Meet The Maker: Catherine Clark

  From Legal Eagle to Queen Bee: head with us into the HBB hive to uncover the face behind the brand!


This month we have a real treat for all you lovely readers – we are inviting you all in behind the doors of HBB to delve into the inspiration and working behind the small honey skincare business, Honey Bee Beautiful, in an exclusive interview with our very own Queen Bee, owner and founder Catherine Clark.

After a 20 year career in law, Cath gave up the daily grind of commuting and office life in favour of a more relaxed lifestyle and a return to country living and the natural world. Eight years ago she started keeping bees; fast forward a few months, and Honey Bee Beautiful was born.

 You are all invited to come along with us as we uncover the lawyer-turned-beekeeper behind the honey skincare magic as she divulges HBB’s main concepts, her favourite products, her motivations and challenges. Keen to unveil the real person behind the brand, we have sneaked in some non-business related questions, unearthing Cath’s interests, personality traits and life outside of HBB.
 Read on as we expose her responses to our quizzing and stay tuned as we finish off our meeting by posing a fun  ‘quick-fire’ question round to Cath!

Meet the real Cath Clark


 Q1: Firstly, HBB’s concept is centred on the natural and simple. What does the term ‘natural skincare’ mean to you? 


Cath: “I know that this term can be used rather loosely by many brands, but at HBB honesty and transparency with our ingredients and everything else is very important.  In terms of our formulations, what I wanted to do was, wherever possible, use base ingredients from nature over synthetic ingredients.  For example, I feel very strongly about never using synthetic fragrance; we only ever use natural essential oils for the scent in our products for their wonderful aromas, the therapeutics, and to avoid the toxins and negative effects of synthetic fragrance.  The same goes for our natural preservatives.”

 Here at HBB we search to find the best natural beneficial ingredients for each product rather than using a long list of different ingredients to achieve the same result, or worse, which could impact negatively on the efficacy of the product if too many conflicting active ingredients are used together.  This use of a pared down, natural ingredient repertoire also allows us to cater for more sensitive and reactive skins – without synthetics and with the use of fewer ingredients, there is less chance of our skincare range causing irritation from ingredients reacting with each other and therefore proving more suitable to those who have reactive skin. 


Skin expert Joanne Evans of Skin Matters champions the shorter ingredient list, “the more ingredients you apply, often the more harm you are doing to your skin”.  In agreement is Jennifer Chwale, top dermatologist from New York’s Union Square Laser Dermatology: “The more ingredients a product has, the greater the likelihood that you may develop irritation to one of the ingredients in the product. Also, as you increase the number of ingredients in a product, there’s a risk that the active ingredient becomes less bioactive, so you may not get the benefits of the most important ingredients.” 

This is something we don’t want to happen with our HBB products, so by keeping things natural and simple we allow our specifically chosen oils for their skin and aromatherapeutic benefits and the brilliance of our raw Welsh honey and pure beeswax to shine through for optimal results. 

 Cath hopes that our clear, simple, easy to understand ingredient labels speak for themselves.

Rather than labels like this (taken from the face cream of a very well-known beauty brand):

 Aqua / Water, Glycerin, Cyclohexasiloxane, Isononyl Isononanoate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Butylene Glycol, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Dimethicone, Glyceryl Stearate, Stearic Acid, Stearyl Alcohol, Peg-8 Stearate, Synthetic Wax, Cyclopentasiloxane, Lecithin, Sodium Dextran Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, Hydroxypalmitoyl Sphinganine, Sodium Hyaluronate, Paeonia Suffruticosa Extract / Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract, Peg-1 Stearate, Eugenol, Ethylparaben, Triethanolamine, Crithmum Maritimum Extract, Palmitic Acid, Silica, Cellulose Acetate Butyrate, Polyphosphorylcholine Glycol Acrylate, Polycaprolactone, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Poloxamer 188, Ammonium Polyacryldimethyltauramide / Ammonium Polyacryloyldimethyl Taurate, Dimethiconol, Limonene, Benzyl Alcohol, 2-Oleamido-1,3-Octadecanediol, Caprylyl Glycol, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Moringa Pterygosperma Seed Extract, Ceramide 3, Disodium EDTA, Rosa Gallica Extract / Rosa Gallica Flower Extract, Methylparaben, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Octyldodecanol, Parfum / Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol.

