7 Red Flags You're Not Cleansing Your Face Correctly

Washing your face? Simple, we all know how to do that right? Wrong! Cleansing properly is a non-negotiable that you are likely going about in the wrong way.

There are skincare steps we can take or leave but a cleanser is a ‘must -have’ not a ‘nice to have’ and cleansing correctly is essential to the overall health and condition of your skin.

Our skin goes through a lot in the day: exposure to UV and pollution, sweat, clingy SPF, and make up. Even if you stay indoors, you can’t shut out the need for a cleanser. Dead skin cells naturally build up alongside sebum, whatever you are up to!

A great cleansing regime will slay through it all allowing your beautiful complexion to emerge in all its radiant glory, and actually allow it to effectively drink up the benefits of your skincare.

Think of cleansing as the foundations of your routine – if you don’t get it right, the skincare you build onto your foundation won’t hold and work effectively, crashing down, signalling a waste of time and money on your expensive skincare products.

Still thinking a swipe of a face wipe will do the job, or, are you scrubbing away and stripping your skin's natural microbiome wondering why your skin isn't looking it's best? Stay tuned – we’ve got help on the way!

Do these 7 red flags sound familiar? Then you are not cleaning your face properly!

1. Seeing make up residue after washing

Still finding traces of make up on your skin even after cleansing? Then your cleansing routine is not adequate and it’s time to switch things up. Opt for an oil based cleansing balm to melt away make up and impurities without stripping the skin and remember to double cleanse with a water based cleanser to ensure those final traces of the day have been eliminated for refreshed, clean skin.

2. Your skin feels too dry or too oily

This is a sure sign your cleanser is stripping the natural hydration from your skin and interfering with your skin barrier. Micellar waters can leave harsh surfactants (yep, the same as what you find in household cleaning products!) sitting on your skin, trending cleansing brushes, or cleansers packed with synthetics can give you even drier skin, or, encourage an over production of oil for already oily skins, exacerbating the skin issues you were hoping to cleanse away!

3. Your skin is dull

Dull skin is an immediate indicator that dead skin cells could be building up from ineffectively cleansed skin and/or your skin is dehydrated.  Ditch the dull skin and choose a cleanser that ensures the natural light of your complexion shines through. Choose a balm or oil-based cleanser to effectively break down and remove daily environmental aggressors whilst also replenishing the skin's natural moisture barrier.

4. Lacklustre skin after your morning face wash

It has been trending lately but, really, is an absence of your morning cleanse good for your skin? It’s a resounding no from us! 

Why? Our skin is busying repairing itself overnight and while we sleep we sweat, especially when going through the menopause, and this can leave skin with a film on the surface. There’s also the bacteria from our pillows, the dust that accumulates on our bedding, as well as saliva to contend with – now does it sound like our skin deserves a proper morning cleanse to prevent dull, congested skin?

5. Congested skin

Skin feeling congested with whiteheads, blackheads and/or acne breakouts? A poor cleansing routine will lead to a build-up of dead skin cells and congested, sebum and dirt clogged pores, particularly if you have a textured, open pored skin type.

While micellar water and makeup wipes can remove surface-level dirt (hence why you can see a satisfying amount of makeup/grime on them) they’re not delivering a deeper cleanse, not to mention the chemicals left sitting on your skin.

This is why continued use can lead to congested skin.  Put a stop to pore-pitfalls and trade yours in for a sophisticated cleansing balm – your skin will thank you for it.

Look for one with gentle exfoliating clays to really slough through dead skin and cleanse thoroughly.  Don't forget to rinse twice to thoroughly remove all traces of your cleansing balm or oil and follow up with a water based double cleanse: CLICK HERE to browse our gentle natural clay cleansing balms.

6. Your skincare and/or make up products are pilling

If you apply a product and see it peel off rather than getting absorbed, chances are you haven’t cleansed well enough.

By skipping a full cleansing routine, you may be leaving behind an invisible layer of film that creates a barrier and prevents your products from fully penetrating and working to their best ability. These ingredients can pill when they interact, which causes little pieces of skin to flake off as you rub, pat or massage your product skin. Easiest way to solve this problem? Make sure you are double cleansing in the evening to leave your skin spic and span free of any grime or balm residue.

7. Your skin is prone to irritation and rashes

Washing too little could cause a lot of problems, but over-cleansing your face can wreak the same havoc.  If your skin feels taut, uncomfortable and irritated after you've patted it dry, then it’s likely you are stripping the skin barrier.

When the skin barrier is compromised, your natural skin shied falters allowing external irritants, allergens, and infections to enter the skin more readily causing premature signs of ageing, dry, sore, irritated skin and/or outbreaks.

