Wildflower Seeds *FREE POSTAGE*
Wildflower Seeds *FREE POSTAGE*
Wildflower Seeds *FREE POSTAGE*
Wildflower Seeds *FREE POSTAGE*
Wildflower Seeds *FREE POSTAGE*
Wildflower Seeds *FREE POSTAGE*
Wildflower Seeds *FREE POSTAGE*

Wildflower Seeds *FREE POSTAGE*

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We are very excited to 'bee' bringing you our 'bee-friendly' wild flower seed mix making the perfect gift to pop inside birthday cards or as a treat from you to the bees; whether you have a few pots on a windowsill or a nice patch of bare soil, lets help our pollinators thrive!   

These seeds are a bit special as they made from 100% native British wildflowers, sustainably harvested in the UK and from what were originally wild populations with full British provenance and no agricultural cultivars or any nonsense.

Our suppliers have followed specialist research to put together this wildflower selection aimed to help all species of bees as well as providing a colourful display in your garden.

With over 20 varieties of wild flowers, they are specifically designed with a nice long flowering window in mind - with forget-me-nots flowering in early spring right through to knapweed in August.

Although we have only one species of honey bee, we have 24 different types of bumblebee and over 240 solitary bees. These different bees all have slightly different tongue lengths, for example, and emerge at different times of year.  Many of these bee species are struggling, and habitat loss is a key issue for them but your garden can offer them a fantastic haven. 

Research shows that our solitary bees and bumblebees seem to have a preference for British species of wildflowers such as these.

As our seed mix includes some annuals it will give you a beautiful display of flowers in the first year of establishment. After that the perennials will take over, providing a colourful display for years to come.

When to Sow? Spring or late Summer when the earth is moist and warm

Where to Sow? These seeds can be sown on bare soil or in pots

How to Sow on Soil?  If sowing on soil ensure to scatter on freshly weeded earth in a sunny spot.  Avoid scattering directly onto your lawn as they will struggle to germinate. Lightly water the surface then hand scatter one packet per square metre.  As one packet contains over 200 seeds, you may wish to mix with sand first to achieve an even scatter over the square metre.  Leave the seed on the surface and lightly roll or tread to ensure good contact with the soil's surface.

How to Sow in Pots? Firstly, ensure that your container has good drainage in the bottom, if not, you could drill some drainage holes, and prepare the pot by putting crocks or rocks in the base.  Fill with a peat-free multi-purpose compost.  Add a 2cm layer of a peat-free seed compost and then thinly sow a layer of wildflower seed.  Add another 1cm layer of seed compost and again, sow a layer of wildflower seed. Cover with a final 1cm layer of seed compost and water well but gently so as to not disturb the seeds.  Place the pot in a sunny spot and water weekly.

When will they flower? Seeds should flower 8-10 weeks after sowing.  Then, sit back and watch our beautiful bees and pollinators enjoying them! The hum of the bees is the voice of the garden after all.

The mix contains the following wildflower species:-

Centaurea Cyanus Cornflower, Glebionis Segetum Corn Marigold, Papaver Rhoeas Corn Poppy, Myosotis Arvensis Field Forget-Me-Not, Lotus Corniculatus Bird's-Foot Trefoil, Dipsacus Fullonum Teasel, Echium Vulgare Viper's Bugloss, Reseda lutea Wild Mignonette, Centaurea Nigra Common Knapweed, Galium verum Lady's Bedstraw, Knautia Arvensis Field Scabious, Origanum Vulgare Wild Marjoram, Trifolium Pratense Wild Red Clover, Prunella Vulgaris Selfheal, Silene Dioica Red Campion, Silene Flos-Cuculi Ragged Robin, Silene latifolia White Campion, Stachys Sylvatica Hedge Woundwort, Vicia Cracca Tufted Vetch, Vicia Sepium Bush Vetch

Origin: UK

Soil type: Most soils 

Seeding rate: 1g to 2g per square metre

Approximate flowers: grasses ratio: 100:0

One 2g foil of seeds with recycled cover leaflet as shown.