The Top 20 Skincare Trends About to Explode in 2022


Happy January lovely and welcome to our first blog of 2022! 

There’s something very refreshing and optimistic about the starting of a new year isn’t there – the air feels awash with revived hope, plans and the chance for new beginnings and fresh starts.

EXCITING news here at HBB for 2022!

Research and development is already underway for some new HBB products! Inspired by our ‘bee-utiful’ customers input and as a reflection of new year trends focusing on anti-inflammatory skincare, the importance  of looking after your scalp (read on for more on these trends later), we are underway developing our very own natural conditioner bar, sensitive skin toner and anti-itch hair oil! 

Slathering on a daily dose of SPF is always on trend, so we are also looking into offering a SPF cream in the future. What do you think? Us buzzy bees are feeling enthusiastic for these new challenges for 2022 and hope you’ll join us for the journey – be sure to open your newsletters in the coming weeks for more info!

Now, what’s in store for your skin in 2022?


Perhaps you are thinking of trying a new skincare routine, or maybe you are just looking to improve your current skincare regime and are confused by all the lotions, tonics, serums and solutions out there promising to transform your skin. Or, perhaps, you are just curious as to what is on the horizon in the skincare arena  for 2022?

Well, here at HBB, we have you covered. We have scoured the pages of Vogue, Elle, InStyle, Marie-Claire, Allure, Glamour and followed online beauty experts to compile a list of the top 20 skincare trends set to explode in 2022 to share with you all. 

So, grab a cuppa, curl up and read on to fully devour the top biggest skincare shifts set to dominate 2022 , read snippets straight from the industry’s most knowledgeable experts and discover details on how our HBB range levels up to the latest trends.

 Skincare Trends: The Top 20 for 2022

1. A Minimalist Regime

Whilst we were all at home focus turned for many of us from applying make-up everyday to sporting a bare face;  time was spent searching for that fresh faced natural glow and often investing in countless cleansers, serums, moisturisers, tonics and peels in the pursuit of healthy looking skin.

Our bathroom cabinets became overwhelmed with different products as 2021 saw the rise of long skincare routines and a trend for throwing a plethora of products and active ingredients at our skin as part of lockdown experimentations.  The result being all too often sore, sensitised, irritated faces and a collection of unused products.

So, if you are now feeling bogged down by your daily routine and your skin sore and overloaded,  fear not, it’s time to streamline your arsenal of skincare products as 2022 sees a shift towards ‘skinminimalism’ - perhaps in response to the latest stages in the pandemic, as people try to simplify their lives, regain routines and consistency.

Michele Green, certified dermatologist explains, “Minimalist skin care is exactly what it sounds like: It’s a skin-care routine that is simple and easy to follow”.

Facialist Debbie Thomas agrees, noting that, “after a few trials and errors, many of our clients are starting to realise that less is more when it come to skincare and that using too many products doesn’t guarantee effective results; it can sometimes even do the opposite.  Simply keeping your skin hydrated and protected can make a big difference.”

Mia Moseley-Smith, skincare expert at Face The Future, predicts that streamlining our skincare products will be one of the biggest trends of the year.  Think balance and simplicity or treat and repair rather than attacking your skin all guns blazing.

The minimalist approach is for everyone to embrace – not just those lucky enough to have naturally dewy, blemish free skin.  Expert dermatologist Susan Massick advises that this pared down approach may be particularly beneficial if your skin hasn’t responded well to a complicated regime adding that, “time consuming, multi step systems can result in skin irritation, redness and breakouts.” Sound familiar anyone?


How can HBB help?

 We hope to help you keep your skincare simple, streamlined and effective in 2022 with our recommended skincare routine and face care starter kits tailored to your particular skin type.

 Our advised daily skincare routine boosts simplicity: Cleanse – Tone – Moisturise.  A routine that can be performed quickly, easily and fuss free – life is already busy enough isn’t it without needing to set aside time for a complicated, lengthy skincare regime.

