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Rosacea - the skin condition most famously associated with Renee Zellweger in her amazing role as Bridget Jones. But whilst we all look to Bridget’s flushed face as an endearing quality, in reality Rosacea can be an uncomfortable and difficult skin problem to manage.
As the skin reddening condition is the focus of our social media this week, we wanted to dive a little deeper into the causes, treatment options and symptoms of Rosacea - hopefully answering some of your questions in the process.
Q: What is Rosacea?
A: Typically associated with blushing or flushed skin, rosacea is a skin condition which causes the blood vessels underneath the skin to flare up into an intense and often uncomfortable red colour. Usually found across the cheeks, the condition is non-serious but can cause breakouts and skin thickening in the long run. Other symptoms include rough or dry skin, a swollen nose, open pores, stinging or burning in the skin and even vision problems due to swollen or bumped eyelids.
Q: How do you develop Rosacea?
A: In some cases, rosacea is a genetic condition, passed down through families and generations. This could mean that if your mother or father suffer from particularly red flare ups, there’s a chance you might do as well in later life. Rosacea can also be a symptom of other physical conditions, such as sun damage, alcoholism and smoking. Scientists have recently found that certain biological factors can even lead to the development of rosacea - particularly for women with blonde hair and fair skin who are between 30 and 50 years old.
Q: What can trigger Rosacea?
 A: Many different things can trigger a flare up in your skin, with redness being the most common and visible symptom. These triggers can be different for everyone though. Some sufferers find that exercise, wine and certain food types can cause a flare up, whilst others struggle with heat and sun exposure on their skin. Over time, these triggers can be recognised and avoided where possible, although stress can also be a major factor in causing rosacea problems.
Q: How do you treat Rosacea?
A: Unfortunately there is no permanent treatment for Rosacea. However a combination of medication, a healthy lifestyle and a good skincare routine are recognised to be effective solutions to flare ups. Cutting out certain foods and drinks from your diet can help to reduce the redness and puffiness of the skin, avoiding direct heat and even reducing some medications can have a positive impact on your Rosacea. It’s important to speak to your doctor before making any changes to your lifestyle first, and they can also recommend different types of medication - from gels and creams to oral tablets and even laser surgery to help.
Q: Which skincare products are good for tackling Rosacea?
 A: As Rosacea is known to dry the skin and increase rough patches and stinging, any products that are harsh or abrasive on the face should be avoided. Highly potent formulas containing alcohol, strong fragrance or sulphates can cause even further damage to the skin, so make sure you opt for gentle, sensitive products in future preferabley containing honey and beeswax.  Also anything that pairs well with a coat of SPF is also going to benefit your skin.
 Q: Which Honey Bee Beautiful products are the best for my skin?
A: At Honey Bee Beautiful, our Bumble Bee Face Care range is particularly suited to skin which are prone to conditions such as rosacea, ezcema and psoriasis as they can to help manage and reduce the symptoms caused by these conditions.
The reason why our products are so effective are because they are free of alcohol, fragrance, parabens, sulphates or any other ingredients that tend to irritate these kind of skin conditions PLUS they contain raw Welsh honey AND pure beeswax ‘cappings’ which is the purest unadulterated beeswax you can get.  Both of these ingredients are ‘humectants’ which means that they draw moisture towards them to provide extra hydration for dry skin plus the beeswax acts as a natural, breathable barrier stopping your skin loosing vital moisture.  Both have strong anti-inflammatory properties and are naturally anti-bacterial and very soothing for the skin.
Many of the products in our Bumble Bee range are targeted to sufferers of Rosacea, and can help to soothe and calm redness and soreness of the face.
Our Bumble Bee Cleansing Balm provides a deep moisturising cleanse without drying your skin
Our Bumble Bee Face Oil will soothe and calm inflamed skin whilst providing a moisturising and rejuvenating boost overnight or under your daily face ceam
Our Bumble Bee Facial Spritz with organic flower water and aloe vera is a great option for refreshing and cooling heated skin, as recommended by many sufferers of Rosacea and similar skin complaints.
We’ve included a full list of Rosacea-friendly products to try at the bottom of the post, so make sure you check them out.
Q: What do our customers say?
A: Read some of thier reviews right here:-
 'I have sensitive, dry, dehydrated skin. This can often be problematic, trying to clean and moisturise it with natural products that work for me as they so often don’t, but, the Bumble Bee Cleansing Balm really helped, no more flaky skin and I am left with skin that feels very moisturised.  I’ve have just had a flare up of rosacea which leaves my face dry and peeling and even more sensitive than usual and the cleansing balm has really helped, my skin now feels soft and hydrated.  It’s such a relief!   I can definitely recommend this to anyone wanting natural, well made, chemical free skin care.’
 ‘Absolutely loving the Bumble Bee Face Oil. I use it at night after cleansing and toning, which can leave my face a bit red on top of already having rosacea and dry maturing skin. This instantly calms my face right down. It’s not greasy/sticky at all and it smells divine.  There is no residue and my face feels lovely and soft in the morning.  It is also helping a wee patch of psoriasis I have on my neck.  I'm loving this and will be purchasing other products soon, looking forward to trying the spritz. Thank you’
  ‘I have had really bad dry skin on my face for nearly a year, since having my third baby back in June 2018. I had tried loads of face creams from high street shops, different brands online and nothing had helped.........I came across Honey Bee Beautiful a couple of weeks back on facebook, I ordered the Bumble Bee Face Oil for dry skin hoping that it would perhaps help,  I had never used an oil before just creams........omg!!  I'm so happy I found this.  In a couple of days it has already transformed my skin, it’s a lot more nourished and has a lot more moisture, I'm sooo happy I found this product a massive life saver......thank you Honey Bee Beautiful!!!!
 ‘I have struggled with rosacea over the years and have been finding it difficult to find a skin care product that works for me. Not only is the redness now under control but also my skin feels great. Thank You Honey Bee Beautiful x’
If you have a sensitivity to essential oils you may want to try our ‘Sensitive Bee’ range which are free of all essential oils.
In summary…
Rosacea can be a difficult skin condition to manage, and can result in long term damage if not managed well. But if you’re struggling with redness, flare ups and triggers, just know you’re not alone. From Prince Harry to Cameron Diaz, even the celebs have to tackle it on a daily basis and Honey Bee Beautiful is always here to help.
For any more questions, or for a personal treatment recommendation, drop us an email at:
Thanks for reading!
Rosacea Recommended Products from HBB:-
If you are new to the range and what to see if your skin get’s on with the range why not try our mini packs….

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