How to Transition Your Skincare For Autumn & How Beeswax Can Help


Autumn is officially here! The leaves are falling, the nights are darker and we’re seeing conkers and acorns lining the streets. It’s a truly beautiful season, full of the smell of pumpkin spice, burning candles and that touch of frosty morning air to wake you up in the morning!

But what can the autumn temperatures do to your skin, and how can we transition our summer skincare routines for the autumn/winter seasons?

Invest in some beeswax moisturiser and consider layering

Moisturiser is a crucial part of any skincare routine, particularly in the autumn months. As the temperature drops, the wind, frost and seasonal chill can be causing your skin to feel dry and irritated. We spend so much time outside in these colourful months, as we pick conkers in the woods, explore pumpkin patches and start the seasonal harvest. It’s important to keep your skin hydrated. Opt for a natural moisturiser that contains beeswax.  Beeswax is a humectant which means that it will act as a natural, breathable barrier, stopping moisture loss and drawing in additional moisture   - leaving it fresh, healthy and soft through the season. If your skin is extra dry, consider layering your products by tapping in a few drops of face oil before your cream.  Use cream as your last layer.

We Recommend: Bumble Bee Face Cream for Dry Skin. & Bumble Bee Face Oil

When To Use: Daily, to achieve optimum hydration and softness. 

Repair the summer damage

Whether you came home sunburned from a hot summer holiday or simply spent too long lounging at the family bbq, the sun's rays can seriously damage our skin. If you’re currently trying to battle dry, flaky or peeling skin, make sure you choose a natural oil based product so that you can exfoliate without drying your skin and look out for natural exfoliators that are plastic free!

We Recommend: Morning Bee Coffee Face Scrub

When To Use: Exfoliate every week to help remove dry or dead skin from your face.  It is important not to over exfoliate which can lead to an interference with your natural oil production.

Don’t neglect the SPF

One of the most common mistakes we make with our autumn skincare routine is ditching those SPF-heavy products. Although we might not be experiencing the heat, the sun can still cause damage to your skin this season, so make sure to apply a natural, broad spectrum SPF as the last step in your daily skincare regime. Damage from the sun might not show up as much, but it is the main cause of aging to your skin.  The good news is that you can stop aging in it’s tracks by starting to use SPF30 from today.  Make sure that your SPF protects against both A and B rays.  The A rays cause ageing and the B rays cause burning.  Also look out for natural ingredients that won’t be toxic to our sealife.

We Recommend: Green People’s Scent Free Facial Sun Cream SPF30

When To Use: We recommend that you apply one product with an SPF rating of at least 15 every morning before you start the day and don’t forget to apply to neck and back of hands too!

Keep your lips and hands happy

Much like our facial skin, our lips and hands are also prone to dryness in this changing weather. Not just affected by the wind and chill outside, as many of us are switching on the heating for the first time this year, our extremities are taking the brunt. Factor in some rich beeswax based hand cream and protective lip balm into your daily or nightly skincare routine to help keep them soft, supple, protected and hydrated throughout the season.

We Recommend: Guard Bee Lip Balms & Honey Bee Hand Cream

When To Use: Every day for best effect. Why not keep a tub of lip balm and hand cream in your bag at all times just in case?

Don’t forget the body butter!

As autumn rolls around, many of us are burying ourselves in warm woollen jumpers, thick scarves and big coats to keep out the chill. We’ve hidden away our summer body lotions in preparation for next year’s holiday. But it’s still important to keep our body skin soft and hydrated too. Thick fabrics can rub against the delicate areas of your skin and cause it to dry out and overheat - meaning it’s time to get the body butter out again. Thicker than lotion, body butter has a much creamier consistency and applies in a rich protective layer, keeping your skin safe and protected against everything autumn tries to throw at it.

We Recommend: Honey Bee Body Butter

When To Use: After a hot bath or a shower, at least once a week

These small, simple changes to your autumn skincare routine might not seem too dramatic, but they’re bound to have a positive impact on your skin this season. Keep topping up the moisturiser and invest in a yummy body butter, and your skin will thank you for it.

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