For soothed, strong skin avoid irritating cleansing wipes, choose instead a cleanser with all natural, skin barrier supporting ingredients such as beeswax, raw honey and natural plant oils to cleanse without degrading the skin barrier.

TOP CLEANSING TIP: to avoid unnecessary rubbing of your skin emulsify your cleansing balm with water before applying in gentle massaging motions.

3 Musts for Cleansed Skin Brilliance

1. The Double Cleanse is Essential

Are you following up your cleansing balm with your face mist for a double cleanse in the evenings? If you really want to ramp up the performance of your skincare this is a must.  The double cleanse will deeply cleanse your skin without drying and double up the hydration leaving it plump and glowing ready to absorb your oils, serums and moisturisers for a radiant glow.

Your first 'oil based' cleanse is the big hitter to melt away the uppermost layers of dirt and your 'water based' double cleansing spritz ensures a thorough removal of makeup, SPF, daily grime and any leftover cleansing balm residue whilst delivering a blast of soothing hydration.

2. Use a Muslin Cloth

Are you using a muslin cloth for your cleanse? If not, just try it!

Textured enough to gently exfoliate the skin for a smoother, clearer complexion, they help reduce congestion plus soft enough to not drag the skin, their lightweight eco composition means they dry quickly too – an important factor as you should be washing your cloth after every use.

Make the most of this humble yet clever cloth to transform washing your face into something more akin to a daily ritual offering up a moment of “me-time” as you treat your skin to some TLC. CLICK HERE to grab yours.

3. Choose the Right Cleanser

How to choose the right cleanser for your skin..

Dry/dehydrated/maturing skin? Go for products which are brightening and moisturising like our Bumble Bee cleansing balm with circulation boosting, nourishing red clay and our brightening Bumble Bee face spritz.

Oily combination/acne/blemish prone skin? Look for oil absorbing, deep cleansing cleansers like our Busy Bee cleansing balm followed by our pore tightening Busy Bee spritz for the double cleanse.

Sensitive/eczema prone/reactive skin? Opt for simple, soothing, fragrance free face care like our essential oil free Sensitive Bee cleansing balm with gentle kaolin clay, and our Sensitive Bee spritz double cleanser with soothing chamomile and humectant aloe vera.

Top Tips for a Performing Cleanse

Grab your cleansing balm and face spritz and let’s go!

1. Use warm water not hot and work with damp skin.  Place your warm damp muslin cloth over face to start opening pores and loosening grim and breathe in and out and start to relax your body.

2. Take a 5p size piece of cleansing balm and rub between palms to melt it.  Emulsify with some warm water then massage in circular, upwards motions all over your face and neck.

3. Wet your muslin with warm water and place over your face and inhale the natural aromatics before gently wiping off. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, then repeat, THIS IS IMPORTANT to fully remove.

4. Time for your double cleanse (most skins only need to do this in the evening) – take another muslin/face pad, dampen it with warm water and then spray your face spritz onto the pad/or liberally onto your face, and wipe upwards gently with the pad to double cleanse your skin and remove any remaining steadfast dirt or cleansing balm residue.

TOP TIPGo slow around the eyes - our cleansing balm is suitable for all areas of the face, including removing eye make up, go gently and carefully over delicate areas - the oil will melt away the dirt and make up - no need to pull.

TOP TIPPat dry (don't rub) with a soft, clean towel

TOP TIP: Don’t neglect your neck -our necks have a tendency to develop darker rings around them and crepey skin where grime can collect; skin is also thinner here, with less collagen to support its structure, meaning it can show signs of ageing ahead of your face. The best (and easiest ) thing you can do for this delicate skin is to incorporate it into your facial skincare routine. That means cleansing thoroughly from forehead to decolletage, and following with your face spritz for the final cleanse.

TOP TIPMake time for massage – massage your cleansing balm into your skin, this not only relaxes but also enhances oxygen and blood flow and lymphatic drainage to de-puff, brighten and give your skin an instant glow. Our cleansing balms contain natural aromatics designed to uplift, calm and destress the mind and skin.

Watch the video below of Cath taking you through how to use our cleansing balms:

Your face is now a perfectly cleansed canvas ready to follow up with your beeswax and raw honey skincare to ensure lasting hydration, nourishment and protection, fortifying the skin's natural moisture barrier.

So, skin now expertly cleansed, that's a wrap for this week! Hope that's helped lovely and as always if you have any questions regarding cleansing or would like any guidance at all with your skincare, we are always here and ready to help you.

Much love,

Cath, Bec and the Bees  xx

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