How Honey Bee Beautiful Helps The Planet

 As we approached 2020, we celebrated the start of a new year. We welcomed in a fresh start and a fresh chance to excel in a new decade. Unfortunately, the planet had other ideas. With the Australian bush fires raging across the country and international politics dominating in the news, right now, the Earth seems to be at odds with its tenants.

So what can we do to help? In a larger sense, unfortunately, all we can do is send our support to those struggling in this difficult climate.(Links to donation sites supplied at the end of this post) But individually, there are some ways we can help protect the planet we live on. From starting conscious recycling to avoiding fast fashion, even cutting more red meat out of our diets can all contribute towards a healthier and greener decade. There are so many great tips and advice sources out there to help even the smallest of gestures make a big difference for our futures, so if you’re interested in doing more for your environment, there’s no better time to start than right now.

With that in mind, we wanted to share some of the ways that Honey Bee Beautiful works to help the environment and highlight how your skincare purchases can benefit the world around us.

Our 'Bee Green' Return & Reuse Scheme

We know that product packaging and distribution can be a potentially harmful and costly process for the climate. With so many plastic and non-degradable materials used in the shipping of products across the country, we wanted to find an alternative way of delivering our products. The Bee Green Return & Reuse Scheme allows our customers to use, clean and then return their empty product jars to us to be used again and again for new formula bottling. We provide free postage labels to those who send back at least 5 empty jars, and by taking part in our scheme you can earn 50 Honey Bee loyalty points per box sent.

If you want to take part in our scheme, make sure you check out the shipping information here:

Save The Bees

The fundamental ingredient in our wonderful skincare range is our hand-collected raw Welsh honey, taken from the bees we raise and care for in very own hives. To ensure our bees are healthy and happy, we take every possible measure to keep them fed and disease-free - which also helps your honey to taste as fresh and sweet as ever. But we also take our teachings and methods and share them with the wider beekeeping communities, delivering talks and lectures to other wildlife communities and helping them to protect their bees too.

Plus, we’re now working with the wonderful Bumble Conservation Trust to donate 1p of every pound we receive from our skincare ranges to their work. The Trust does so much to help bee populations survive and thrive in the UK, and every single purchase you make from our website helps them to continue that work.

Our Sustainable Packaging & Beeswax Wraps

With every product we produce and sell, we aim to actively reduce the amount of harmful packaging in our shipping process. This means that we opt for paper and biodegradable forms of protective wrapping in our deliveries, without including unfriendly materials such as bubble wrap or plastic product coverings.

We also like to help our customers to use more eco-friendly materials in their everyday lives, by selling Beeswax Wraps in our online store. Naturally produced and naturally anti-bacterial, these wraps can be used to cover and protect your food items, bowls, dishes and pans - even your wine bottles! The perfect alternative to wasteful cling film, these wraps can be used again and again and come in a range of sizes for all of your food preparation requirements.

From our natural products to our eco-friendly packaging, we believe in a sustainable, green business model and we want our customers to benefit from it as much as we do. Every step of our skincare process is naturally animal-friendly and, more importantly, bee-friendly meaning that you can enjoy our products entirely guilt-free.

Links to support Australia

Country Fire Authorities Victoria:

Australian Red Cross:

The Intrepid Foundation:

Wires Wildlife Rescue:

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital:

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