Why are Cleansing Balms the Secret to Healthy Radiant looking Skin?

The Essential Everyday Hack for Healthy Glowing Skin


Time to glow! Let’s strip things back to the beginning of any skincare routine, to where we can make or break our quest for a happy healthy complexion – the secret lies in how we clean our faces.  



What type of facial cleanser do you use? On TikTok the hashtag #cleansing balm has over 104 million views and you've probably noticed cleansing balms creeping onto beauty shelves in place of harsh, stripping cleansers and environmentally polluting cleansing wipes.



Cleansing balms are forever gaining in popularity because they offer so much more than just a way of cleaning our faces. So, if you are not already part of the cleansing balm revolution it’s time to find out why you should jump aboard!




In our recent customer poll you kindly told us your main reason for using a cleanser was to remove daily grime and make up: yes cleansing balms are pros at doing this gently and effectively but did you know their repertoire of skin loving properties expands so much further? 

The right one can hydrate, moisturise, exfoliate and aid physical and mental well-being. Sound good? Cue this month’s discussion dedicated to the heroic cleansing balm!



Read on to discover more reasons to ditch the drying micellar water and harsh foaming cleansers (chemicals within these gradually strip away the skin's natural nutrients and oils causing premature ageing -no thanks!) in favour of a natural cleansing balm. 

Why is cleansing our skin so important?




Let’s deep dive into why cleansing your skin is a MUST.

Deep, daily cleansing rids your skin of all the make up, excess dirt, impurities and pollutants it has encountered throughout the day. Without cleansing your skin is left open to dehydration, breakouts and premature ageing. Skip cleansing and your built-up dead skin cells linger, leaving your skin looking dry, sallow and dull. And who wants that?




Clean skin also makes the best canvas for any nourishing follow on skincare products and/or your make up to come. Well cleansed skin constitutes a calm, healthy base for your follow up products -  moisturisers/serums/creams will absorb into and penetrate the skin more efficiently, increasing their effectiveness and meaning a little goes far; so that's kinder on your pocket too.

But I don’t understand how a solid cleansing balm can clean my skin effectively?




Cleansing balms have the ability to cut through, dissolve and melt away make up, sunscreen, dirt, pollutants, oil and grime. Using one is an instantly gratifying way of watching your make up break down before your very eyes.



They are oil based, temperature sensitive formulas, activated by body heat or water and work by nourishing the skin - whatever your skin colour, type or tone - as a balm, easily removing dirt and impurities as a cleansing oil and hydrating as a cleansing moisturiser.




Experiencing the texture transform from a solid balm into a silky oil is a sensorial pleasure to behold. For anyone interested in the science behind how a cleansing balm works have a look HERE , but basically their high oil content makes them a shining star when it comes to makeup and daily dirt removal.

I’m a little unsure of how to use a cleansing balm properly?



Don't worry - it’s super simple! Cleansing balms are gentle enough to be used twice daily, morning and evening. Have a look at a demo of me using the balm above and follow these quick and easy steps to reap the most out of yours:

  1. Either open pores by applying a dampened warm cloth over your face before applying a pea sized amount of cleansing balm or warm a small amount of the cleansing balm between your palms and apply directly to dry skin.
  2. Massage in gentle circular motions all over the face (eyelids and lips included), neck and décolletage to lift make up, grime and stimulate circulation.
  3. Wash off balm thoroughly using warm water with a muslin or flannel. Pat dry and voilà - hello glowing, supremely soft skin!



Ok, so what are the main advantages of making the switch to a cleansing balm?



They really are the bees knees but if we had to narrow it down here are our top eight: 

  1. Nourishing and melting texture- will not drag on skin, thus avoiding causing trauma and irritation - no need for a balm to be pulled around on a pad, snagging the skin as is the case when using water based cleansers.
  2. Gentle on skin - suitable for all skin types, nurtures the skin’s natural barrier, and respects its natural pH balance; unlike many foaming cleansers which contain sulphates (that’s what makes the foam).
  3. Anti ageing - revitalises and plumps skin for a smoother more youthful glow thanks to a mixture of skin nourishing butters and oils.
  4. Multi purpose -can leave on for 5-10 mins as a moisturising mask to rehydrate parched skin.
  5. Relaxing and calming - massage on in circular motions for a daily ‘spa at home’ experience to aid lymphatic drainage and boost circulation.
  6. Packed full of natural aromatics proven to boost mental wellbeing and promote relaxation for a truly healing cleanse
  7. All in one superheroes - no need for a separate product to remove eye make up, they are less mess and easier to travel with. Think of cleansing balms as a face, lips and eye makeup remover, cleanser, oil and serum all in one!
  8. Eco friendly & purse friendly – no need for single use wipes or pads, cleansing balms are often sold in reusable pots instead of plastic bottles, a little goes a long way and no foaming harsh chemicals will be making their way onto your skin and into our waterways.



I have very dry skin/menopausal skin/ rosacea prone skin – will using a cleansing balm help?



Yes! Cleansing balms are adept at replenishing lost moisture, leaving dry skin restored and balanced. If you have dry skin look out for humectants when choosing a cleansing balm – these are moisture magnets for your skin.

