How Exfoliation can Transform your Skin in less than a Minute

Fast track your way to a soft, radiant complexion. Here's how....

Are you looking to lift tired, lacklustre skin and slough away the years with one easy skincare step? Then exfoliation is for you!

Perhaps you haven’t tried it before and are unsure of the immediate visible benefits and long-term gains it can have for your complexion? Or, maybe you have used an off the shelf face exfoliator and have found your skin is left irritated, dry and sore?

You could be thinking that a natural exfoliating product just won’t deliver the powerful results that a chemical exfoliator can? If any of these queries resonate with you then you need to read on!

This month’s blog has all the answers and help you need to reveal fresher looking skin easily and effectively. So, here goes……


How will using an exfoliator improve my skin?



  • By unclogging pores, clearing dirt and debris from the skin's surface.
  • By sweeping away breakout causing bacteria.
  • By improving skin texture.
  • By softening and smoothing your skin.
  • By helping your skin absorb your serums, oils and other skincare products.
  • By evening out skin tone, minimising hyperpigmentation and dark patches and improving the texture.
  • By improving skin radiance by boosting cell turnover rate.

Exfoliation is the key to younger looking skin



Ok, so there really is no magic wand we can wave to instantly make our skin younger despite what some skincare marketing may tell us.

BUT what is agreed by dermatologists is that exfoliating your face with the correct exfoliator will reveal more youthful looking skin and help promote cell regeneration and that yes, you will be more prone to wrinkles and premature skin ageing if you don’t exfoliate regularly.




We are continuously shedding skin cells, and without removing the dead skin the new regenerated skin is kept hidden beneath and the dead skin cells mount up to rob your skin of its youthful glow. Exfoliation leads to younger and fresher looking skin.
Plus, the results are quick. From first use of our Queen Bee scrub you will notice an instant look of renewed glowing skin; plus it creates a smooth canvas so that your other products are then able to penetrate into your skin and work their own magic.


Think exfoliating is only for the under 40s?



In fact exfoliation is especially necessary for more mature skin as skin cell turnover slows as we age, making it so very important to slough away dead skin cells and encourage your skin to replace them with new cells.

If not removed, dead skin cells tend to pile up on your skin’s surface to form mounds. These mounds are part of what create the colour, texture, and contour issues that make your skin look older.

We all think of the age-related issues as being lines, wrinkles, and creases, but interestingly those issues only account for 5% of the skin aging you’re seeing in the mirror. The other 95% is the combination of colour and texture issues.

Colour issues are discolorations like reds and browns in your skin’s complexion. The reds can be due to either broken capillaries or red blotches. The browns can be individual brown spots like age spots, sun spots or liver spots.

And then we have the all-important texture issues. Texture issues rob your skin of brightness and lustre, causing it to be dull, matte, flaky, and large-pored. They also end up taking away from the smoothness of the skin.

Exfoliation helps with all the skin ageing signs above, from lines to texture to colour, but read on for a word of caution…..


Make sure you choose the right exfoliator


However, choose the wrong face scrub and you are more likely to exacerbate and quicken up the skin ageing process.

Harsh, mainstream exfoliators often containing synthetic scents, parabens, preservatives, phalates, SLS and mineral oil will compromise the skin barrier, strip the natural microbiome, leading to dry, flaky sore and irritated skin, uneven texture and redness: all the signs of older, unhealthy and uncomfortable feeling and looking skin.

To be sure to achieve a soft nourished complexion without irritation, steer away from these ingredients and opt for natural, oil based scrubs which will gently exfoliate without damaging the skin barrier or drying out your skin unlike many ‘off the shelf’ face exfoliators.


How to use your face exfoliating scrub correctly



To avoid irritating or damaging your skin it is important to use your face exfoliating scrub properly.

Simply follow these easy steps:

1. Start by laying a warm face cloth over your face to dampen skin, open pores and loosen grim.
2. Stir the product to create an even distribution of exfoliating agents and oil throughout. Take around 1/2 a spatula of product and smooth between your palms before working over your face in a circular motion being light and gentle over any sensitive areas and more firm over areas that require more exfoliation such as chin and nose area.
3. Finish by rinsing with warm water and patting your face dry.
4. For maximum performance, the scrub can be left on for 10 minutes before rinsing.
5. Use 1-2 times a week depending on what suits your skin best! Every face is different.

