Guide To Using Your Gua Sha



Before using your Jade Roller or Gua Sha, you should always make sure your skin is clean.  Wash your face before use and use a few drops of face oil to aid the slide of the Gua Sha and help the product absorb into the skin.

Jade is known for its balancing effects and its ability to cool, so it helps de-puff features while clearing inflammation. 

For maximum performance, place your tools in the fridge overnight.  The cool jade will help with swelling by shrinking blood vessels and provide a nice cool feeling on your skin.

STEP 2 -


Start at your neck and use the large end of the roller in upward strokes 3-4 times up your neck and finishing with 3-4 downward strokes on each side of your neck.  Then move to your chin and use the large roller in outwards stroke from the middle of your chin, along your jaw line and up to your ear. 

Then move to your cheeks and use the large roller in upwards strokes from nose to ear 3-4 times in each area.  Move then to the centre of your forehead and move in upward strokes from the middle of the brow to the outer brow.

Then use  the smaller roller to work around your eye area starting gentle over the top of the eye from inner to outer eye to temple 3-4 times and then under the eye from inner eye up to temple. 

Then repeat on the other side of your face.


The Gua Sha is a more intense treatment and involves scraping a flat, rounded tool over the skin.  This treatment is more like a deep tissue massage and relaxes the muscles, gets the energy and blood moving and shifts any puffiness.  It boosts the circulation which takes away toxins and brings in oxygen and nutrients. It helps release tension, headaches and tight jaws and leaves skin instantly more supple, sculpted, glowing and healthy-looking.

The practice of applying a cold roller and pressure to an area has been used for centuries because it restricts blood flow to a particular area and pressure pushes fluid to the lymph nodes, which process it and filter out toxins during lymphatic drainage. Also, the short term pinky glow that is created during treatment is in effect a controlled trauma to the skin which the skin starts to repair by making new collagen.  This treatment has been referred to as the natural face lift! 

Do not use this tool if you are prone to broken capillaries. It should also be avoided over broken skin or acne breakouts.


Hold the Gua Sha tool with either the curved or grooved side to your face, tilting the flat side of the tool towards your face and gliding it gently up and out, starting with the neck, jawline, chin and around the mouth, between three and five times per area. Always take short strokes in just one direction, not back and forth and use the pressure which is comfortable to you.

To release tension, it’s good to start with some strokes on the neck and shoulders. Hold the tool at the small end and use the grooved end to gently press against the bottom of the back of your neck and, whilst gently pressing/holding the skin, slide the tool up your neck 3- 5 times and at the end press and wiggle the tool for a deeper massage.

Then, hold the tool along the long curved side and, whilst gently pressing the top of your shoulder, use the curved inside of the tool tilting it slightly towards your skin so you are using the flat side of the tool, to slide against the skin towards your neck up 3-5 times on each side finishing with a gentle press and wiggle of the tool.  Repeat this movement up the front side of your neck and down the outside of each side of your neck.

Then move on to your face, and, whilst gently pressing the side of your chin, use the grooved side to slide along your jawline up to your ear up to 5 times finishing with a gentle press and wiggle of the tool. 

Then, use the inner curved side and, whilst gently pressing the side of your nose, slide from your nose to your upper ear up to 5 times ending with a gentle press and wiggle of the tool, again remembering to tilt the tool to slide. 

Then hold the tool at it’s round end, place one side of the grooved lobed end against your inner under eye and, whilst gently pressing the inside of your eye, very gently slide towards your outer eye, finishing with a gentle press of the tool and a wiggle in your temple area.

Then move to your forehead and, whilst gently pressing your inner eyebrow, slide the grooved end over your eye brow lifting up to your temple ending with a gentle press and wiggle of the tool.  Take the long side and do the same over the brow and finish with up through the centre of the forehead with a press and a wiggle of the tool in your hairline.

Repeat on the other side of the face.

The aim is to avoid dragging the skin by using the flat side of the tool as much as possible and holding the skin taught against the pulling motion.  The tool can also be used for deeper massage by pressing and wiggling at the end of each movement.


The final step is cleaning the tools with soapy water and/or soaking in salt water and drying.

Remember to rest and drink plenty of water after treatment to help flush those toxins out!

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