With all our face care kits we enclose a handy leaflet to guide you through the routine. So, take our gentle honey soap to gently wash your face, next massage in our cleansing balm (award winning beauty therapist Kristina Shepherd recommends the 60 second cleanse rule before washing off) pat dry, follow up with the spritz/toner to remove any remaining impurities and restore the PH of your skin (takes seconds), apply a couple of drops of our face oil, let it sink in for a few mins and finish off with our face cream to soothe and protect. All these products are included in our starter kits geared to set you up with a ‘skinminimalist’ routine for 2022. Click here for more info!

2. Excel at Exfoliation

2022 hails the importance of caring, gentle exfoliation as part of our skincare routine.  Say goodbye to hydroxy acids, the harsh peel off masks and skin striping chemical peels trending in 2021, and hello to natural, gentle exfoliators for glowing skin without irritation.

Exfoliation is one of the keys to skin health as it removes all the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin which can build up leaving your complexion dull and wrinkled.  A gentle exfoliator removes these unshed cells on the Stratum Corneum (the outermost layer of skin) revealing smooth, radiant skin with improved tone and texture.

Expert Beauty therapist Kristina Shepherd says exfoliation is of utmost importance if we want our now streamlined, chosen skincare products to work efficiently. She explains, “the top two to three layers of the skin in the epidermis are dead skin cells, so applying products to the skin surface when you don’t exfoliate is never going to get you the results you want.”

What does HBB offer?

Have you taken a look at our oil based, skin enriching gentle exfoliating scrubs? Choose from our best selling Queen Bee or the invigorating citrusy, caffeine burst of our Morning Bee scrub!

Our scrubs are free from any harsh chemicals, being suitable for all skin types and formulated to be delicate thanks to a caring combo of skin nourishing oils and the natural exfoliating power of coffee, sugar and jojoba beads.

3. Eco-conscious and Sustainable Skincare

According to the trend forecasting company WGSN, a universal thread amongst new beauty products in 2022 will be “usability and sustainability.”  Consumers are predicted to become more and more eco-savvy and will invest time and money in products that are planet friendly.  Emphasis will be on products that  give back to the environment rather than just take.

Ron Robinson of BeautyStat Cosmetics believes that the more modern, eco-conscious consumer of 2022 doesn’t want long skincare ingredients lists full of unethically sourced extracts but strives to buy into a beauty routine that has a minimal impact not only on their time and skin but also on the environment.

The 2022 customer shuns a ’throw away society’,  putting credence on products that last, are reliable and functional. Out of favour will be ‘fad’, ‘gimmicky’ beauty and skincare products, (remember the colour changing lip wraps and skin damaging blackhead extractors trending all over social media in 2021?!), along with unnecessary packaging and decoration.

How does HBB fit in?

We feel proud of our eco credentials and really hope our eco conscious  efforts help you, our ‘bee-utiful’ customers, contribute to planet friendly purchases in 2022. 

Did you know that as a thank you for their precious beeswax, honey and propolis we give back to the bees with every sale made from us? 1p in every £1 spent with us is automatically donated to the amazing Bumblebee Conservation Trust, a not for profit charity which is dedicated to the sustainability and survival of our awesome bees.

We keep our packaging simple, recyclable and reusable.  Our glass amber jars and containers are chosen, not only to be reusable and recyclable, but specifically to protect the natural essential oils in our range from spoiling under everyday UV rays, serving to ensure your products are at their top efficacy for longer.

Our products are formulated with the mantra in mind  ‘a little goes along way’, so you can expect to use minimal product for effective results - something our lovely customers often remark on.

4. ‘Blue’ Beauty


We’ve all heard  about “green” beauty in recent years, but  “blue” beauty is also set to stake its claim for 2022.

What is it?

A spinoff of the eco-friendly beauty movement, this newly-coined sustainable term emphasises the importance of protecting oceans, reducing plastics and reducing chemicals in beauty products. The key to taking part in the latest beauty movement is by supporting “blue” brands that specifically create their products with everything from reef-safe ingredients to zero-waste packaging in order to protect the ocean and conserve marine life.

How is HBB ‘blue?’

At HBB we do not use any harmful chemicals in our products, all are made from pure, natural  ingredients. We do not sell or pack in plastic so you can be sure that your HBB containers will never be found washed up on a beach or bobbing around in the sea causing a hazard to our precious sea life.

