Transform your Skin with our bestselling Honey Duo

  Unlock Radiant, Youthful Skin with the Ultimate Raw Honey Hydration Duo

Sensitive skin? Dry, tight skin? Flaky, hard skin? Redness, impaired skin barrier? Are you searching for a more youthful, plumped complexion and radiant glow without the sting of harsh products or going under the needle?

Then you need to read on for how to ditch the heavy, pore clogging occlusives and sickly smelling, cringe inducing chemical-laden moisturisers for detoxed and ‘bee-toxed’ skin, thanks to two natural skincare products, made straight from nature’s larder.

We’re always on a mission to help you improve your skin by benefitting from the best the hive and nature has to offer and in this week’s blog it’s all about shining the spotlight on our two, all natural, award-winning products, testified to elevate, nourish, protect and soothe your skin.Come with us as we celebrate our most skin revolutionising, premium ingredient packed, top selling honey hydration heroes, revered by our customers and prestigious natural skincare awarding bodies alike:

our Bumble Bee beeswax face cream and our Nurse Bee beeswax balm.

With over a hundred FIVE star reviews each, let’s dive into why they are the shining stars of any skin nurturing routine, and, if you are already a complete convert of these skincare saviours, read on to discover how to maximise their benefits and additional ways they can enhance your skincare and well-being!

The Top Seller: Beeswax and Raw Honey Face Cream

This moisturiser is nature’s number one nectar for your complexion that does it all – hydrating, moisturising, soothing and protecting countless dry, sensitive skins across the country.

Here's 8 reasons why:

1. A Beeswax and Raw Honey Skin Elixir

Raw honey, nature’s hyaluronic acid, acts as a natural humectant in our Bumble Bee face cream, meaning it draws moisture from the environment into the skin, providing deep hydration and helping to maintain your skin's moisture balance for hydrated, soft, supple and soothed skin.

Beeswax then forms a protective barrier on your skin's surface, sealing in moisture and preventing trans-epidermal water loss. This creates a shield against environmental pollutants and harsh weather conditions, but, unlike other occlusives found in face creams, it is breathable, non-comedogenic -meaning it won’t clog pores - and is suitable for all skin types, even oily.

Additionally, both our raw Welsh honey and beeswax possess natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, making them effective in soothing and calming irritated, sensitive or breakout prone skin.

Our raw honey and beeswax face cream is naturally rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids, which promote skin repair, collagen production, and overall skin health, resulting in a smoother, more radiant complexion.

2. Premium Ingredients

You may see other brands using honey and beeswax in their creams but what sets us apart is that we use unadulterated, unfiltered local raw Welsh honey and Welsh and UK sourced premium beeswax that contains all its skin enhancing nutrients and vitamins intact.

We team these wonders of the hive with top quality natural plant carrier and essential oils provided by awesome fellow Welsh brand Naissance (leaping bunny and fairtrade approved AND ethically sourced) so that we are able to share with your skin , pure natural creams made from the best performing ingredients that nature has to offer and are able to know exactly what is in them, right down to the components of each oil, butter, and wax and how it is extracted.

We do not use harsh chemicals, parabens, hormone disruptors, synthetic fragrances or synthetic colourants in our creams.

3. Hydrates, Moisturises AND Protects

Ideally you want to use your cream in combination with an oil ,but if you haven’t got time for more than one product and want to reap the most versatile skin benefits from just one skincare item, then you should favour choosing a premium cream over a an oil or serum such as our beeswax face cream.


Our beeswax face cream is pure, distilled water based (unlike an oil) meaning it is designed to provide both hydration and moisture to the skin, not one or the other.

Along with the waxes and butters, it has the ability to address multiple skin concerns in a single product – it hydrates dehydrated skin, moisturises dry skin and supports and protects the skin barrier.

4. Natural Scents for Skin and Mind

Forget migraine inducing, skin stinging, hormone disrupting synthetic scents, our regenerative rose infused face cream for dry skin has antioxidant skin soothing benefits teamed with a grounding, comforting, mood enhancing aroma. 

The rose essential oil has a variety of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals known for helping relieve dry skin for a petal-soft complexion.

5. Supports Ageing Skin

The raw honey and beeswax in our face cream contain antioxidants and enzymes that help combat free radical damage, a primary contributor to premature ageing.

These antioxidants assist in promoting collagen production and skin cell regeneration, resulting in improved skin elasticity, reduced fine lines, and a more youthful complexion.

Raw honey's natural humectant properties help maintain the skin's moisture balance, helping to prevent dehydration and the formation of wrinkles.

