*** Our HBB Christmas Gift Guide ***

Christmas is coming, the wine is mulling and we’re all getting ready for those big Christmas shopping days! At Honey Bee Beautiful, we love this time of year, and we’re so excited to share some of the newest natural skincare additions to our little shop. We also know that it’s often hard trying to pick the perfect gift for the people you love in your life, so we’ve put together a festive gift guide of our favourite Honey Bee products this year!


For Her.....

The women in our lives always deserve a little bit of pampering and self-care, especially at this busy time of year. Our ‘Pamper Bee’ gift set is the perfect present for your ‘rushed-off-her-feet’ special someone. Our gift set contains a sweet seasonal facial scrub, with festive scents of orange, rose and patchouli, a nourishing ‘Nurse Bee’ balm to soothe and protect, and a delicious ‘Christmas Rose’ scented candle - perfect for perching at the end of a hot bubbly bath.


Link: https://www.honeybeebeautiful.co.uk/collections/christmas-gifts/products/copy-of-christmas-bee-gift-box-midi-3

 For Him....

For your loving hubby, brother, father or son, a skincare gift set is the perfect addition to the presents under the tree. With products and solutions for all manner of rough hands, dry lips and hot, soothing showers, the ‘Winter Bee’ gift set is a great present for the man in your life. Full of natural winter scents, with peppermint, rosemary, tea-tree and lavender, it’s got everything your man might need for the cold frosty season.


Link: https://www.honeybeebeautiful.co.uk/collections/christmas-gifts/products/winter-bee-gift-box

For Your Bestie......

What better present for your very best friend than the ‘Treat Bee’ Gift Box? Full of delicious, Christmas scents and naturally made products, this is the perfect gift for anyone in need of some festive indulgence. From our Geranium and Frankincense Honey Soap to the rich raw Welsh Honey jar, it’s four presents in one to help spread a little festive cheer to the ones you love.


Link: https://www.honeybeebeautiful.co.uk/collections/christmas-gifts/products/copy-of-pamper-bee-gift-box

 For The New Parents....

There’s nothing better than spending Christmas with children. Whether you’re welcoming a new member of your extended family, celebrating a baby niece or nephew or simply reaching out to some sleep-deprived new parents in your life - our ‘Festive Bee’ gift box ‘Mini’ is the perfect little present. We know that skincare isn’t always top of the priority list when celebrating Christmas with a newborn, so this gift set includes some easy apply lip balm, a jar of honey for sweetness and a little candle for relaxation.


Link: https://www.honeybeebeautiful.co.uk/collections/christmas-gifts/products/copy-of-christmas-bee-gift-box-midi

For Mum & Dad......

Buy presents for Mum and Dad is never an easy task. So why not treat them to a little couples pamper session with our ‘Christmas Bee’ Gift Box ‘Maxi’? Our biggest gift set yet, this box includes hand cream, honey soap, lip balm, raw Welsh honey and our little beeswax candle. There’s something for everyone to enjoy - even if Dad only uses the honey on his porridge on Christmas morning!

Link: https://www.honeybeebeautiful.co.uk/collections/christmas-gifts/products/christmas-bee-gift-box-maxi

For the Tricky One....

This is the person we all hope to avoid in the office Secret Santa. Almost impossible to buy for, they seem to buy the perfect gifts but struggle to receive them! For this person, rather than choosing their Honey Bee gift for them, why not order them a gift voucher to let them choose for themselves? Everyone loves a good pamper session, so you can pick up your gift vouchers here:



We hope you’ve enjoyed our Honey Bee Beautiful Christmas Gift Guide! To find out more about our Christmas products, make sure you click here or for more information, you can get in touch with us at info@honeybeebeautiful.co.uk

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