How to Find Out Your Skin Type in Less Than a Minute - Take Our Quick Quiz


Feeling confused when confronted with a multitude of skincare options?

Unsure of what products will suit your skin and feel frustrated wasting money on a range that just doesn’t deliver results for YOUR skin

Read on for simple fuss free ways to determine your skin type and see how nature can help nurture.

Did you know that a recent UK survey carried out by Boots found that 9 in 10 women were baffled by what skincare products to choose for their skin type? 

Not surprising really when there is so much information and choice out there – it’s confusing and time consuming trying to work out what’s suitable for your specific type of skin and which products will work.

Here at HBB we always want to do our best to help you find natural products tailored specifically to perform for your skin type.

Get Skin Type Savvy!

Firstly, it’s so important to identify your skin type to find out which products or routines will help you to achieve healthy, glowing skin without reaction.

The type of skin you have depends on the amount of water and oil in your skin. Dry skin, for example, is caused by a lack of water in the skin and will often feel tight, itchy and flaky, whereas if your skin has too much oil (sebum) it may be prone to congestion, breakouts and appear shiny.

If you have sensitive skin your skin is less able to withstand fragrances or harsh chemicals, and it is important to find products that are gentle for skin more prone to reactivity.

Choosing the right products for your skin ensure that they are targeted to balance the oil, water and reactivity of your skin, thereby improving the symptoms that each skin type presents for a natural, healthy, balanced glow.

If a product isn’t right for your skin type it won’t be effective and could even irritate. Something none of us want to discover after investing our time and money in a new skincare routine.

Love the Skin You’re In!


Here at HBB we know all skin types are beautiful - on some of our labels we refer to 'normal' skin types which is a widely used term to to describe well-balanced skin (scientific term eudermic) that is neither dry nor oily, as in general the natural sebum production is balanced.


Handy Hints to Determine your Skin Type at Home

 1. Review your skin at the end of the day

Balanced skin will appear unchanged from the morning, there will be minimal oil or dryness (or none at all), a smooth texture and no or few imperfections.
Combination skin is likely to display with an oily/shiny T-zone but your cheeks are likely to  remain unchanged or even appear dry. 

Oily Skin will likely leave your face shiny and greasy later on in the day.  Makeup doesn't stay on and seems to “slide” off.  Pores are visibly enlarged, especially on your nose, chin and forehead.  Your skin is more prone to blackheads, spots and congestion.
Sensitive skin will likely be itchy, red or dry by the end of the day after being exposed to day to day environmental factors
Dry skin will feel flaky, rough or tight. Lines will be more visible and pores almost invisible.

2.Try a Blotting Sheet

 Gently cleanse your face, pat dry and leave for 30 mins then use a blotting paper pressed to various areas of your face Hold the sheets up to the light to see how much oil has been absorbed onto the paper. If you notice oil from certain areas of your face only you probably have combination skin, if from most areas of your face you probably have oily skin. Very minimal or no oil is characteristic of dry/mature skin and if you see only very small traces of oil you most likely have a balanced 'normal ' skin type.

3. Put on the Pressure

See how supple your skin is by applying pressure to your face by pinching or pressing with your fingers. Lacking in natural oils and lipids, dry/mature skin will not bounce back quickly whereas balancedcombination and oily types will quickly return to shape after the pressure is released. Sensitive skin may feel sore, irritated or appear red after pressure is applied.

 4. Take a Skincare Quiz

 It is easy to feel overwhelmed with the various skin deciphering tests and advice so, to help out, we have done the work for you by compiling our very own ‘Skincare Consult Quiz’ – just click HERE  to quickly and easily find out your skin type and receive complementing product recommendations.

There is also a SPECIAL OFFER awaiting you on completion!

Bear in mind that skin types can alter with age, weather, pollutants and hormones. Have you had a look at our range specifically designed for the requirements of menopausal skin? Click HERE for more on our 'M' Bee Bundles.

