Are you neglecting yourself?

Destress & Dive into Pure Relaxation: Glow as Your Best Self This Festive Season!


Seasonal Stress

This season it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the festivities, social calendars, hosting for friends and family, keeping the peace, caring for others, juggling your time and finances - it’s enough to leave anyone feeling stressed and drained.

Keep your calm, your stress in check and your skin happy and healthy all season by setting regular time aside for yourself.

Do you find this difficult, particularly at this time of year?

Making time for ourselves, as women (sorry to any men reading this!) is something we are not particularly good at – in fact did you know studies have proven that Christmas is especially tough on women’s mental health? While only 35% of men have felt stressed around Christmas, for women the figure is 61%! 

We must remember self-care is not a luxury or being selfish; in fact, it is quite the opposite as we can only be fully understanding and patient with others when we have factored in time to care for our own needs. Doing so, stops us feeling frustrated and resentful – self-preservation allows us to showcase the best version of ourselves to the people who love and need us this Christmas.

Read on to discover how raw honey can help you destress, pamper yourself and see you through the bustle of the season!  And, we are not alone, our sisters of all religions and beliefs around the globe are using raw honey to help them unwind this season, nourishing the body and mind..... More below!

Oh, and did you know we can learn valuable lessons from the honeybees on how to manage our stress levels this Christmas? Grab a cuppa and delve in to discover more!

 Raw Honey: An Ancient Golden Elixir

Pampering your skin and soothing your mind with raw honey is nothing new – think back to ancient Egyptian times and Cleopatra’s famous love of raw honey rituals – and it is a practice still very much revered in many different cultures today.

BUT we are not referring to any honey here; the type you find mass produced on the shelves of supermarkets will not cut it – to reap the caring benefits for skin and body, ‘bee’ sure to choose raw honey like ours, that hasn’t been filtered , heated or tainted with sugar syrup and thus retains all its natural vitamins, enzymes, pollen, and amino acids.

We only sell and use pure raw Welsh Honey in our jars and incorporated in our skincare range.

Raw Honey: World-Renowned Skin Soother

In the bustling modern world, where skincare trends come and go, there's something alluring about the wisdom of ancient honey beauty rituals. These age-old practices, passed down through generations, are still favoured around the world today, particularly during the festive season.

Let’s take inspiration from around the globe and share in the secret of healthy, revived, destressed skin......

In India, especially during the festive season, Ayurvedic skincare rituals often involve the use of raw honey alongside other traditional ingredients such as essential oils too, just like those especially selected in our own HBB skincare ,to foster relaxation, anxiety relief and uplift the mind.

Raw honey is favoured to nourish the skin, impart a radiant glow, and bring a sense of wellness. Ayurvedic skincare emphasises the use of natural ingredients that are believed to balance the doshas and promote overall well-being.


At Christmas time, the Greeks indulge in a skincare ritual by applying a hydrating face mask made of raw honey and extra virgin olive oil. This traditional blend deeply moisturises the skin, leaving it with a healthy glow, and adds an extra touch of self-care to the festive season and is one we mirror here at HBB with our super indulgent, aromatic olive oil and raw honey soap selection and our olive oil and raw honey face oil.

Let’s buzz North…. in Scandinavia ladies pamper their skin with a festive raw honey and berry scrub.

This exfoliating treatment combines raw honey with crushed lingonberries or cranberries, providing antioxidants and gentle exfoliation.

The ritual brightens the skin, sloughing away dead skin cells, promoting a healthy and glowing complexion in harmony with the holiday spirit. Channel your own Scandi exfoliating skin renewal by treating yourself to our Raw honey Queen Bee face exfoliator.

Navidad in Mexico? Here, ladies love to lavish their lustrous locks with raw honey and coconut to keep them in tiptop condition over the festive celebrations. The raw honey adds moisture and shine, while coconut provides deep conditioning.

This festive hair treatment not only nourishes and revitalises the hair but also adds a tropical touch to anyone’s holiday self-care routine – unleash your own Mexican goddess by pampering your hair with our raw honey and coconut shampoo and conditioner duo for soft, nourished, lush scented, luminous locks all through the season. That’s one less thing to worry about when your hair is bappy, soft and manageable!

Deck Your Skin Daily with a Honey Glow


It can be very easy to neglect your everyday skincare routine as things become hectic in the lead up to Christmas, but taking 5-10 minutes twice a day to yourself for your skin care maintenance will not only keep your skin glowing but give you time for a quick rest and reset to quell any stress.

This honey glow collection has everything you need for a quick and effective daily skincare routine – soft reusable face pad, aromatic cleansing balm, skin vitamin boosting face oil and hydrating and protecting beeswax and honey face cream.

What’s more this honey glow collection is encased in a handy cotton pouch which is ideal for taking with you during your travels and family visits over the Christmas season.

'Tis The Season to 'Bee' Plumped & Glow

Stress, along with heating, roaring fires, trips to chilly Christmas markets, can all wreak havoc with our skin, causing dryness and irritation, and exacerbating current skin challenges such as eczema and acne.

Take time out for yourself and keep your skin youthful and glowing all through the season, whether you have lots parties to attend, or cosy evening soirees, there’s nothing quite as stress busting as the feel of comfortable, replenished, bright skin that looks great.

We’ve put together the perfect 'Bee' Plumped & Glow set to boost your skin this season and prevent cold weather stagnation – everything you need to 'bee' plumped and glow is in this collection.....