Every product is either a zero waste product or contained in recyclable/reusable card, glass or tin. Perhaps you have already  heard of our ‘Bee Green’ Return and Reuse Scheme? This free post scheme was pioneered to help you reduce waste and the energy needed for recycling, transportation and manufacturing of new containers – for more info on this scheme and how you are rewarded with money off for taking part CLICK HERE

 5. Lip Love for 2022

Natural, moisturised, nourished lips are set to make a noise in 2022.  Since 2020, fuelled by the pandemic and losing access to Botox treatments during lockdowns, Dr Alexis Parcells of Parcells Plastic Surgery foresees that the shift to a more natural looking lip aesthetic will continue for 2022.

While our lips have mostly been shielded by masks for nearly two years, 2022 trends will focus on getting them into tip-top shape as mask restrictions are likely to ease as the year unfolds.  

Here, the importance of exfoliation rises again to the forefront with celeb make up artist Mario Dedivanoic predicting the popularity of the lip scrub to slough off any dry, dead flakes. The real intervention then begins with a hydration rich balm or salve.  Top dermatologist Mona Gohara warns Allure magazine against chemical laden lip balms: “It’s like drinking a soda to quench thirst, you drink something that appeals to the senses with no nutritional value and shortly thereafter, you are still thirsty. Same thing goes for balms loaded with flavour, fragrance and menthol. Avoid these and opt for those containing proven hydrating and protecting ingredients.”

What does HBB offer?

Have you checked out our all natural exfoliating 'Worker Bee’ sugar lip scrubs?

How about following up with one of our award winning beeswax lip balms to complete your lip care essentials for 2022?

All of our lip treats are free from artificial fragrance, menthol and petroleum, lovingly formulated with nourishing oils and the natural power of raw honey and beeswax to protect and moisturise for a naturally luscious pout.

6. Skincare meets Make Up

One of the most sought-after beauty traits for 2022 will be a dewy, glowing complexion. While we may be used to relying on makeup to deliver these results, skin care products with an element of ‘make up’ are set to be huge in 2022. There is a definite shift towards consumers wanting more from their make up with the popularity of make up products with added skin care benefits on the rise.

Expect to see skincare-make up hybrids adorning beauty aisles everywhere – think illuminating highlighter lotions infused with shea butter, cream blushes with peachy vegan pigments of sappanwood bark but also combined with free radical fighting antioxidants such as white tea and grapeseed oil for an instant ‘make up’ look with lasting hydration.

How does HBB fit in?

Our latest lip newcomers, our tinted bee lip balms, were formulated with the upcoming colour pop-meets-skincare trend in mind.

These little beauties are made with entirely naturally derived colours, offering an enriching natural oil infusion for ‘bee-utifully’ moisturised and protected lips whilst adding a radiant colour glow.  These tinted balms can also be used to add a nourishing colour pop to your cheeks! Choose from vibrant poppy, shimmery sweet pea or rich coopery chestnut - have you tried our Tinted Bee Lip Balms yet?

7. Scalp care set to shine

A movement towards prioritising scalp care is set to explode for 2022.  Just as we focus on rejuvenating and awakening our complexions, caring for our scalps is also taking centre stage in 2022.

Think of the scalp as an extension of our skin since it’s also susceptible to irritation, dryness and even itchiness.  For example, applying a scalp scrub to your head a few times a week helps detoxify your roots by reducing flakes and dandruff and promoting healthy growth and hydration.

Hillary Markenson, co-founder of Reverie Hair Care explains, "I think people are starting to look at skin care as a holistic, whole-body practice that extends beyond the boundaries of the face. One area of skincare we are particularly focused on is the scalp; it’s the soil from which our hair grows and we need to tend the garden. With the rise of scalp serums and scalp exfoliators this neglected area is coming to the forefront.". Nicely put we thought.


How can HBB help?

Are you familiar with our PH and scalp friendly shampoo bars?

For delicate skin prone to irritation we have our soothing Gentle Bee shampoo and conditioning bar with anti-inflammatory chamomile to gently care and nourish the scalp.

AND……. Watch This Space!  

