Recipe for Kissably Soft Lips!

The nights are getting shorter and, it actually feels milder today, I know, shock horror, summer is only around the corner!  However, is not here yet and your lips take the brunt of those extreme temperatures with cold winds and central heating leaving them dry, cracked and chapped.....  

Sound familiar?.....

.....Well, the best way to treat and protect your lips is to use a natural balm, particularly those that contain honey and beeswax.  The reason why these ingredients are SOOOOOOO good for your lips are because the beeswax acts as a natural barrier, preventing moisture loss, and the honey heals and hydrates!
Whilst I eagerly await summer days when I can spend sunny afternoons with the bees I have been a 'Busy Bee' making a HBB first 'How to Make' mini video showing you how you can make your very own lip scrub!   
........what is a lip scrub I hear some of your say........well.....lip scrubs have become very popular over the last few years.  The aim is for the scrub to be gently rubbed over the lips in small circular motions thereby removing the rough skin on the surface of your lips leaving them smooth and soft.  When the scrub is combined with a balm, you also get protection and delicious hydration for your lips leaving them 'Kissably' soft!   
Fancy having a go?....


Fabulous – then click on the video below which shows you 'How To'......(I know its a bit video editor was a lot slower.....but not to worry - I have set out the recipe and method below!)

'How to Make Lip Scrub' Mini Video

Next week I am going to start making some full length instructional videos on 'How to Make' Honey Soaps, Lotions, Balms, Candles, Scrubs etc...with the aim of putting together packages for remote courses. 

So.....if you can't get to me....then I can come to you (digitally via a series of videos) with the ingredients being sent to you! 

They will be packed full of info on the bees, key benefits of each ingredients, the science and history of the products. The courses are so much fun so I'm thinking it would be great to get your friends round on a weekend and have a creative making session together?

Let me know what you think.....


Recipe for Sugar Lip Scrub

20g Beeswax
20g Cocoa Butter
60g Sweet Almond Oil
2g Honey
50g Sugar

Place beeswax, cocoa butter and sweet almond in a
jug in the microwave and melt on medium for about 3-4 minutes.

Stir in honey.

When it starts to cools, stir in sugar and pour into suitable containers.

Rub on lips, lick off sugar and pout those lips!


In the meantime have a great weekend and enjoy the milder weather and the lighter evenings.  Roll on the clocks in March!



PS: Sorry - just one last mention......I am trying to collect as many reviews for HBB's new website as possible so I can help spread the word as to how awesome honey and beeswax are for the skin. 

If you have used and LOVE HBB's products I would be so grateful if you would pop a review on the site.  As a thank you, all reviewees will be entered into a free Prize Draw for a full size set of our brand new Face Care Trio! x

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