See the video below for a demonstration on how to use your Queen Bee scrub exfoliator: How to use a natural face scrub exfoliator 🐝🍯 . #skincareroutine #howtoskincare #facescrub #naturalexfoliator #physicalexfoliator #naturalskincareuk ♬ original sound - HoneyBeeBeautiful


Are all natural face exfoliators a good choice?



Not necessarily, some natural scrubs contain more abrasive exfoliating particles than others, ones with fruit pits, salts, nuts, or shells are best avoiding as they can actually break the delicate facial skin.

Opt for ones such as our all-natural Queen Bee face exfoliator scrub that uses gentle exfoliating agents such as sugar, which is rounder and milder on the skin, and jojoba seeds which are extremely gentle on the most sensitive of skins.


Kind to skin, kind to nature



Look for exfoliators that are not only gentle on your skin but on the planet too.

Many chemical and beauty store face scrubs contain chemicals, preservatives and plastic microbeads that end up entering our waterways, polluting our oceans and maiming our marine life.

Naturally plant and honey based, when using our Queen Bee face exfoliating scrub, you can rest assured that no ‘nasties’ are being washed down your sink.

The exfoliating jojoba seeds are 100% biodegradable, unlike the microbeads found in many exfoliating scrubs that remain uncaptured by most wastewater treatment systems, meaning these tiny plastic microbeads persist in the environment, exerting a damaging effect on the planet and human health.


Exfoliating myths busted!



Let’s look at the common myths surrounding exfoliation and why they are exactly that – myths!

If you fancy a break from reading and /or some light-hearted fun why not have a watch of our duo vid below as we set the record straight! Friday Fun busting exfoliation myths! 💃🏻#gentleexfoliator #acneskincare#acnescrub#naturalexfoliator#exfoliateyourface ♬ original sound - HoneyBeeBeautiful


Or, check out the 4 myths we hear the most below….

1. Exfoliating is damaging to the skin.
FALSE: choose the right natural gentle exfoliator and use it correctly.

2. You can’t exfoliate if you have sensitive skin.
FALSE: choose our Queen Bee face scrub with gentle exfoliants of jojoba seeds and raw honey which are suitable for even the most delicate flowers – just check out the reviews HERE!

3. You can’t use a face exfoliator if you have acne.
FALSE:  actually, exfoliating would be important for your skin to help reduce breakouts by keeping the pores from becoming clogged with sebum and dead skin cells. It will help to sweep away any dulling surface debris that can create a breeding ground for bacteria. The raw honey in our Queen Bee exfoliator, being naturally antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic will also help soothe and calm soreness and inflammation and help heal any spots. This exfoliator is also packed with apricot kernel oil which has antiseptic, antibacterial and antioxidant effects on the skin to help heal blemishes and protect the skin barrier.

4. Chemical exfoliators that you leave on the skin and wash off are better than physical exfoliators like our Queen Bee scrub.
FALSE: not necessarily. Why not choose one that has both chemical and physical exfoliating agents that are naturally derived like our Queen Bee scrub. Didn’t realise this? It’s an interesting one so read on as we delve into this in the next section!



What is the difference between physical and chemical exfoliators?



Physical exfoliation is when you buff away dead skin cells by using an exfoliator manually: you rub it on the skin using your hands or a hand held device.

Physical exfoliators contain grains and gritty materials that gently scrape away the dead skin cells, dirt and impurities from the skin to smooth the skin’s surface and improve radiance.

Common physical exfoliating agents include grains, ground up nuts, salts, sugars, jojoba beads and pumice crystals.

Chemical exfoliation dissolves the bonds between the dead skin cells to improve skin texture, address pigmentation and fine lines using chemical agents such as alpha-hydroxy and beta-hydroxy acids.

Alpha-Hydroxy acids (AHAs) include glycolic acid, madelic acid and latic acid. Beta- Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) include salicylic acid, tropic acid and trethocanic acid.


Does our Queen Bee exfoliator work physically or chemically?



Here’s the great news! Our Queen Bee face scrub achieves both for our skin, naturally.

It is formulated with jojoba beads and granulated sugar as physical exfoliators, for the gentlest of manual exfoliations, suitable for the most sensitive skins without causing micro abrasions and irritation.

Plus, also in the formulation is the natural glycolic acid in sugar along with the natural acids present in raw honey and these work as natural chemical exfoliators.


