The cause of Dry Hair and what you can do about it......

As spring starts to arrive, we all want to head outside and start breathing in that fresh air and sunshine. But, for those of us who struggle with dry, wispy or problematic hair, the warmer seasons bring nothing but frustrating battles with our hairbrushes and the urge to wear a sunhat 24/7.

So what causes hair to dry out?

There are two basic reasons for dry hair.  Either your scalp doesn’t produce or retain enough natural oil (sebum) to moisturise your hair at the root/scalp or, the condition or structure of your hair is causing moisture to escape, which leads to dry hair.  

A strand of hair is made up three main segments. At the center is the core, which is the supporting structure.  Surrounding the core is the cortex, which forms the middle layer and gives your hair its shape and curl. Surrounding and protecting the cortex is the final cuticle layer.  When your cuticles are compact and healthy, your hair appears glossy and shiny and moisture cannot escape. But, when the cuticles are damaged, your natural oils and moisture escape leaving your hair dry, dull and flyaway.

Some factors are outside of our control such as genetics, hormonal changes, medical ailments including anorexia and ageing but there is alot that we do which can have an impact on the health of our hair and scalp.

For example, overusing heat on our hair - so hairdryers, straighteners and curlers - is a big cause of dry and frizzy hair. The heat can draw all of the moisture and natural oils out of your hair, and essentially fry it until it has that straw-like texture we all want to avoid.

For those of us who live in coastal or hotter climates, the elements can also damage hair, with salt and excessive sun leaving hair feeling crunchy and impossibly untamable.  It's not only sun, just like our skin, cold winter winds and central heating can cause hair to become dry too with a lack of humidity.

Plus, bleaching can cause havoc with the health of our cuticles leaving hair dry and damaged.


How can I look after my hair better?

Before we talk about some of the treatments available for dry hair, it’s important to note some of the practices you can do daily to improve your hair health. Small changes, such as changing your shampoo and conditioner products for moisturising, dry-hair specific products can help to add some more moisture to your locks, avoiding products that contain drying/irritating SLS, stop shampooing your hair every day as this can strip the natural oils in your scalp, avoid using very hot water to wash your hair and, try to go heat-free when styling whenever you can.

If you have to use heat for your hair, make sure you invest in a heat-protection spray or mousse to apply before you start styling to give your hair an extra layer of insulation.

If you do live somewhere warm or spend a lot of time swimming or in the water, make sure you wear a hat or swimming cap to help protect your hair and scalp from any salt or chlorine.

What treatment options are available for treating dry and brittle hair?

There are a few different ways to start improving and treating dry hair, and whilst it might not be possible to restore it completely, it’s definitely possible to see a serious improvement to your hair within a few weeks.

At Honey Bee Beautiful, we offer a range of natural, honey based, SLS free, hair care products, specifically targeted to dry hair and problem hair, to help you manage and care for your scalp in the future.

Our Flowery Bee Shampoo and Conditioner Bar 'soap' style shampoo is a great option to help bring some much needed hydration back into your locks as it’s full of moisture-rich oils and naturally soothing ingredients. Plastic free and soft on your scalp, the Flowery Bee bar has a step-by-step instruction guide, allowing you get the most of the product as well as a recommended rinse in case of any tangles or knots.  As this is a 'soap' style shampoo it can be problematic for some users if you live in a hard water area or if you struggle with residue which can often be more of a problem for longer hair.

Awarded 'Commendation' by the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020 we also recommend our ‘Queen Bee’ Shampoo Bar for a pH friendly 'non-soap' style shampoo bar.  Balanced with organic coconut vinegar along with our best selling scent combo of rose geranium, sweet orange & patchouli essential oils - it is perfect for replenishing oils in the cuticles of hair, as well as shea butter for natural softness and conditioning.  Regardless of the hardness of your water, this bar is a great addition to your hair care regime as it cleans, soothes and heals, without leaving any residue or build up and does not go soft between washes.

Plus, you can continue your hair care routines even when you’re away with our handy Travel Kits, containing all of your favourite products in smaller sizes which are perfect for trying out to see which suit your hair and scalp best!

So, if you or someone you know is struggling with dry hair this season, why not try out the Honey Bee Hair Care products and see what a difference they can make!

And, as a result of your purchase you will take out the need for yet another plastic bottle going into the plastic waste bin.

As a result of customer purchases of our shampoo bars over the last 12 months, we have removed the need for over 1000 plastic bottles going into the waste cycle!

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