7 Reasons you need a Hydrating Spritz in your life

If you haven’t yet incorporated a face mist into your routine, your skin is definitely ‘misting’ out.

You can tell if you have dehydrated skin as it will often be tight, red, rough and dull and can even be sensitive or peeling if dehydration is severe. 

Dehydrated skin is lacking in......? You guessed it, water! This is different to dry skin which is lacking in oil and which needs help to retain moisture.

So, while you might think you have dry skin, you may actually have dehydrated skin, or both. If your skin is oily or combination, it can still be dehydrated.

The good news is that, unlike dry skin which is often a skin type and caused through genetics, there is lots you can do to reverse dehydrated skin.

Natural face mists offer an easy, quick hydration solution to banish dehydrated skin and support the skin barrier and microbiome to replenish, plump and brighten your skin. 

Here’s 7 reasons to grab yours….

1. Soothing not stripping

Ever felt that stinging sensation from a mainstream toner/mist? Many water-based off the shelf products contain harsh preservatives and alcohols that only serve to irritate the skin and accelerate the natural ageing process, through disrupting your skin’s natural defences.

Opt instead for a gentle, soothing natural toner face mist packed with natural, gentle floral waters and botanical extracts specifically designed to calm and soothe skin irritation and support, not strip, your skin’s delicate barrier. 

2. Glycerine Heroine

You may have heard of hyaluronic acid - which is lab manufactured through biofermentation - and its moisture magnet skin benefits BUT has your skin met hyaluronic acid’s natural plant derived sister: vegetable glycerine?

The palm free, vegetable glycerine in our face mists penetrates deeper into the skin than hyaluronic acid as it’s made up of smaller molecules that can really reach into the skin to prevent dehydration and soothe - it is also more protecting for the skin and more easily absorbed.

The glycerine works by attracting moisture from the air into the skin, from the top layer known as the stratum corneum down into the deeper layers of the skin known as the dermis to hydrate and support the skin's barrier function by preventing water loss in the skin. Meaning for us: a softer, plumper, glowing complexion, with any rosacea calmed and skin rehydrated.

Suitable for all skin types, naturally antimicrobial and non-irritating, give your skin a quenching glycerine dose with one of our glycerine rich face mists. Move along hyaluronic acid!

Did you know that as glycerine is able to delve deep down into the dermis to hydrate, greatly helping TSW/eczema prone skin cells to develop ‘normally’ rather than hyper proliferate and cause inflammation.

3. Healthy Hydration

Is your skin crying out for hydration? Dry skin is lacking in oil and dehydrated skin is lacking in water - you need both for healthy, happy, radiant skin, and most of us are quick to apply oils, balms and thick creams to banish dry skin but forget the necessity of a water based, humectant product to prevent dehydrated skin.

Adding hydration in between your skincare layers is your key to great looking skin. Have you tried the hydration sandwich technique? This easy, effective hack improves dehydration lines, plumps skin and gives you back your glow.

Here’s what to do: after cleansing, mist on your hydrating face spritz and, whilst the skin is still damp, apply your next layer of skincare, then apply your spritz again - repeat as many times as you like. Finish with a final misting to set your skincare. Make it part of your routine and watch your skin transform!

4. Double Cleanser Delight


The perfect water-based cleanser to follow your cleansing balm as a double cleanser and effectively remove any remaining traces of oil, make up and spf that can lead to clogged pores and a dulling film left on the skin.

Simply dampen a face pad and spray on your face mist (or spray your mist directly onto your face) and wipe the pad gently in an upwards motion all over your face – no sting, or drying out, gentle enough to use on eyelids and lips. The result: a cleansed skin canvas, clear pores, soothed skin without any uncomfortable tightness.

5. Glow Getter

Does your skin start to look a bit lacklustre come lunchtime? Or maybe you feel you can never get a healthy glow luminating from your skin? Then, your face mist will quickly become your firm friend.

Mist over your face at any time during the day when you need a glow boost. How do they work? Not only providing a dewy glow from a deep hydration, our face mists are also packed with natural brightening ingredients to really enliven your skin at any time, from anywhere.

6. Set, Refresh, Repeat

Make-up that tends to slip and slide? Use your face mist to set your make up OR skincare before you leave the house and you’ll reap the benefits of longer lasting freshness.

Quick pm refresh for dull, tired skin? Face misting is one of the most portable of skincare steps as you can easily benefit from it anytime, anywhere, completely hands free so eliminating the chance of any bacteria from your hands infiltrating your skin barrier.

An afternoon full of meetings? Feeling anxious? Calm your skin and mind with a spritz of our face mist, inhale the natural aromatics designed to soothe anxiety and promote mental positivity. Menopausal flush on the train? Reach for your face mist to instantly cool and calm hot skin.

Did you know? We offer our mists in a handy travel size which is ideal for popping in your pocket, handbag or car for a skin refresh and mind reset, whenever you need it.

7. PH Balancer

The skin science bit: skin with a balanced pH is most effective at keeping moisture in and harmful bacteria out. This happens through the acid mantle which is a healthy barrier made of a slightly acidic film on the surface of the skin.

A healthy skin pH leans more towards the acidic side – the more acidic your skin is the more effective it is at combatting harmful bacteria and free radicals, breakouts, the signs of ageing and at staying hydrated.

The more alkaline your skin is, the more susceptible it is to damage, breakouts, and dryness. Even water is too alkaline for our skin as it has a neutral pH of 7 whereas our skin’s natural pH is 4.7.

By using our pH friendly face mist, after cleansing with water, or when the skin has been exposed to any factors influencing it’s pH such as air pollution or humidity, you can restore your skin’s pH to a healthy level, helping it to remain strong and resilient to premature ageing and free radicals by using your face mist.

7 Quick tips for making the most out of your face mist

1. Grab a travel size for on the go misting
2. Pop your spritz in the fridge for an extra cooling, calming, refreshing sensation. Hangover? Hot flush? Puffy skin? Sunburn? Irritated skin? All sorted!
3. Use to tame flyaway hairs.
4. Spray on pulse points, back of neck or temples to calm or refresh.
5. Use as a relaxing, restful pillow spray.
6. Use as a room/car freshener spray.
7. Mist on swollen hot feet or ankles.

Don't 'mist' out.........

As always if you have any questions at all about our face mists, which one would be best for your skin, or any skincare queries in general , please do reach out – we are always here to help you.

Wishing you all happy hydrated skin,

Cath and Bec xx

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