 At HBB, you will find labels like this:

 Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera), Calendula Flowers infused in Sunflower Oil (Helianthus Annus, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract), Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii), Cocoa Butter (Theobroma Cacao Seed), Beeswax (Cera Alba), Red Kaolinite (Red Clay), Rose Geranium Essential Oil (Pelargonium Graveolens), Patchouli Essential Oil (Pogostemon Cablin) (Allergens: Citronellol, Geraniol, Linalool, Citral, Limonene)

We know which one we find easier to understand and to grasp what is actually in the labelled product and we hope that with our simple use of ingredients and clear labelling you will find it easier to navigate our range too. 



As Cath mentions we use only 'Pure Essential Oils' rather than synthetic fragrances which means that you benefit from the added therapeutic properties of our products which help to relax, uplift, and soothe the senses.

Cath explains that in HBB’s water-based products which require a preservative, (most of our products are non water based -anhydrous- so we are able to make use of nature’s naturally preserving oils), we only ever use a carefully selected natural, plant based eco preservative instead of the commonly found synthetic, chemical preservatives found in beauty products. Such synthetic preservatives have been shown, “to cause adverse long term health effects. Parabens and formaldehyde- releasing ingredients are commonly used to preserve products, but studies have shown the harmful effects of exposure to these ingredients.” (Preservatives to avoid and choose instead).  This is a risk Cath stands strong on avoiding.  

Q2:  So, pure essential oils are a key part of many formulations at HBB. Is it important however to offer alternatives without these for sensitive/reactive skins?   


Cath: “Yes the market is still not great for those with sensitive or reaction skin, it’s just not sexy to formulate a scentless product.  We listened to our customers early on and decided to offer a range which was completely free of essential oils and our Sensitive Bee Range was born.”

 We are quite unique in the vast, natural range of products we offer for people with reactive and sensitive skin.  If  skincare products that are free from chemicals, irritants, any fragrance or essential oils,  that actually work, is something that would help with your skin then please have a look at the range and look through reviews from those who also have sensitive skin by clicking HERE.  Simply scroll down each product page and click the ‘ingredients’ tab for a complete list of what goes into each ‘Sensitive Bee’  product so you can scour for any personal allergens.  If you are unsure what would suit your skin then try our quick skincare quiz HERE or drop us a message/email with your concern and we will be more than happy to advise. 
A great place to start would be our ‘Sensitive Bee’ skincare starter set which includes all the mini sizes of the face products needed to complete a skincare routine including our award winning face cream for your sensitive skin. Find the sample kit HERE!

For general advice on avoiding reactions and harsh chemicals take a look at our blog devoted to the topic HERE – we hope this might help lend a guiding hand.

Also, don’t forget – if you purchase a product from us and it doesn’t work out for your skin, please do not worry, we offer a full money back guarantee – see HERE for more details! 

Q3:  Who is your inspiration?


Cath: “I have never been a confident person and, as such, have regularly put barriers up throughout my life.  The one person who has always encouraged me to smash through these barriers, and who often liberates me with, “Why can’t you?’’,  is my sister, Libby.  She is caring, supportive and totally non-judgemental and I couldn’t imagine my life without her in it.  In fact, she is the inspiration behind many of my HBB products, particularly our award winning Garden Bee Universal Balm which was designed to help her dry, cracked feet.

In terms of inspiration for the business, I would have to say, Dr Sara Robb (chemist and formulator).  When I was a new beekeeper and wanted to learn more about how to make natural skincare with honey and beeswax, I went on her soap making course at the National Honey Show and that is where the HBB journey began.  Sara was so kind in sharing resources with me about her chemist and on what other things I would need to do to make and sell my skincare and so became my mentor in those early years.  But, more than that, I connected with her kind, ‘down-to-earth’ and sunny nature.  She continues to be an inspiration ‘til this day.”   


Do you suffer from dry, cracked feet like Cath’s sister Libby?  Talking to Cath it is clear how important it was for her to be able to solve this issue for her inspirational sister and she hopes that the resulting award winning formulation of her Garden Bee Universal Balm, drawing on the  antiseptic, regenerative and moisturising power of nature’s larder, can help you too. With reparative bee propolis – read more about this amazing ‘ bee glue’ HERE – beeswax, honey, natural oils and butters, our ‘bee-utiful’ customer Kay has also  found this balm beneficial, “ I can honestly say it is the best foot product I have ever used."
It’s not just for feet either!
Try this balm to soothe and moisturise cracked or psoriasis prone skin on elbows, hands, neck or ears, just like our lovely customer Alison who tells us, “I have been using this on facial dermatitis and behind my ears. After using steroid creams and prescribed emollients, I thought I'd give this balm a go. What a difference it has made. My skin is feeling smooth again and is no longer itchy.” Intrigued to know more? Click HERE to read more about our Garden Bee Balm and for further reviews!

