The Perfect Christmas Eve Skincare Routine

On Christmas Eve night, all through the house, nothing was stirring - not even a mouse. In reality, however, everyone is stirring on Christmas Eve night, and prepping and decorating and planning and wrapping. It’s one of the busiest nights of the year, and it can be a really tough time for your skin. From the stress of planning the big day, to the wear and tear of travelling and shopping, it’s easy to neglect our skin in the chaos of Christmas.
But this year, we want to encourage all of our Honey Bee Beautiful customers to relax and take just a few short minutes to pamper and nourish their skin before Santa comes to visit.

We’ve put together the perfect Christmas Eve Skincare Routine to help prep your skin, cleanse and polish it so come Christmas morning, you’ll be glowing like the angel on top of the tree.
Step 1 - Grab a big mug of hot water, lemon & a little bit of honey
Dig out your favourite, cosy Christmas mug, and fill it up with hot water. Slice up some lemons, and a big spoonful of our Honey Bee Raw Welsh Honey, and throughout your skincare process keep sipping it. Not only will it be great for your skin, but it’s also a really calming activity to help you relax before the craziness of Christmas day.

Read on for how you can get your hands on one of our cute 'mini' raw honey jars which are just perfect for this....
Step 2 - Cleanse & Polish

It’s important to remove all traces of make-up, dirt and oil from your face before you start your skincare routine. Even if you’ve gone bare faced, the dust and dirt of the day can still settle into your pores, as well as natural oils and sweat so make sure you have a clean canvas to work from.

Pop a warm flannel or cloth over your face and leave for a minute to help warm and soften your skin.  Then take a small amount of Bumble Bee Cleansing Balm and warm between your hands before massaging into your skin. After a couple of minutes, remove the balm with a warm, damp face cloth and pat your face with a dry cloth.
Step 3 - Exfoliating Scrub
To refresh your skin and smooth away any dry or flaky patches, next bring out your Queen Bee Sugar Scrub. Use a small amount on your newly cleansed skin and rub in small circular motions across your skin, taking care to avoid the eyes and any areas of high sensitivity. Then rinse with clean warm water and pat dry to leave your skin soft and clear for the next stage.
Step 4 - Moisturise & Nourish

Take the time to relax and soothe your skin in the midst of Christmas chaos, with our Busy Bee Face Oil. Take a few drops and warm between your hands before smoothing or patting the onto your face letting the vitamin rich flower oils heal and calm any areas of redness or inflammation and soothe your senses.

Don't forget to apply a few drops in upward strokes to your neck and back of your hands.
Step 5 -  Under Eye Care

No one wants to dark circles under their eyes in winter, even with the early mornings that Christmas often brings. Using our Queen Bee Under-Eye Serum, roller a small amount of serum under each eye and gently tap into the area of delicate skin around your eyes.

Let it absorb into your skin overnight to reduce puffiness and encourage bright, healthy eyes for the big day.
Step 6 - Lips & Hands

The final step before hitting the sheets is to protect and moisturise your lips and hands. Apply some of our Worker Bee Lip Scrub and massage into your lips in small circles, then lick off or rinse off the sugar and your lips will be left soft, plump and moisturised.

Then apply a couple of pumps of the Honey Bee Hand Cream, really working it into your palms, fingers and nails for soft, healthy hands on Christmas Day.
If you fancy trying out this routine then we have a special offer 'Christmas Eve' Pamper Kit containing all of the above products with a RRP of over £80 for just £50!!
We hope this skincare routine leaves you feeling fresh, pampered and prepared for Christmas morning, and from everyone at Honey Bee Beautiful - we hope you have a very Merry Christmas!


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