When the skin barrier is compromised and dry, humectants will pull in moisture from the air and lock it into the skin’s surface while retaining moisture within the skin, preventing trans-epidermal-water-loss (TEWL). We use nature’s great natural humectants  – beeswax and raw honey -  in our cleansing balm range to care for and protect the skin.




If you have more mature skin cleansing balms are a must – packed with natural antioxidants they are favourable to other cleansers for soothing and plumping our skin as it ages.

Since the outer layer of skin becomes thinner and more delicate as we grow older (this also happens during menopause due to the fluctuation in oestrogen levels) we could really benefit from having a gentle cleansing option in our anti ageing arsenal to avoid additional skin irritation. An ideally suited cleansing balm is our Bumble Bee cleanser which will also smooth and prep your skin to readily receive the rest of your age kind skincare regime.



If you experience rosacea or redness the natural red clay in our Bumble Bee cleansing balm will help to reduce the pigmentation, soothe discomfort, mattify and unify whilst reviving and brightening your complexion.  




The rose geranium and patchouli essential oils in our cleansing balm for dry skin boast an array of anti inflammatory and healing benefits which are highly effective for balancing and toning dry, easily irritated or menopausal skin whilst being calming, comforting and restorative for the mind. Be sure to inhale these aromatic benefits as you cleanse!



Are cleansing balms suitable though for my sensitive skin?



Absolutely! Cleansing balms are a great replacement for rough and irritating make up removing wipes and other deep cleansing methods, especially for those of us with sensitive, reactive skin types as it’s so important that our daily cleanse will not over dry or strip our especially delicate skin of its moisture content.



The fabulous thing about cleansing balms is that they’re ultra gentle, yet extra effective at removing the day’s impurities and leave sensitive skin feeling soothed and soft, as opposed to other water based cleansing methods that are often too harsh for reactive skin types.



For very delicate skins, look out for sensitive ‘skin hero’ ingredients such as shea and cocoa butters which are found in our Sensitive Bee cleansing balm. We have formulated our cleansing balm for sensitive skin without any added fragrance or essential oils so you can be sure of an irritation free cleanse even if your skin has a tendency to be ultra sensitive.



Added in to our cleansing balm for sensitive skin you will also find natural white clay, the gentlest type of clay, rich with mineral salts and kaolin to help repair skin and restore radiance, the gentle way.



What about for oily blemish prone skin types – an oil based cleansing balm sounds like it will exacerbate my skin issues?


Are you keen to try a cleansing balm but unsure whether it’s a good plan for oily skin? Let us put your mind at ease and clear up this concern – pun intended - with our Busy Bee cleansing balm.

Cleansing balms are rich in nourishing oils that not only work to hydrate and balance oily skin without stripping or being greasy, but they are also lipophilic solvents, attracting themselves to other oils and dissolving them.



This is particularly useful in banishing excess sebum which so often leads to breakouts for those of us with oilier skin.  Harsher cleansing products can cause irritation and redness which can trigger such breakouts whereas naturally antibacterial ingredients such as the raw honey and beeswax found in our Busy Bee cleansing balm will help keep skin squeaky clean and any flare ups at bay.






Bentonite clay, also naturally antibacterial and anti inflammatory, is revered in our cleansing balm for combination skin.

The magic of this clay is actually found in its electrical charge! Yep, you read that right -  when bentonite clay comes into contact with moisture it takes on a strong negative electrical charge causing toxins, impurities within the skin to become attracted to it, pulling them out.

Think of the clay as working like a magnetic sponge on your skin -  super absorbent, able to draw out toxins and impurities, regulate sebum production and reduce the appearance of black heads whilst tightens pores – a satisfying cleansing win for anyone who has oily skin!



Antifungal lavender and astringent tea tree essential oils team together to further ensure pores are left clean, unclogged and any raised blemishes calmed and bacteria free after using our Busy Bee cleansing balm.




What else sets your cleansing balms apart form the rest?



Here’s the buzz on what our best selling cleansing balms are known for:

  • Award winning
  • Made in small batches with love and care
  • Made without sulphates, parabens, petroleum, parfum, synthetic fragrance
  • Natural aromatics to promote skin happiness and mental well being
  • Natural, cruelty free, ethically sourced oils, butters and essential oils
  • Different cleansing balms for different skin types
  • Unique gentle clay exfoliation
  • Formulated with natural ingredients especially tailored to support different skin concerns
  • Housed in recyclable or reusable glass pots (click here for a guide on how to return yours)
  • Long lasting
  • Support and advice available from us to complement your cleansing balm journey
  • Available in small, 'starter' sizes so you can try before committing to the full size
  • Our customers are lovely enough to tell us how our cleansing balms have revolutionised their skincare - scroll down the product pages and have a read of what they have to say!



Are you now feeling ready to add a cleansing balm to your routine or are you still yet to fall under the balm spell?




If you find yourself feeling unsure whether a cleansing balm is for you and/or would like any further information about our ingredients, cleansing balms or cleansing in general we would be delighted to help in an way we can so please reach out and let us know!



Here's to happy, calm and cleansed faces,

Cath and Bec xx




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