We have the development of our very own scalp exfoliator in the HBB skincare pipeline! Is this something you would be interested in trying?

 8. ‘Inside out’ Skincare

 Fatma Shaheen of Skin Design forecasts a focus on skin health as a reflection of overall health and a further move away “from the overuse of injectables.” She sees people wanting to take back control of their faces and skin wellbeing the natural way in the new year.

Top facialist Jasmina Vico agrees, predicting that we will see a continued desire to nourish the health of our skin by caring for it from the ‘inside out’ with a good diet, stress coping strategies and adopting a personalised skin regime to suit our own individual skin needs. She tells us, “extra emphasis on the health of your skin will see more people embracing the ‘inside outside’ approach to skin care. More education is needed for people to understand their own skin. People often buy the latest skin-care products without considering their skin type or concerns, and what their skin actually needs.”

How can HBB help?

At HBB HQ we also recommend identifying your skin type and have designed this short, quick quiz (AND a money off offer awaits you!) to help make it easier to select the products that will work for you. Thus removing the temptation to overload your skin with products that may prove unsuitable for your individual skin needs, that may even cause irritation and could exercise a negative effect on your overall well being. Click here to access the quiz! 

You may well still feel unsure about which products are for you, to help we offer our skincare range in ‘minis’ so you can try out a smaller size before committing to the full sized product. Just select the ‘try me’ option at the top of your chosen product page.

9. At home skincare tools

Throughout the pandemic many of us resorted to at home beauty treatments and while we may be heading back to the salon, at home DIY face care tools are set to stay and become even more sophisticated for 2022.

LED light masks are set to be big news – red light can benefit many skincare conditions such as rosacea– have you tried one?

These light masks emit different wavelengths to target different skin concerns – these include firming, discolouration, spots, blemishes and acne – and, best of all, they are easy to use in the comfort of your own home! Interested? Click here for a review of the best ones currently on the market.

Next up is the traditional Chinese healing tool, the Gua Sha, known for both its skin benefits and relaxing properties, it is forecast to remain ever popular for home use in 2022. Most beneficial when used on the face to improve circulation, break up stagnation-induced retention and help your skin better absorb your products, you have probably seen them still trending all over your social feeds. 

The experts advise opting for Gua Sha and/or Jade Roller tools that are made from jade quartz or rose quartz and shaped without unnecessary resins – the Gua Sha tool should cradle the shape of your face during massage and it is important to make sure you are using it correctly.

How can HBB help?

Have you had a look at our Jade Roller and Gua Sha set comprising of 100% cooling, natural jade stone to encourage a bright supple complexion and sculpted facial outline? 

Each set includes a clear instruction pamphlet and we have also popped a little video HERE demonstrating our Gua Sha in use to help guide you.

Pssst! LOOK OUT next week for a special offer on our Gua Sha and Roller sets!


10.  Anti-inflammatory Skincare

  According to a recent study by Glamour UK over 60%of women suffer with skin sensitivity. Though it’s difficult to quantify what exactly sensitivity is – given that it’s so subjective – conditions such as itching, burning, stinging, tightness and dryness are all consistent signs. Also consistent with these conditions, is inflammation, which can trigger all of the above.

Inflammation is described as ‘the bogeyman of the beauty world’ and, like stress (which incidentally, triggers inflammation), it’s often declared the root cause of many of the ailments we suffer from today – rashes, spots, even premature ageing, you name it, inflammation probably has something to do with it.

For 2022, aesthetics Doctor Barbara Strum sees a movement towards an anti-inflammatory approach to skincare: “I think more and more people understand the anti-inflammatory aspect of life and that inflammation triggers problems with our overall health and causes skin dysfunctions. This indicates that we’re moving away from certain trends like Retin-A or acid peels, and, in order to strengthen the skin as an organ, strengthen skin barrier function and our microbiome, we’re transitioning instead to an anti-inflammatory skincare routine and lifestyle that’s better for our health and kinder to our skin.”

What is an anti -inflammatory skincare routine exactly?

Dr Barbara Kubicka recommends avoiding potential triggers (like sun and heat) where possible, and using lightweight, easily absorbed skincare products.