Natural Support for Your Specific Skin Type

 So, now you have identified your skin type, let’s see how nature can help you get glowing.

For Dry to Mature Skin, try our Bumble Bee range!

 How can it help?
 Our Bumble Bee Cleansing Balm with natural red clay and coconut oil will cleanse whilst nourishing dry/mature skins. Why not refresh your skin with our brightening Bumble Bee Facial Spritz - customers find it helps keep dry skin feeling hydrated and revived all day long!
Our Bumble Bee Face Oil is packed full of the naturally moisture trapping oils of sweet almond and avocado together with rich rosehip known to reduce wrinkles and restore elasticity  - perfect for dry skin types.

Follow up with our award winning Bumble Bee Face Cream made from pure beeswax and raw Welsh honey  to gently moisturise and protect dry skin. Cocoa butter helps to naturally smooth wrinkles and provide an intense hydration for drier skin.


 For Balanced to Combination Skin buzz over to our Busy Bee range!

 How can it help?
 Thoroughly cleanse with our all natural Busy Bee Cleansing Balm containing bentonite clay to help draw out impurities and address sebum balance - great for combination skin types.  
Our Busy Bee Facial Oil, packed full of all natural premium oils, ensures a light moisturisation which is easily absorbed into combination skins without clogging up those problematic pores!


Our lovingly formulated Busy Bee Face Cream comprises of a selected blend of naturally antibacterial lavender and bergamot known to help balance sebum production – fab for  banishing those oily patches whilst gently moisturising your skin.   

 For Oily, Acne Prone Skin, here are our Favourites.

 It is essential, if you have this skin type (which is mine), to keep the surface of your skin super clean, but, WITHOUT drying it out.  I would highly recommend our Busy Bee Range using Tea-tree Soap for your morning cleanse and our Busy Bee Cleansing Balm for a deeper evening cleanse. 

For oily skins/areas try our 
Busy Bee Spritz for a double cleanse -  with witch hazel and yarrow it offers a natural aid to controlling any excess oil and tightening those pores.

Then apply a few drops of the Busy Bee Oil to sink deep into your dermis layers without any chance of blockage.  The key is to use just a little of the products.

For break outs try using the cooling roller ball of our Rescue Bee Remedy to soothe and reduce inflammation and infection over any outbreaks.

And, for weekly treatments to really prevent congestion and keep your skin bright and glowing, the use of a weekly naturally exfoliating face scrub will help slay dead skin cells and break up deeper set impurities.
Or, how about an all natural clay face mask to gently draw out excess oils and deeper routed acne?

For sensitive skin types, we recommend our soothing Sensitive Bee range!

How can it help?
 For those with beautifully delicate skins it is really important to opt for products free from essential oils and fragrances which could further irritate sensitive skin.
Naturally formulated with honey, beeswax and all natural nourishing oils, without the addition of any essential oil or fragrance, you can be sure our Sensitive Bee products offer the perfect natural option to support even the most sensitive skins.


 Did you know?

For peace of mind, most of our skincare products come in smaller travel sizes so you can try them out before committing to the full size - helping you to be absolutely certain they’ll work for your skin type. Simply select the TRY ME option on the relevant product page.

All our packaging is recyclable, sustainable and eco friendly – we offer a return and reuse scheme for all our glass and tin ware.

All our skincare trios and samples come with a handy leaflet explaining how to use your honey goodies as part of your skincare routine to achieve the best results!

 Final Thoughts


 We believe here at HBB that mental and physical well-being really does go hand in hand with radiant, healthy skin.
Take time to look after yourself - enjoy the fresh air, eat well, sleep deeply and always remember to invest in a broad spectrum natural sunscreen!
If you have any questions or tips on how you manage your particular skin type we would love to hear form you – just drop us a comment below.
In the meantime, here’s to Self-Care and a Happy Complexions - whatever your skin type!
Cath & the bees xxx


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