Pull back the day with our soft bamboo spa headband and gently scrub away seasonal stresses and encourage cell turnover with our exfoliating Queen Bee Face Scrub, formulated with aromatherapy essential oils to uplift and soothe the mind.


Next, feed your skin with nutrient rich drops of our premium rejuvenating rosehip and raw honey face oil and ditch the eye creams - which will only laden any already heavy, dark, puffy under eyes - for our brightening, quenching Queen Bee under eye treatment.

Decadent oils applied, now take our most popular skincare tool and swipe away your cares with this genuine jade roller, sure to boost sluggish lymphatic drainage and circulation and remove stress tension in the face, all while aiding absorption of the face oils for a truly hydrated and nourished complexion.

This face care collection is designed to be a pleasure to unbox for you - or a loved one - this Christmas. It arrives lovingly encased in a durable, reusable box, tied with a silk branded ribbon and lined with Eco A accredited logo tissue paper and scattered with rosebuds, it's sure to bring a glow of delight to anyone’s complexion before they even start using it.

Indulge in a Rose Honey Spa Session


If you need some further encouragement to escape the stress and treat you and your skin to some R&R this season, then don’t worry - we have put together our very own Rose Honey Spa Set especially for you to enjoy all the aromatics and skin benefits of a spa but from the comfort of your own bathroom.

So, why not snap one up and set aside some time to retreat for a couple of hours of self-care, relaxation and aromatherapy skincare during the seasonal bustle?

Create time for your Rose Honey Spa session to unwind physically and mentally during this busy time by following these simple steps.....

  • Run a deep, hot bath, drizzling in your raw honey and essential oil bath oil for the ultimate in a decadent, moisturising soak and grab your favourite relaxing tipple to take with you- or why not try a big mug of lemon and raw Welsh Honey to really hydrate and heal from the inside and out.

  • Detangle, clean and condition your hair with our comforting rose scented natural shampoo bar – wash away the build-up of the day with a satisfying lather and lingering comforting rose scent.

  • Using the super soft bamboo cloth and gently exfoliating rose, cardamom and coffee raw honey soap, treat your skin to an awakening, reviving cleanse – boosting the circulation and buffing your skin to a beautiful natural glow.
  •  Pat your skin dry with a soft towel and whilst still damp take the decadent bath/body oil and drip the glorious, nourishing droplets all over your body and pat in to deeply moisturise. 

Next for seriously, soft, sensuous feeling and smelling skin, smooth over  honeybee body butter – your body will be left with a honey sheen and your skin polished, pampered and fully nourished.

For the final skin treat, don’t neglect your lips at this time of year – take our protecting rose raw honey and beeswax lip balm and smooth on for the softest most kissable lips this mistletoe season.


Our Rose Honey Spa set arrives as a real treat for you or a loved one to unveil – it's encased in a reusable, durable box, tied with a branded silk ribbon and decorated with Eco A accredited logo tissue paper and 'bee-utifully' scented rosebuds.

6 Honeybee Lessons in Stress Management


Honeybees, with their intricate social structure and harmonious collaboration, offer valuable lessons on how we can cope with stress this season.

Let’s see how these wonderous creatures can inspire us to manage the Christmas stress:

1. Collective Support: like bees working together in a hive, seeking support from a community, or loved ones can lighten our individual burdens. Sharing festive responsibilities and relying on others for support fosters a sense of unity and reduces our stress.

2. Mindful Focus: bees diligently focus on one task at a time. Adopting a similar approach by focusing ourselves on the present moment and avoiding overwhelming thoughts about future tasks can help alleviate stress.

3. Efficient Communication: honeybees communicate effectively through intricate dances and pheromones. Clear and open communication in our human relationships and ditching assumptions and festive expectations of others and ourselves helps prevent misunderstandings and reduces the stresses associated with miscommunication.

4. Adaptability: bees adapt to changes in their environment. Embracing flexibility and viewing the inevitable festive challenges as fresh opportunities can help us navigate stressful situations with resilience.

5. Purposeful Work: our honeybees work with purpose and dedication. Finding meaning and purpose in our tasks can bring a sense of fulfilment, and we should make sure we reward ourselves, speak to ourselves kindly and congratulate ourselves for ticking Christmas chores off our list.

6. Nature Connection: bees of course are deeply connected to nature. Spending time ourselves in natural surroundings and appreciating the beauty of the world around us - whether that be a spot of forest bathing or catching up with a friend with a quick walk around the park - getting outside can be a powerful antidote to stress.

    Try incorporating these lessons from our honeybees into your daily life and let’s see if we can cultivate a more harmonious and stress-resilient approach to Christmas 2023.

     Be Kind to Yourself

    Take care of yourself this Christmas: remember to afford to yourself the same kindness and gentle words as you would to others and why not treat yourself to your own special honey pamper gift at a time when you are so busy buying for others this Christmas.

    Gifting season is now in full swing and we still have some limited editions available; follow this link HERE to snap yours up and remember we are here for you if you would like any help and advice on what to buy for a loved one or for a well deserved treat to yourself.

    Much love,
    Cath, Bec and the bees x

    PS: Don’t forget to save the date next Thursday 6-7pm and join us live on Instagram and Tiktok for our Christmas market – it’ll be a fun packed hour with the spotlight on our brand new mystery bundles!! Stay tuned for more!!

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