Who is Dr Sara Robb?

With a background in academic research, Dr Sara Robb has nearly 20 years experience as a cosmetic formulator, specialising in products containing honey and beeswax. The inspiration behind HBB’s honey soap journey which has culminated in the current range of honey and beeswax soaps – we struggle here at HBB to pick our all time favourite, what about you? Check out the full range HERE.  
Are you interested in having a dabble at making your own products using honey and beeswax? We would highly recommend having a look at Sara’s book ‘Honey Potions’ which contains many recipes not requiring any special equipment or complicated ingredients – this paperback remains a staple reference guide here in the HBB office. You can follow Dr Sara Robb on Instagram: Dr Sara Robb- CPSR.Buzz (@drsararobb)
A big thank you to Libby and Sara for inspiring Cath. Do you know of an amazing woman who has inspired you and deserves a shout out? Share her with us in the comments.....

Q4: Take us through a typical day for you at HBB…….


Cath: “Usually the morning starts with co-ordinating with Bec how the day is looking and what tasks are needed for the day.  Mondays usually involve making products that have started to run low and packing the weekend orders for post collection at 4pm.  Other days will involve planning marketing campaigns, writing blogs, research and development of new products, communicating with customers about product recommendations and order queries, welcoming customers who visit our cabin, ordering supplies, dealing with the accounts and all the other things that need doing when running a small business.”
Nothing is outsourced at HBB. We are proud to be a small business as it allows us to be fully involved with all aspects of the operation and ensure Cath’s standards and ethos are maintained - everything is shared, planned, discussed and reviewed as a team. We are all actively involved in everything from formulation, customer service, research, marketing, packing and accounting. It makes for eclectic, varied, exciting days and hopefully means that we are able to offer you the best insight, transparency and advice.

Q.5: If you weren’t running HBB, what would you be up to right now?


Cath: “If money was no object, I would almost definitely be working with animals in some shape or form, maybe running an animal rescue centre or becoming an animal whisperer.  When I was growing up, I would spend most of my time with animals, whether it was taking out warm milk and eggs to our German Shepherd who lived outside or looking after and riding my friend’s pony.  There were no smart phones or computer screens when I grew up with evenings spent out in the fields (cue ‘when I was young’ etc..etc..haha!)  Other than that I would love to have become some kind of therapist.”
When chatting to Cath her care for animals really shines through – most recently demonstrated by her heart felt empathy for the plight of the abandoned pets and animals of Ukraine in her support of Shelter Friend, a charity that she passionately wants to promote through any means she can – including through her business. Cue the new donation facility at our checkout making it easy for you to help too at the same time as purchasing your honey goodies, and HBB’s pledge to donate 10% of selected gift boxes to this worthy cause. We are considering making this our chosen charity for next year. Would you like us to do this? If you haven’t let us know already then please hit reply to this email to quickly let us know if this is something you would like us to do.


Having successfully undertaken many natural therapy courses including Reiki and Swedish massage, Cath indulges her inner ‘therapist’ through the creation of HBB’s aromatherapy range, have a peak HERE, and strives to offer customers caring, holistic advice, hints and tips throughout her messages, emails and newsletters.

Q.6: We love animals! Please tell us a little about what pets you have!



Cath: “In order of size we have newly acquired Trudy Girl, a rescue dog all the way from a shelter in Macedonia, then Squeak the cat with the loudest meow – she’s the one that comes on 3 mile walks with us through the woods, then we have the twins, Lilly and Lolly from Usk cat rescue, the most loving sisters we have ever had.   Outside we have our little flock of rescue hens who love to come inside and have been known to lay eggs in our bedroom and settle down on the bed for a nap and, of course, we have our amazing bees.”



 Would you be able to offer a rescue animal a home? If you are looking for a feathery companion have a look at the Hen Welfare Trust  where Cath found her hens (which all now have a lovely set of feathers!) and consider Strays without Borders for a four legged companion. If you are local Usk New Start Cat Rescue (where Cath discovered Lilly and Lolly) are often looking for foster and permanent homes and donations.

Cath’s love of pets also led to the creation of HBB’s Pet Bee range – well, they are so close to her heart she couldn’t leave them out could she? If you fancy spoiling your fur baby, or need something practical for washing or sore or dry skin take a look at the range HERE. There is even this video starring the loveable Berry dog (also a rescue, from Cardiff this time, who has now sadly departed to doggie heaven) demonstrating our Pet Bee Soap in action.
Important: Our products are made by us, tested by us (and by you kind people!) and verified by professional chemists - they are NEVER EVER tested on animals. We use Welsh supplier Naissance for our ingredients from outside the hive, who are proudly certified under the Leaping Bunny global program - an accreditation that all their ingredients right down their own supply chain are completely animal cruelty free.
 Q7: Which HBB product is your desert island -couldn’t- live- without and why?