 On top of topical products, “LED red light is an excellent addition,” says Dr Kubicka. “I also advise taking supplements such as Skinaid and alkaline water to help with skin repair. Ingredient wise she advises using “vitamins E and C, and aloe vera will help to calm skin down.”  Also look for products that are specifically designed for sensitive skins and are fragrance free.


How can HBB help?

Our skin goodies are naturally free from chemicals, easily absorbed into the skin and designed to be gentle to prevent/soothe any irritation and inflammation.

Did you know our raw Welsh honey is used throughout our skincare range – it’s nature’s very own anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial agent!

Have a look perhaps at incorporating our Busy Bee Facial Oil into an inflammatory regime – this oil draws on red raspberry seed oil known to prevent inflammation, tissue damage and promote skin health. 

Our Busy Bee Face Cream is carefully formulated with anti-inflammatory bergamot essential oil to soothe combination skins – in a study researchers found Bergamot oil reduced the expression of the inflammatory COX-2 enzyme by at least 25%.

We also offer a full range of skincare for the most sensitive of skins which is free of fragrance and essential oils – click here to view the range!

11. Anti-stress over anti –ageing

Stress causes a spike in the hormone cortisol which, research suggests, can trigger skin conditions such as acne, atopic dermatitis (a common form of eczema which presents as itchy, dry and cracked skin) and psoriasis. After a stressful year navigating multiple lockdowns and changes to our routines, 2022 will heavily focus on relaxation and the effect on skin.

Our beauty regimes are set to become increasingly holistic, details the latest skincare trend report from L'Oréal Active Cosmetics Division. 67% percent of people surveyed said that getting enough sleep was important to them, while 57% said they are now drinking plenty of water and 56% are focusing more on relaxation. These were all considered by the participants as important factors in caring for their skin.

How can HBB help?

Did you have a read of our latest newsletter packed full of coping strategies for stress and anxiety?

If you are struggling to relax and get a good night’s sleep perhaps you could benefit from our Sleepy Bee essential oil blend? Why not click here to check out our all natural Aromatherapy range,  specifically put together to help you unwind and relax – a reflection of which we hope you will see on your skin.

12. Emergence of Vitamin E

New research by L'Oréal Active Cosmetics Division cites vitamin C and vitamin A as top-mentioned ingredients for this year BUT vitamin E is about to steal the spotlight.

"Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin that is best for dry skin," advises facialist Kate Kerr. She explains: "Vitamin E is also a strong anti-inflammatory, and can be used topically to soothe and calm skin irritation."

How does HBB’s range fit in?

Did you know that our hard working Nurse, Garden and Sensitive Bee universal balms and all our lip balms contain Vitamin E?

It can also be found as the unsung hero in our ever popular facial oil for dry skin – have a peak HERE

13. Waterless Products and Natural Preservatives

This year you will see more waterless beauty products with a strong preference emerging for oil based skincare.


Firstly, they are more potent, don’t require preservatives and need less product for efficacy.

Furthermore, “the world’s freshwater supply is depleting, and by 2050, two-thirds of the world’s population will live in water-stressed circumstances,” warns beauty expert Clare Varga, Head of Beauty at WGSN.  Because of this, she speculates that waterless beauty is bound to “migrate from novelty to necessity.” She predicts companies will react by developing products that “try to lessen the need for excessive water usage.”

As part of the push for sustainable beauty, where preservatives are used for water based products, 2022 is likely to see customers becoming more savvy about chemical preservatives on ingredient labels and opting for brands that use environmentally friendly preservatives instead.

How does HBB fit in ?

Here the majority of our skincare products – luxuriant balms, cleansers, scrubs, sumptuous oils - make use of nature’s naturally preserving oils so most do not use unnecessary water or call for the addition of a preservative.

We also make a water free Queen Bee Face Mask with clay and powdered honey so you can add your own tea, hydrosol or water to make up your own mask as and when you need it at home.

Did you know that for our products that do contain water – our creams and facial spritzes – we only ever use a carefully selected natural, eco preservative? This will always be clearly listed on our ingredient labels.

14. Bars are back!

A return to basics for 2022 sees a revival of the humble bar!