Honey the exfoliation hero

The raw honey does not contain AHAs or BHAs but rather gentler natural acids known as Polyhydroxy Acids (PHAs) and these are now taking the skincare world by storm because they are gentler and more suitable for sensitive skin unlike their AHA and BHA cousins.

The PHAs in raw honey (and it must be raw) have a larger molecule size than AHAs and BHAs, meaning they take a longer amount of time to sink into the skin and do not penetrate as deeply so are therefore much milder and less irritating. They make great alternative exfoliating acids for those with rosacea, sensitive skin and eczema prone skins who would find the AHAs and BHAs too harsh.

As well as gently dissolving the glue that clings on to those dull dry skin cells, the PHAs in raw honey keep skin moisturised, help prevent ageing and are anti-inflammatory.

Is there any skincare product that raw honey doesn’t excel in?


Scrub a smile on your face



Using our exfoliating scrub physically whilst reaping gentle chemical exfoliation benefits is also more satisfying and grounding that just smoothing on and washing off a chemical exfoliator product don’t you think?

There’s something therapeutic about manually sloughing away the dead skin cells to reveal glowy dewy skin; by using our hands to connect with our skin to smooth and soothe – something that you just cant get from a solely chemical exfoliator.

Not to mention the beneficial lymphatic drainage and toxin removal that comes into play when you physically exfoliate your face - try our Queen Bee exfoliator and you’ll encourage blood circulation, skin healing and promote skin cell regeneration all whilst inhaling the uplifting, divine aromatherapy scents of pure natural essential oils.

No wonder so many of our lovely ladies refer to using it as the ultimate at home spa treatment for soft, dewy skin.


Our Queen Bee Exfoliator Vs Mainstream Exfoliator


Have a look at the chart below to see how our Queen Bee exfoliating scrub fares against your typical 'off the shelf' mainstream exfoliating scrub:



Queen Bee Scrub

Mainstream Face Scrub

Does it contain synthetics?



Is it naturally produced?



Is it non-drying?



Does it contain synthetic scents?



Is it suitable for all skin types?



Is it antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and skin healing?



Does it contain both physical and chemical exfoliating agents?



Does it contain preservatives??



Are the ingredients potentially damaging to sea life and the environment?



Is it the gentlest option and most non irritating for sensitive skin?



Is it certified cruelty free?


NOT if sold in countries where animal testing of products is required.



4 reasons to use our natural raw honey exfoliator 


1. No need for harsh chemicals – raw honey contains natural PHAs to chemically exfoliate. They have all the same properties of AHAs - meaning they help with signs of skin ageing, eat away at dead skin cells to exfoliate, promote cell turnover, anti ageing, anti photo ageing but all whilst 'bee-ing' gentle on the skin. 

2. Jojoba seeds instead of plastic containing microbeads – so better for your skin and kinder on the planet – no nasties being washed down the drain making their way into our oceans.

3. Packed with antioxidant natural plant oils for a smooth glide and to really nourish skin like a face oil at the same time as gently exfoliating.

4. Smells divine – rose, orange and patchouli essential oils – which uplift and brighten the mind as well as the skin –  a veritable aromatherapy injection that’s good for the mind when we are feeling lack lustre in ourselves.  

Exfoliate and cleanse your face, hands and body all in one!



If you often find yourself short on time and are looking for something to gently cleanse AND exfoliate your body, face and hands and that smells utterly gorgeous, then our exfoliating rose, cardamon and coffee soap is for you. 



Ground coffee acts as the gentle exfoliating agent and also contains caffeine and antioxidants which are great for boosting skin health and attacking any pesky cellulite.

Suitable for all skin types, simply lather up this award winning soap and use all over to slough away dead skin, revealing soft, radiant skin on hands, face and body – easy peasy! 


Happy scrubbing!



That's it from us this week! We hope this has helped to answer any queries you may have had about exfoliating your skin and explained how it really can restore, replenish and foster a younger looking, glowing complexion.

As always, if we can help you with exfoliating your skin or any other skincare questions, please just hit reply and we'll be here to help you.

We've popped together this short vid for you to summarise why you should be exfoliating with a natural face scrub if you are not already (along with some shots of us formulating our Queen Bee scrub!): How to exfoliate the gentle way ✨💚 #naturalexfoliation#naturalexfoliant#exfoliateyourskin#exfoliategently#exfoliateskin ♬ Cute

Hope you enjoyed.

Much love,

Cath, Bec and the bees xxx

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