 Cath: “This is too hard a question to answer…..I am going to have to say two – the first would be a either a soap or a shampoo bar, probably a shampoo bar as I could use this for hair and body washing, I could also use it for washing up and hand washing.  Then I would need to pick a moisturiser as I’m thinking my skin would get quite dry in the sun ……so what to pick….. I think it would have to be my favourite face oil – Busy Bee - as I could use this on my face and body for a deep moisturisation and repair of my skin and the raspberry seed oil would give me some protection against the UVB rays.”
This is a top tip here from Cath – if your space is limited when travelling, your shampoo bar will efficiently double up as a body wash too – click HERE to view Cath’s top pick for her hair, our zero waste Queen Bee shampoo bar (which she reveals her husband Michael also regularly steals!), and, why not add a handy all natural sisal bag  to store it in which also doubles up as a loofah! 


Cath’s favourite Busy Bee oil - Why is Rosehip so hip?

  Have you tried Cath’s ‘couldn’t live- without’ Busy Bee facial oil? It really does smell divine!  Containing a mixture of raw Welsh honey and premium natural oils including rosehip, raspberry and passionflower to rejuvenate, it really is sure to leave your skin fresh, glowing and hydrated.  Perhaps you fancy helping to slow the ageing process naturally? Well, did you know rosehip oil contains vitamin C and A (retinol) which are both necessary for the production of collagen for skin elasticity and firmness? A great desert island choice by Cath for some UV protection as the presence of these vitamins in rosehip and raspberry seed oil have been, “shown to synergistically combat visible sun damage and help prevent photoaging.” (Rosehip oil benefits for Skin) .

In fact a study showed that rosehip oil inhibited the creation of MMP-1, an enzyme that breaks down collagen in the body as we age. This natural rosehip in our Busy Bee oil can also help reduce hyperpigmentation from, not only sun exposure, but also that caused by hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause.  Our customer Nicole found Busy Bee oil made her post pregnancy skin, “feel fab, soft and wonderful”, and the lovely Helen finds, “this wonderful oil just sinks into your skin, leaving my face feeling nourished and loved without being greasy.” What’s more it’s the only oil with clinically proven properties for blurring scar tissues, for the nourishment and relief of sensitive skin and the promotion of cell regeneration. (

 Q8:  What product are you most proud of and why?

Cath: “Every product we make has a ‘performance’ base and isn’t just made for the sake of it, whether this is to help dry skin, eczema, breaks outs, menopausal skin it would have to be one of the ones which has some of the best performance.  For me, that has to be our multi award winning Nurse Bee Universal Balm.  I love this for many reasons, it was one of the early formulations at HBB, it has all the magical ingredients from the hive (raw honey, beeswax and propolis), it solves all my and so many other people’s dry, cracked, bitten, burned, sore, itchy and any other skin issues, I ADORE the scent and it was the very first product that got shortlisted in the prestigious Free From Skincare Awards.”
Let’s have a closer look at Cath’s beloved Nurse Bee and the natural ‘secrets’ behind its performance!


As well as marvellous beeswax, we have raw Welsh honey – a natural moisturiser, nourisher, antibac and antiseptic – it helps keep the skin free of infection and moist but not oily; helps skin to rejuvenate and refresh depleted cells.

 Propolis – this clever ‘bee’ glue’ is produced by the honey bees and used by them as a sealant for unwanted open spaces in the hive, allowing the colony to control airflow.  Propolis is a mix of their saliva, beeswax and substances gathered from tree buds, sap flows or other botanical sources. Did you know as it posses antimicrobial properties (great for soothing our skin!) when a colony is sick, bees will collect extra propolis to fight off infection. Propolis, “smoothes out wrinkles, lightens and smoothens the skin, reduces signs of fatigue and moisturises it.”(
And what does the lovely scent Cath adores bring to the efficacy of  HBB’s ‘Nurse Bee’ balm?

Lavender oil: this helps reduce redness, soothe and calm the skin and rapidly heal minor rashes

Mandarin oil:  a rejuvenation powerhouse with the ability to replenish and renew your complexion and help even out skin tone. Also is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. 

There are so many lovely reviews of our Nurse Bee but we think Diane sums it up with: “A wonder working miracle balm. I absolutely love this universal nurse bee. It's a jar packed with wonder-working miracles for any and every skin complaint. This balm is so soothing and calming to your skin and the smell is divine. In my opinion it is far better than any antiseptic cream you can buy at the chemist, and you have confidence in knowing that it can be used safely on any skin ailment.” Thank you for the review Diane!
For more reviews and info about Cath’s adored Nurse Bee Balm click HERE.