It’s great to see the larger companies such as L’Oreal switching to solid bars for their shampoos; after all it is the action of these big players that’s going to have the greatest impact on our environment.

And, it’s not only shampoo bars set to go viral…….behold the eco beauty of the simple soap bar!

New York City based dermatologist Shereene Idriss states: “I think the next big boom in skincare will be the resurgence of bar soaps, due to their eco-friendly and water preserving nature. This means decades-old classics are having a renaissance, and they're getting the 2022 treatment with entirely recyclable packaging”.

What does HBB offer?

We have always been firm aficionados here of the honey soap bar - which scents have you tried? Check out the full range HERE

All our shampoos and soaps are zero waste, lovingly packed for sending in fully recyclable card and compostable paper.

15. Clay Cleanser Balms are BIG news

After vigorously scrubbing our faces clean during the pandemic we are now seeing a shift towards a more gentle, but still effective, cleansing routine to soothe our over worked skin and avoid irritation.  Cue the popularity of cleansing balms!

On TikTok, the hashtag #cleansingbalm has 103.5 million views with cleansing balms dominating beauty shelves in place of harsh, stripping cleansers and environmentally polluting make up remover wipes.

Clay cleansing balms offer a self-indulgent, sensorial, instantly gratifying way of watching your make up break down, while you relaxingly massage your face and cleanse without stripping your skin. All whilst the clay gently exfoliates to remove any everyday impurities from the surface of your face.

What does HBB offer?

Here all our cleansers for different skin types are in fact balm and clay based.  Have you tried our award winning Bumble bee cleansing balm for dry skin? Red clay, pure beeswax and moisturising butters work together to break down and gently remove the day’s grime. Our customers call it a spa treatment and daily cleanser all in one! Take a peak HERE

16. Protecting the Skin Barrier

2022 will see emphasis placed on putting kindness and care into protecting our hard working skin from environmental pollutants after, for many of us, years of mask wearing and stress.

If you've tried to tackle common gripes like maskne and hyperpigmentation with high-strength ingredients like exfoliating acids and retinoids, you're not alone. Whether you're a skincare obsessive or you consider yourself a bit of a novice, it's likely you may have experienced some irritation. Cue redness, flaky skin and sore patches. This is where the solution - skin barrier kindness - comes in according to Alexia Inge, cofounder and co-CEO of Cult Beauty.

"The latest wave of skincare brands are focused less on aggressive, fast-acting results and more on nurturing the skin's barrier, maintaining a healthy, diverse microbiome [the good bacteria that live on your skin and keep it healthy and happy] and aligning more with self-care," says Alexia. "Sensitive skin has become even more prevalent during the pandemic and will likely remain a concern as we step outside after months spent at home," adds Alexia, who says that we will be hunting down products and ingredients that support, not strip, the skin's barrier.

Alexia mentions we might choose to skip multi-acid or aggressive physical exfoliators and take our retinol use down a notch in favour of gentler, repairing ingredients like ceramides and jojoba oil. "I'm seeing rising interest in new brands like skincare line Skinfix that promote 'total skin barrier health' and sensitive cosmetics lines like Tower 28," says Alexia. She also rates gentle brands like Gallinée, Good Light and Codex Beauty Labs for nurturing the skin.

But, what are Skin barrier products?

"Skin barrier products are designed to help strengthen and support our skin barrier, which is what our skin uses to keep the good stuff in, like moisture, and the harmful stuff out, like bad bacteria or external irritants," says Dr. Marisa Garshick, board-certified dermatologist in New York City. "When the skin barrier is disrupted, it can leave the skin susceptible to dryness, flaking, redness, burning, stinging, sensitivity in addition to worsening skin conditions such as acne and eczema. Additionally, when the skin barrier is compromised, it can be harder to tolerate other skincare products, particularly those containing ingredients like retinoids or exfoliants. By using products that help to boost skin barrier function and protection, it improves the overall health of the skin and allows to the skin to better tolerate other skincare products."

Here a great facial moisturiser is necessary as your skin barrier hero for locking in your other skin care products and acting as a shield protecting the skin from external environmental damage and preventing moisture loss.

