The Top 3 ‘Must Haves’ In Your Daily Skincare Routine & How to Avoid Reactions & Harsh Chemicals

 There is a danger, with the number of beauty products available on the market today and with the intensity of commercial brand advertising, to go overboard with treating your skin, using chemically laden lotions which can leave your skin dry, inflamed and tight.  However, don’t be fooled into thinking no action is best or that there is no alternative! 

It is essential to keep your pores clean and clear and to hydrate and refresh your skin.   The key is to use gentle, natural products which will work in harmony with your skin instead of using chemical and alcohol laden products which can strip your skin of it’s natural protection and leave it dry and sensitive.

Want to know about the perfect daily face care regime which is effective, gentle to your skin and kind to the environment too……..see below for your 3 Daily Skincare Essentials!

i)    Gentle Cleanser

 Instead of alcohol wipes or chemical based cleaning products use natural simple products that will work in harmony with your skin’s natural oils.  We recommend natural cleansing balms which provide rich cleansing using natural oils, honey & clays to provide deep down cleansing whilst being super gentle and hydrating - perfect for the most sensitive of skins.   

ii)    Facial Spritz or Toner

Toner’s have gained a bad reputation of late because of their high alcohol content.  Alcohol toners should not be part of your regime.  Alcohol strips the natural oils from your skin leaving it dried out causing premature aging and wrinkles.

However, a natural, non alcohol based facial spritz is an essential part of your skincare preparing your skin for the final part of your skincare regime.

The 4 main benefits of using a toner:-

  1. Keeps pores clean and clear.
  2. Provides much needed hydration to the skin and can be used throughout the day to refresh and moisturise particularly in hot or dry atmospheres.
  3. Preserves normal PH balance to the surface of the skin
  4. Provides increased absorption of moisturising products

We recommend flower water Spritzers with the addition of glycerin to hydrate and lock in moisture to the skin.

iii)    Nourishing Face Serum or Oil

 The final part of your skincare regime should include a facial oil or serum.  The big difference between a face oil or serum and a day moisturiser is what is left out.  A face oil does not require a preservative and so it is the most natural product that you can use on your skin.  Chose oils or serums that are a blend of pure oils without any additional ingredients. 

Pure oil blends have the advantage of not containing clogging agents to block pores.  In fact, a good face oil or serum sinks straight into the skin and provides much needed nourishment and enrichment to feed the skin cells. 

Oils or serums are particularly effective as an overnight treatment as this when your skin is hard at work regenerating cells and when the absorption of nutrients to the skin is at it’s peak.  

At Honey Bee Beautiful we have developed a Brand New ‘Face Care Trio’ for the perfect 100% Natural and Bee Friendly daily face care regime.

Our cleansing balms are loaded with coconut oil, honey and natural clays to provide super rich deep down cleansing, our Facial Spritzers hydrate and refresh with flower waters and glycerin and our nourishing Face Oils contain a carefully selected blend of natural oils to leave your skin super soft and silky.

We have a special trial size sample set for you to try.  So, if you want to have beautiful soft skin whilst avoiding nasty harsh chemicals and supporting our lovely British Bees then click on the link below and a sample set will be sent out to you right away which will include a cute linen bag, full instructions for use and a 10% discount to use off your next purchase.

We know you are going to fall in love with this new daily regime :) 

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If you have any questions about your skin or skin care regime, please do not hestitate to reach out.

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