero waste product or contained in card, glass or tin.  The way we send your orders also helps you to be plastic free with recycled paper, tape, jiffy bags, boxes and bubblewrap.  Point of sale leaflets, cards & paper are recycled and even what we clean with and wear in the lab are reusable or biogegradable including our cloths, hair caps, lab coats, gloves and bin bags so you can be sure that each purchase really helps reduce pollution of our environment.  This all comes at a much higher cost but is something that we know you feel very strongly about 

'Bee Green' Return & Reuse Scheme

To help you reduce waste and the energy needed for recycling and transportation & manufacturing of new containers we also operate a freepost 'Bee Green Return & Reuse Scheme' for all of your containers.  Again, this does come at a cost including the free post return (which is why we kindly ask for you to build up supplies before returning to us) along with the time it takes to prepare and sterilise the returned containers for reuse, but we know this means alot to you

Supporting Bees!

Your purchase supports nature and bees with every purchase as we pledge to donate 1p in every £1 you spend on or products to the awesome work of the Bumble Bee Conservation Trust, a not for profit charity which is dedicated to the sustainability and survival of our precious bumblebees.  We also spend alot of time helping to share information about how to help our bees so that you too can join the movement to #sharethebeelove and #saveourbees! 

Cruelty Free

Loving nature and animals is something that runs through your core and we share that passion.  We love and care for all of nature including our beautiful bees and try to work in harmony with it in every action we take.  Animal cruelty is probably the thing that angers you the most.  We care deeply about all animals and would never entertain any kind of cruelty, mistreatment or testing on them.  In fact, we are proud to say that some of our most loyal customers are vegans as they so happy with how we love and care for our bees.

Trust a small & independent Welsh brand

We know that supporting small, UK based businesses is important to you and we can confirm that we definitely fit that bill!.  We are a small, warm, friendly team based in the rolling hills of Monmouthshire in South East Wales.  We love our customers like member of our own family and know how important it is to feel supported, included and listened to.  To become involved in our family and keep up to date with what we have been getting up to with new products launches, health & wellbeing tips, honey recipes, garden advice, news from the bees and much, much more 'bee' sure to sign up for our Thursday evening emails. 

We hope that this has helped to explain any doubts you may have but if you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We care

If you have any suggestions as to how we can improve or if you have any concerns over your product/s or any aspect of HBB please do not hesitate to get in touch as we are only here because of you and any way we can improve what we do for you is what we want to know about.

Much love & big Welsh cwtches, 

Cath, the bees & the HBB team