How do HBB products fare?

Our creams and balms are designed to help support the health and protection of your skin barrier thanks to nature’s larder.

Did you know we use pure beeswax and raw Welsh honey throughout our range? Both of these ingredients act as a powerful humectant creating the perfect breathable skin barrier. Not only will these magical wonders of the hive lock in moisture and any skin benefitting oils you may have used, protect the skin from environmental factors such as sunlight, pollution and harsh weather, they also serve to draw in moisture from the air to keep your skin expertly hydrated – thank you bees!

Our most popular naturally skin-barrier kind products are our award winning Nurse Bee Balm and our Bumble Bee Face Cream . If you fancied taking peak to see what our customers think click HERE.

17. Skincare transparency

Consumers in 2022 will be looking closely for product and brand transparency when it comes to their skincare needs and opting for ingredients with proven efficacy.

Dr Anjali Mahto, consultant dermatologist at 55 Harley Street says, “The modern day consumer is well-educated and is looking for fast-acting products which will provide quick results. They are keen to look through marketing. The brands that will succeed are the ones who are open and transparent about their ingredient choices, can demonstrate benefit with consumer and clinical trials, as well as show a commitment to the environment and sustainability across all aspects of the supply chain.”

How does HBB fit in?

We pride ourselves on being a small, open and honest brand in which our customers can trust.  We care for our customers like members of our own family and know how important it is to feel you can trust the business you may purchase from.

We are completely transparent about what goes into our products and each product page lists the ingredients which are in plain English and easy to understand. If you are ever unsure of anything or wish to obtain specific advice on a product for your skin type simply drop us a line and we’ll always be happy to advise or further explain any skin care product ingredient.

We know that reading experiences from real life people who have similar problems and concerns with their skin and hearing about the relief that they have experienced can help to provide the reassurance and information that you need before taking that leap of faith to invest in our skincare products. With this in mind we have compiled customer testimonials and reviews for each product for further transparency.

It is so important to us that you and your skin are happy with your products. Did you know that we offer a full money back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied? 

18. Shift to British businesses


As we face a post-Brexit life and all the duty tax that comes with it, a shift to buying British for beauty is predicted which is both good for small businesses and our environment at large.

The British Beauty Council has reported on the huge increase in shipping costs on British brands who are supplying their products to the EU. ​“The costs of administration and reduction inefficiencies for delivery firms has meant a doubling of the cost of shipping to the EU” explains The British Beauty Council in its report, How is Brexit affecting the British beauty industry? ​“For example, the delivery cost of a product that is sold through an e‑commerce platform might be £29.00 per item, in many cases the item sold will have a similar average order value, therefore doubling the price. This is not a viable price option for consumers, or for businesses to continue to grow to export to Europe." Making EU exports “untenable” the report adds, not to mention the environmental impact of increasing the number of supply chains and modes of transport used to ship British products abroad.

With this in mind, I stumbled across an interestingly innovative Margate-based natural skincare and wild fragrance brand Hæckels. The brand harnesses the power of the sea and, under a license, they also harvest local seaweed from a beach that’s a few metres away from their store. Incorporating botanical and mineral-rich ingredients such as aloe vera, jojoba and black pepper into their skincare, Hæckels has now opened an entirely vegan and natural store on east London’s Broadway Market.  We loved the sound of this pioneering eco brand and it’s utilisation of the British seaside!

How does HBB fare?

We source our ingredients locally where we can – the majority of our carrier and essentials oils and butters are sourced from fellow Welsh business Naissance, based in Neath.

Our lovely bees, providing us with the beautiful honey and beeswax are kept just down the road in Llangybi. 

For our additional raw honey and beeswax needs, we purchase from our fellow local monmouthshire beekeepers.

We love to support other small British businesses by choosing them for our label and packaging needs through to promoting local shops to our customers on our socials and in our gift guides.

We grow our own lavender and can even be seen picking fresh chamomile for our bath melts from the field opposite our cabin!  


19. Quality over Quantity

Skin expert  Dr Kristina says product choice is a skincare trap we continue to fall into and sees the customer becoming more knowledgeable in 2022, “Buying cheap products is the biggest mistake I see”, she says. ‘All products are very different but cheaper products are usually lower quality skin care.”