Cath is not one to shout about her successes, particularly when talking about the many awards her products have won.  For example, did you know many have won accolades from ‘The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards’ the ‘Free From Skincare Awards the 'Janey Loves' Awards and the 'Beauty Shortlist Awards'?’  Receiving recogition from national and international industry experts is definitely achievements we are proud of.

 Q9: How do you want people to feel when they receive one of your products?


Cath: “This is probably one of the most important parts of what makes HBB unique.  We want to be able to connect with our customers on a deeper level to offer support in their lives when times are tough.  Yes, our products help problem skins, but it goes deeper than that, I like to think that we can help the ‘problem behind the problem’ whether this is mental health, bereavement, confidence issues, disability or general health and wellbeing.  I suppose we are a holistic brand that wants to offer more than just our products.  It is amazing what nature can offer in this regard.”
Here at HBB we always strive to help our customers where we can - whether that is advising in detail with more than just product recommendations, sending little treats to cheer up a customer who may be going through a difficult time, providing lots of interesting and inspirational tips and advice on health and wellbeing with our research based blogs and newsletters, by creating inidividual gift preferences, by including personalised hand written notes in your packages -  we are always happy to help. We WANT to help – so please let us know how we can help you.


Formulation of our products in small batches is a truly personal, caring process. All of the range is handmade and hand poured by us, with thought, attention, pride and love put into each final skincare product.  We take the time to personally, thoughtfully package every parcel.
Your little box of honey goodies may be humble in appearance – but we deliberately use fully recyclable packaging, tape and ribbons and reuse packing where possible – each parcel is filled with care, diligence and compassion before reaching you. For more information on our brand ethos and what makes HBB tick take a peak HERE.

 Q10: What is your favourite piece of equipment in your making lab?

Cath: “Oooo interesting one – I think it would have to be either our silicone soaps and balm moulds as it is just so satisfying to unmould or our shampoo moulds, again for the same reason.”

Behind the scenes in the HBB Lab

Our lab is small, simple and effective – we use straight forward equipment, operated by hand and there is nothing ‘factory’ about how we produce our products! However, we are extremely conscious of consumer welfare, being sure to maintain industry safety standards: all our products have been safety assessed by professional Chemists, the dates and batches and details of every ingredient used are logged in our records every time a product is made, all ingredients can be traced back to source with each having its own safety data sheet (MSDS) and being clearly labelled with a manufacture number and expiry date. 
In keeping with our eco credentials, our production processes are kept as environmentally friendly as possible:  we manufacture right on our doorstep, reducing our carbon footprint, our energy consumption is low, the ingredients we use are sustainably sourced, cruelty and chemical free and do not impact negatively on the planet. We sort through our waste and recycle wherever possible, we use biodegradable gloves and aprons when formulating and washable, reusable hats and lab coats. When refuse sacks are needed in the lab , we opt for biodegradable.

 Q11:  What motivates you on a day-to-day basis?

Cath: “Bringing some joy, peace or comfort to someone is the highlight of my day so getting feedback from our customers is so motivating to keep on doing what we are doing.”
Cath would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all you lovelies for helping keep us motivated here at HBB and letting us help with your skin niggles and well-being.  We know that reading experiences with our products from real life people can help to provide reassurance and information that we all need before taking the leap of faith to invest in new skincare products. With this in mind we have compiled customer testimonials and reviews for each product, something we couldn’t do without you so thank you to every one of you for leaving us a review. Huge appreciative thank yous to all of you who have recently been trialling our new products and providing such valuable feedback – thank you for taking this journey with us and for your ongoing support.


Q12: What’s your favourite thing about the location where you work?

 Cath: “I love living and working in the country as it means that I am surrounded by trees and nature and can walk Trudy down to the river every day.”



Are you near us? Our very local customers tell us how it is really pleasing to know that the raw honey used in the products they buy from us very likely came from the nectar collected by the bees in their own garden. What a lovely thought we think. If you are local, you would be very welcome to pop down and visit us to see for yourselves where your orders are made and packed – we are generally on site Monday-Friday but please do message prior to visiting to check as we do often work remotely. Click HERE for  our directions as we can be a little tricky to find if you haven’t visited before!

Your visit is almost like having a personalised shop just for you with product recommendations, samples and welcoming chit chat....

