Pet Bee Honey Soap

'Pet Bee' Honey Soap for Dogs

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Give your pet pooch a gentle and natural wash with our honey soap for dogs.

Great for dogs with sensitive skins, our natural skincare soap is 100% natural honey and beeswax. That means no skin irritation for your pet from chemicals and no washing away of your dog’s natural oils.

Wet your dog’s fur and rub in the bar of soap. It will create a rich and creamy lather. Simply rinse off with warm water to see your dog’s coat shine. 

There is nothing 'factory' about the way we make our soaps.  We lovingly hand make, hand cut and hand wrap every bar in a small batch so that it arrives ultra fresh for your enjoyment.

Please note that our soaps do not contain palm oil, lanolin or SLS.

What our customers are saying: “This is a real treat to dogs are regularly needing baths and have sensitive skin. Other products leave their skin dry and itchy but with HBB soap their coats are left so soft and shiny and smelling lovely – with no irritation at all.”

Around 95g and wrapped in grease proof paper.  Please note that as our soaps are hand cut the weight between bars can vary slightly.  

Ingredients: Sodium Cocate, Sodium Oliviate, Sodium Sunflower Seedate, Sodium Castorate, Sodium Beeswax, Honey (Mel), Goat's Milk.

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