“A lot of my clients when they first come to the salon say that they buy high street products and nothing is working. You need to upgrade your skincare and seek expert advice before embarking on a new routine." This ensures you are using the right products for your skin type and you can actually save money by investing in less products overall.

Joanne Evans of Skin-Matters predicts that 2022 will see a shift away from consumers favouring products with lengthy ingredient lists as a representation of value for money: “I think consumers have soaked up the rush of a skin-care frenzy and realized that the more ingredients you apply, often the more harm you are doing to your skin, and you just aren’t getting the results expected. Clients want a concentrated routine, bespoke to the consumer with the best ingredients paired with their specific skin type and concerns.”

Jennifer Chwalek, top dermatologist from New York’s Union Square Laser Dermatology agrees: “The more ingredients a product has, the greater likelihood that you may develop irritation to one of the ingredients in the product. Also, as you increase the number of ingredients in a product, there’s a risk that the active ingredient becomes less bioactive, so you may not get the benefits of the most important ingredients.”

How do we fit in at HBB?

When formulating our products, our ingredients list will comprise only of those which we know will be effective and which we believe will bring true benefit to you and your skin. Our ethos centres around the functionality and practicality of our range.

We do not include any unnecessary ingredients or synthetic additions in our products – we allow the superior natural ingredients we use to speak for themselves. We avoid any ‘filler’ ingredients (such as dyes, parabens, petroleum), and use the  purest form of beeswax, the ‘cappings’ with no possibility of chemical residue, unfiltered pure raw honey, and solely pure essential oils as opposed to synthetic fragrance oils.

20. A shift to Functional Fragrances

A new trend for 2022 is that conscious consumers are more interested in buying products that have the power to do more. In the beauty industry specifically, this translates as consumers wanting products that are not only effective but have a wider purpose. For instance, in the fragrance category, wearing scents to smell good is one thing but what if it smelled good and gave you more energy too? Cognitive function and the olfactory system are closely linked, smells can trigger both emotional and physiological responses. Put simply, scent is one of the fastest ways to alter your emotional state. 

Did you know  that if you take a capsule remedy, for ‘calm’ for say, it’ll take on average, between 20 and 40 minutes to break down depending on the shell.  A tincture takes about 20 minutes to absorb into the body. So, none of these offer immediate benefits, whereas your sense of smell, your olfactory system, is one of the fastest ways to impact our cognitive and emotional state. As a result expect to see a movement towards fragrances for healing during 2022.

Companies such as The Nue Co. , uses patented neuroscience technology in its perfumes to tap into different parts of the wearer’s brain and deliver different benefits – from increased focus to more energy. The brand’s newest launch, ‘Mind Energy’ promises to promote mental clarity in 30 days - fascinating stuff isn’t it? Who else needs this right now?!

How does HBB fit in?

The essential oils used in our skincare range are all specifically chosen to deliver more than just a yummy smell – we use rose geranium to uplift, lavender to add calm, sweet orange to ease anxiety and mood enhancing patchouli, amongst others!  Have you tried our solid perfume balms?

We also make cute little Relieve Bee and Sleepy Bee Balms – these solid hand moisturisers also double up as calming and sleep inducing - try rubbing on your pulse points when feeling stressed or right before settling into bed and let the aromatherapeutic scents work their magic! Check them out HERE

Final Thought

We hope we have given you a thorough round up of the biggest trends for 2022 as predicted by the experts, along with some inspiration for your own skincare routines this year and an idea of how our little business fits in amongst what’s ‘trending’ out  there in the big wide world of  skincare!

So, which of the trends could you see yourself trying? Or perhaps you are already practising some of  them? We would love to know if you have any skincare resolutions of your own, or perhaps you could recommend to us some must-try products for the year ahead? We would also be really interested to hear if you know of any other skincare trends for 2022  that you would love to see us adopting here at HBB?

Please do share with us lovely by hitting reply to this email.

Wishing you plenty of health, happiness, love and success in your endeavours for the year ahead, no matter how big or small, from us all here at HBB.

Much love,

Cath and the bees




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