Oh, and if there are any art lovers amongst you the beautiful Gallery at Home is nuzzled just over from us – here the lovely owner and curator Sonia Pang will offer you the warmest welcome and serene space  for creativity and peace to enjoy a coffee and immersion in some stunning artworks.

 Q13: What is your favourite aspect of running HBB?

Cath: “Helping customers on a deeper level.”
If you feel we could help you with anything then please do not hesitate to drop us an email on, or contact us via our Facebook, Instagram or website page.
We also recommend joining our lovely welcoming, supportive “GroupBees” Facebook group where you will find lots of caring, nature loving, likeminded lovelies to share any thoughts, concerns and uplifting insights with. 
If you know of a friend or relative that may need help with their skin they would be more than welcome to sign up to our newsletter for offers and advice. Also, don’t forget our ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme whereby you earn £20 credit for sharing the ‘bee love’ – click HERE for full details.

Q15: What has been the biggest business challenge you have overcome?

Cath: “Realising how little I knew about business when starting.  It is a continuing journey and learning happens every day.”
There is definitely a mantra here at HBB that goes: “Everyday is a learning day”. New ideas information, strategies and solutions to help run the business are discovered on a daily basis.  Keeping abreast with the ever progressing world of skincare and natural ingredients and working towards new formulations keeps us forever leaning and progressing. Currently we well underway with our cream deodorant formulations, looking into using the bark of a Brazilian tree to combat itchy scalp and considering dipping into the world of natural plant pigments to produce lipsticks – is this something that would appeal to you?


 Now, lets get a bit more personal……

Q16:  What do you like doing in your spare time Cath?

Cath: “If I could choose what to do on my perfect day it would always be the same – going out for a long walk either on the cliffs, up the mountains or through the woods with Michael and Trudy girl (our rescue dog), and sometimes Squeak the cat, getting plenty of fresh air and watching nature (usually involves bee spotting) followed by a hearty dinner and a glass of red wine.”

 Barrier balms rich with beeswax and honey are great for protecting skin from harsh weather if, like Cath, you enjoy spending lots of time out in the fresh air. Take a look at our best selling protective and nourishing beeswax and honey lip balms HERE and to protect any dry patches of skin on the face from the elements try smoothing on our Sensitive Bee Universal Balm.

Our hands certainly endure lots of exposure to the fresh air so why not try our Honey Bee hand cream rich in rapeseed oil (also called canola oil) and honey it will help protect your skin from environmental pollutants and keeps it soft and nourished. 

 Rapeseed oil  also has natural inflammatory properties so if you suffer from any inflammation or stiffness in your joints, try a nice soak followed by massaging on our rapeseed oil rich body cream in Rose and Frankincense or Lavender and Lime after your outdoor adventures to help soothe those aching limbs.

What’s more experts ( praise the use of rapeseed oil (rich in omega 3 and vitamin E) in skincare for its ability to boost collagen production in the body, and its high level of antioxidants that help prevent skin from sagging – all of our hand, face and body creams contain a generous helping of rapeseed, to help our customers achieve radiant, protected skin.  For our customer Luna she says our, “light but hardworking hand cream has turned my dragon scaled hands into peachy soft mittens!” Check it out HERE

 Q17: What’s your most annoying habit?


Cath: “I am sure Michael could come up with a long list, the most recent one is forgetting to lock the front door, but I think it would probably be my ‘hyper-ness’.  I don’t do slow very well and I know that laid back people might get irritated with my need to do everything fast paced, including getting the washing up done before sitting down  - I mean who wouldn’t want to get the chores out the way before relaxing?  But, in all seriousness, I know this isn’t necessarily good for my health and I need to learn to slow down and not pressure myself to get ‘that list’ done above everything else.”
Does this sound like you? Have a look

HERE  for 14 instant ways to help calm yourself down and take your mind off trying to race through everything.  As we chatted, Cath mentioned how her walks, animals and most recently her projector night light all help her to relax and slow everything down. For further hints and tips on how to stop the rush, have a look at: Ways to stop 'Hurry sickness'.

Embracing the world of essential oils and aromatherapy here at HBB has also helped Cath to find relief from the constant ‘go, go, go’ mentality and ’rush’ anxiety.

Our Sleepy Bee range was developed to help others channel their inner calm and foster the relaxation needed for sleep. The range is based around the hard hitting ‘calming’ oils of lavender to soothe stress and bergamot which has been proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure: “Bergamot can help you lower high blood pressure by relieving stress and calming agitation through diffusion, or application to the skin (, Try our lavender and bergamot Diffuser Blend, our Aromatherapy Candle  or apply a bergamot and lavender blend directly to the skin with our Sleepy Bee Balm

Q18: What’s the most interesting thing you have seen or read this week?

