'Clean Bee' 100% Cotton Muslin Face Cloth  *FREE POSTAGE*

'Clean Bee' 100% Cotton Muslin Face Cloth *FREE POSTAGE*

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This is the perfect match for our 'Cleansing Balm' and 'Cleaner Bee Oil' - it's a 100% cotton muslin face cloth which is soft and gentle to the touch yet will provide a perfect accompaniment to help gently lift off make-up, dead skin cells and every day dirt and grime.  Not only is it kind to your skin but it is kind to the environment too as suitable for re-use.

Simply soak in warm water before use and once finished your daily facial rinse again in warm water and let air dry.

We want to share the Bee Love so are offering *FREE POSTAGE* on this item as we really feel it will add a great compliment to your Honey Bee Beautiful cleanser!

Cloth meauress 24cm x 24cm.

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