Beeswax contains vitamin A, which naturally supports skin cell turnover and repair, promoting a smoother and more dewy complexion.

The rose geranium essential oil in our bestselling cream stimulates skin cell renewal, enhancing elasticity and reducing fine lines. The myrrh essential oil is abundant in antioxidants, helping fight the signs of ageing and boost collagen production.

 6. Moisturises through the Menopause

Combat dry skin during perimenopause and menopause with our bestseller.

Plummeting oestrogen levels reduce skin's elasticity, causing thinning, dryness, itching, and sensitivity. Opt for this chemical-free moisturiser with hydrating and nourishing ingredients to soothe, calm and nourish, rather than strip your skin.

7. Sensitive Skin Friendly

Beeswax-based face creams are well suited to sensitive skin.

Beeswax is a powerhouse ingredient—anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, and germicidal. It's highly unlikely to cause skin irritation while effectively providing the moisturisation sensitive skin craves, cocooning it in nourishing care.

If you skin is sensitive to natural fragrance and essential oils then opt for our Sensitive Bee face cream, a fragrance-free version of our bestseller, specifically formulated for the most delicate of complexions.

8. Multifunctional Efficacy

• Mix with your foundation for an instant tinted moisturiser with skin benefits.

• Use as a night cream: beeswax, plant oils and honey act as hydrating humectants – nature’s version of hyaluronic acid which is often found in specialised night creams.

• Effective on both face and body.

• Layer up with your other products: starting with the most easily absorbed product and building up to the densest you ensure a clear pathway for every ‘bee-utiful’ skin loving ingredient to sink deep into the cells that need them most.

• Transformative touch: take a pea sized amount, pat on skin and then work in gently, massaging in upward strokes, inhaling the aromatics as you go. Touch is truly transformative in connecting you to your body and helping your face cream synergise with your skin – it will boost circulation, collagen production and help aid your lymphatic drainage and relaxation.

Important: use a separate SPF as the last step in your skin care routine: teaming your face cream with a separate sunscreen is the most effective way of protecting yourself from sun damage whilst retaining the efficacy your chosen face cream. This is because the two products perform different jobs. Sunscreen is meant to sit on the skin and act as a defensive film without penetrating the skin; moisturisers on the other hand are the opposite – their very purpose is to penetrate the skin to add moisture.

Quick Recap!

Click below for our quick video summarising the benefits of our face cream in less than 2 minutes! 5 reasons why your skin will thank you for choosing our all natural raw Welsh honey and beeswax face cream 🐝🍯⭐️ #facecreamaddict#naturalfacecream#beeswaxcream#honeyfacecream#bestnaturalskincarebrand ♬ original sound - HoneyBeeBeautiful


 The Bestselling Beeswax Balm: Nurse Bee Balm

Our universal beeswax balm is universally loved by everyone who tries it; I don’t think we have heard the word ‘miracle’ used so often than we have in the reviews for this beeswax balm; navigate HERE to read them.

Here’s 7 top reasons why she's such a wonder worker for your skin:

1. Your own First Aid Nurse

Have you own ‘Nurse’ on hand in your cupboard ready to unleash her multipurpose magic whenever you or your family need her.

Use this premium beeswax balm to soothe burns and instantly take away the heat, to knock the itch and swelling out of insect bites, to speed up skin repair, skin healing and reduce scarring from cuts. Trust in this little pot to deeply nourish and protect dry hands, cracked heels, and sore lips.

2. Outshines Vaseline

Despite the marketing hype and popularity, Vaseline is not good for your skin or the environment – after all it is a by product of the petrol industry and offers no nutrient, healing or protective value to your skin at all. It works to solely lock moisture into your skin and create a barrier; in effect its like chocking your skin inside a plastic bag.

Instead, be kind to your skin and the environment by opting for our beeswax balm that protects whilst allowing your skin to breathe, is packed full of ingredients to nourish and heal the skin, is cruelty free, bee friendly, and renewable: did you know honeybees prefer to lay their eggs and rear their young in fresh comb so by harvesting the excess wonders of the hive us beekeepers are making space for this renewal to occur?

Watch us explain why Vaseline is never a good choice for the health of your skin: My top 5 reasons not to use vaseline for your dry skin and instead try a beewswax balm 🐝🍯 . #vaseline #beeswax #dryskintips #tsw #topicalsteroidwithdrawal #Naturalskincareuk #smallbusinessuk ♬ original sound - HoneyBeeBeautiful



 3. Expertly Protects Dry, Cracked Skin


The pure beeswax in our balm forms a protective breathable barrier on the skin’s surface which is as beneficial and cocooning to our skin as it is for the bees who use it to create their hexagonal beeswax combs which must be protective, nourishing and breathable for adept storage of their honey, pollen as well as providing the perfect environment in which the queen will lay her eggs. Isn’t it amazing the benefits for us that can be learnt from nature?