Cath: “How one man can cause such catastrophic devastation for the world.”
We can’t seem to keep ourselves from mentioning ways to help as it is so heartbreaking to see unfold. If you would like, and are able to support the terrible plight of Ukraine then here are some useful links: British Red Cross, Choose Love,  Project Hope, UnicefInternational Rescue Committee, With UkrainePolish Humanitarian ActionCome Back Alive and Nova Ukraine.

Q19:  What are your personal top three tips for feeling happy?

Cath: “1. Slow down and watch the small things like a bird singing, a leaf uncurling, the sun rising. 2. Feel gratitude for what you have at a basic level like safety, warmth, freedom, love. 3. Be open and share your smile, care and love with others (especially animals).”
We are always looking for tips and advice to share on how to bring happiness into the lives of others and our own, so please let us know of any of your own live-by mantras for feeling happy by replying to this email. 😊
Q20: What are your top non-product tips for healthy skin?

Cath: “Drink enough water……Get enough sleep……Eat well…..Move every day…..Laugh…..and never stop Communicating. 
My new favourite saying is: Stress does more harm than cake!”
We love the quip, “stress does more harm than cake!” So, lets all reach for the cake to help when any stress sets in! I think that’s certainly something we at HBB can incorporate into our lives!

For a more aromatherapy based solution to help support stress relief have a look at our Relieve Bee essential oil blend with peppermint oil - great for stress headaches as it, “has been shown to improve tension headaches and is considered a standard treatment for acute headaches", according to a 2016 published review. We absolutely recommend diffusing this oil whilst eating cake!
If you find you struggle to communicate your feelings then head over to this blog by headspace HERE for handy hints on ways to effectively communicate your feelings with others- we hope you might find it helpful if this is something you would like to improve on.


Q21: If you could invent a superpower, miracle skincare product that could DO ANYTHING what would it be?

 Cath: “It has to be world peace.  Imagine getting that product onto Putin’s face!”

 Wouldn’t that be great Cath.  I’m sure we are all dreaming of this right now.

Q22: What is it about the bees that you find so captivating?

Cath: “Where to start – this could go on and on but considering they have a brain the size of a sesame seed but are able to make such complex decisions as a group is outstanding.  We, as humans, are only just starting to understand.  I also love how the living thing is the whole colony; one honeybee on its own would just not survive.  They are willing to sacrifice their life for the survival of the colony and put others before themselves.  Perhaps we could learn from them as a society.”
Aren’t the bees so intriguing? If you fancy an insight into how bee's communicate from a more spiritual point of view, I would highly recommend reading Song of Increase by bee whisperer, Jacqueline Freeman.  From a more science based perspective, learn how our society would benefit if we acted more like bees by taking a look at the awesome Tom Seeley's 'Honeybee Democracy'.  To understand how the complex intricacies of the hive can teach businesses about leadership, efficacy and growth have a look at Michael O’Malley’s book ‘The Wisdom of Bees’.   Or, tuck into Mark Winston’s, ‘Bee Time - Lessons from the Hive’, which is packed full of reflections on his three decades spent studying these creatures, and on the lessons they can teach about how humans might better interact with one another and the natural world.  So Fascinating!

And what about the wonders of the hive that help us with our skin? All thanks to the majestic bees, our skin is able to benefit from propolis, honey and beeswax. We looked at honey and propolis earlier, so let’s have quick a look at the brilliant skin benefits of beeswax:
  • Natural wax that’s well tolerated with a soft, creamy texture that’s non pore-clogging has a low rate of allergic reactions being suitable for every skin type.
  • Has natural staying power for anchoring balms to your skin allowing delivery of long lasting benefits
  • Locks in moisture by acting as a protective, breathable layer on the skin’s surface helping skin keep its natural balance for a healthy, radiant complexion.
  • Its natural barrier properties help protect the skin from environmental damage and the resulting spawns of damaging free-radicals which are known to cause premature ageing.
Find beeswax in all our balms, deodorants, face creams, body creams, soaps and hand creams!


Given they do so much for us, Cath explains that how HBB treat the bees is of paramount importance: "We are always sure to leave them with plenty of honey for themselves – this is also one of the joys of being a small outfit, we do not need massive supplies -  if we do find we need more then we support other local, caring like minded  beekeepers by sourcing from  them." 
Did you know that there are over 20,000 species of bee and it is not just honeybees that we love.  In fact, thanks to your ‘bee-utiful’ custom - thank you - we are also proud to support our amazing British bumblebees by donating 1p in every £1 of sales to the fabulous work of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

Q23: Finish this sentence: I wish someone had told me……..


