'Escape to the Country'? Making our 'BBC1' TV debut.....

#Now we are Famous!

We have had an extra little 'Spring' in our step this week.......not only because of the wonderful season we are in but because we made our first appearance on 'BBC1' in the latest episode of 'Escape to the Country'.

Read on to see a clip of us with the bees and making lip balms....in front of the film crew!

Escape to the Country film Honey Bee Beautiful in Wales

Filming.......How did it Happen?

Well....this all happened last July.  We were all set to spend the week at the 'Royal Welsh' Summer Show when the production company for 'Escape to the Country' rang and asked if they could come and film us with the bees and making some products.  It was a tough decision but we said yes - of course!!

The film crew all kitted out in bee suits for filming of Escape to the Country
The Crew in Bee Suits!
This is the crew all suited up and Chris and Helen, the couple wanting to move back to Monmouthshire, are behind.  Helen was very nervous around the bees.
The film crew for Escape to the Country with cameras rolling!
CLICK HERE to view the episode on IPlayer.....I think we are from about minute 15 or 16 and it's only available for viewing for the next few days.
Catherine Clark from Honey Bee Beautiful talking to Escape to the Country about Bees!
Bee Talk zzzzzz
This is me talking about the importance of bees and this is the river which I walk along on my morning walks with my 2 dogs - it's the Usk.  It's hard to believe we were all sheltering under the shade to keep cool -  the one day of summer ;)
Honey and beeswax lip balms being made on Escape to the Country!
Making Balms....
These are the honey and beeswax lip balms which I showed Chris and Helen how to make for the show.  They are so simple to make and deliciously moisturising and protective for the lips!
Honey and beeswax all natural soaps handmade by Honey Bee Beautiful
Learn How to Make!
You can learn how to make your very own honey soaps, lip balms and lotion bars on one of our courses here in South Wales.  CLICK HERE for more details.

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