Raw honey rich, this balm helps maintain the skin's natural pH (slightly acidic) which is essential for protecting and strengthening the skin’s barrier to lessen and prevent redness, inflammation, and infection.

4. Anti-inflammatory and Healing

Experience the balm’s mighty healing ingredient trio: beeswax fortifies your skin's natural protection, bee propolis works to quell inflammation, meanwhile raw honey, nature's moisture-locking active, ensures ultimate hydration. Together, their antioxidant and antibacterial qualities calm inflamed, irritated skin and accelerate healing. 

5. Anti-bacterial Raw Honey and Essential Oils

As well as antibacterial, antimicrobial raw honey, our balm contains lavender essential oil as a valuable remedy for dry, sore skin due to its anti-inflammatory and healing properties, providing relief from redness and itching while promoting skin repair.

Mandarin essential oil is beneficial for dry, eczema-prone skin as it possesses properties that soothe irritation and itching. Its gentle nature makes it suitable for most sensitive skins, helping to maintain moisture and calm the discomfort associated with broken, impaired skin.

6. Takes the itch out of Eczema

Ditch the steroids for this natural balm – we have so many transformative eczema and psoriasis pictures from our customers that we were spoilt for choice when choosing the above pic! To see more transformative customer pics CLICK HERE.

If your delicate eczema prone skin can be reactive to essential oils, opt for our fragrance free version of our Nurse Bee balm like Becky who, up to now, had struggled to find something to help her skin:


@tsw_diary Review on Honey bee beautiful my new fave products #skintokuk #skincare #honeybeebeautiful #skincarereview#eczemaskincare #eczematok #topicalsteroidwithdrawluk #naturalskincare #naturalskincareproducts ♬ original sound - Becky 🌼

 7. Plumps up your skin

If you are looking to revive dry, maturing skin and haven’t found a natural cream or ointment that truly delivers, have you tried the ultimate luxury of our plumping beeswax balm?

Our Nurse bee /Sensitive bee balm work their magic by replenishing moisture, restoring hydration, and boosting your skin's natural elasticity.

Propolis aids collagen synthesis and works together with the beeswax and raw honey to provide a holistic anti-aging solution:  promoting skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles, and enhancing overall skin health. The result? A revitalised, smoother, and firmer complexion that exudes youthful radiance.

The Ultimate Honey Hydration Duo

For great skin enhancing results for impaired, dry skin, combining our Beeswax and Raw Honey Face Cream with our Nurse Bee/ Sensitive Bee Beeswax Balm is a game-changer. The two work in harmony to nourish and protect your skin and quench with moisture.

Use as an antioxidant overnight treatment: applying both products before bedtime (cream then balm) creates an intensely hydrating treatment. Wake up to revitalised, supremely moisturised, soft, supple skin, whether it is cracked, dry or in need of healing.

Ramp up your youthful glow: our beeswax face cream followed by a beeswax balm creates a dynamic duo for aging skin. Our Bumble bee face cream provides essential hydration, locks in moisture, while the balm adds an extra layer of protection and nourishment, promoting skin repair, reducing fine lines, and enhancing the overall resilience of your skin.

Pop under and around eyes: use our Sensitive bee balm on top of your under eye serum to lock in the moisture and protect the delicate eye area from ageing free radicals.

Use on neck and décolleté: boost thinner, delicate skin with extra nourishment and protection

Thank you Bees!

We've really enjoyed celebrating our bestselling beeswax and raw honey face Cream and Nurse Bee beeswax balm with you and hope you did too – for us they have meant, thanks to the bees and nature, that we have been able to help so many people across the country improve their skin.

Each jar encapsulates our ethos of carefully combining simple, natural, premium ingredients that are effective at improving challenging skin issues as well every day skin complaints and are suitable for all skin types.

If you haven’t tried our bestsellers yet we hope we have given you an insight into how they can improve your skin and, if they are already your ‘cant live without’ staples, thank you so much for choosing to follow your natural skincare journey with us.

Please, if you have any questions about our balms and creams or would like some individually tailored advice, simply hit reply and we will be more than happy to help you.

Much love,

Cath, Bec and the bees xx 

P.s we offer in our balms and face creams in 'starter' sizes; if you would like to try them out before committing to the full sizes simply select the ‘try me’ option at the top of the relevant product page.

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