Cath: “It applies to the passed and to the present - Accept yourself for who you are!  If I can reach that goal during my lifetime I will have achieved something.”
So much easier said than done isn’t it? If you feel you can identify and have difficulties with self-acceptance, have a read of Marisa Peer’s interesting blog brimming with tips on how to accept yourself fully by clicking HERE.

Q24: What is the one thing you would like to be remembered for?

Cath: “Caring.”
Cath’s message of care will always be something she hopes seeps into every part of HBB and channels through to everyone who buys from us. Cath explains: “We love our customers like members of our own family and know how important it is to feel supported, included and listened to.”


Q25: Has your range matured with you over the years?


 Cath: “Over time my confidence and knowledge has increased so I am now approaching formulation, design and problem solving with different goggles than I did at the start.  I have now entered a different phase of my life age wise, undergoing a hysterectomy, currently going through the menopause and dealing with more changing and ageing skin and have seen how nature and natural therapies can benefit these transitions such as face and body yoga, gua sha use, products for changing skin etc…”

 Cath prefers to opt for exercise that is holistic, burns fat, supports core strength and fits into her busy life. She recommends trying the program she uses, ‘Yoga burn’ with Zoe, find the details HERE.

 As a reflection of Cath’s new episode in her life, the menopause, she launched our recent range dedicated to help the needs of menopausal skin so when your body goes through hormonal changes that effect your skin – from dryness to breakouts – we have you covered, leaving you less to worry about during this time of change. Interested? Have a look HERE at our menopause bundles comprising of our pick of essential face and body products to help meet the needs of menopausal skin, which often becomes dry and reactive with the drop in natural oils caused by fluctuating hormone levels.
Are you looking for further advice for a ‘happier’ menopause or want to be armed with tips and facts for when that journey starts for you? Perhaps you want to offer some support to a woman entering this phase of her life? If so have a watch of our deeply informative chat with Lesley Morrison, founder of 'Nourished Wellbeing' by clicking HERE.


Cath has found using our Gua Sha tool a natural, easy to use at home aid for keeping her skin bright and supple and facial outline sculpted at a time when it can feel like everything starts to ‘droop’. Get your own uplifted glow on with this circulation improving tool which breaks up stagnation -induced retention, by following Cath’s ‘how to use’ video HERE.

Q26: How has your range helped you overcome any personal challenges in your life?

 Cath: “Having always suffered with oily, open pore, spot prone skin and growing up as a shy person, I spent a lot of time covering up using make-up and harsh products to ‘dry-up’ my poor skin which just made it peel and look even worse.  Over time I searched out natural alternatives and went on courses to learn about how nature could help.  Once the bees came into my life, I discovered the wonders of products from the hive for all skin types.  Being able to formulate with such magical ingredients and make my own gentle, honey based natural range has been a game changer.  Even though I still, to this day, age 50, have easily congested skin, with the help of the Busy Bee range I can keep my skin ultra clean without drying and moisturised without blockage and radiant without irritation.  This has helped with my confidence no end.”


Similar to Cath’s experience, many of our ‘bee-utiful’ ladies like Alice, Roisin, Genevieve, Leanne and Clare, have found relief from cystic acne, sensitive skin, combination skin, rosacea and oily T-zones through using the ‘Busy Bee’ range. Click HERE to view the range and their reviews! So, if you too fancy letting nature transform your skin with ‘Busy Bee’ for daily cleansing, toning and moisturising have a peak at the starter set HERE. If you already buy our raw Welsh honey why not have a go at slathering on your own honey mask to soothe combination skin and acne? Simply smear a layer over the skin, leave for twenty minutes and rinse with warm water.


 Ten Quick-fire Questions for Fun!

If you HAD to choose ONE which would you pick!

 Tea or Coffee? 

Cath: “Tea, tea, tea – could drink all day!”
 We all love a cup of tea don’t we? If you like green tea have you tried Welsh Brew’s honey wellness tea? With raw honey and hand picked wildflowers, everything about this tea is 100% natural with profits going into ‘Bee friendly’ projects – this is definitely a tea we can feel good about drinking!
Night In or Night Out?

Cath: “Always ‘night in’,  ‘cwtchy’ is my middle name.”
 With plenty of animals to snuggle up to of course!

Cats or Dogs?

Cath: “This is so hard I can’t choose.”
 Are you more of a cat or dog person? Ever considered if this may say something about your personality? Out of interest, we had a look at the following articles: ‘The Truth about Cat and Dog People’, ‘The Science Behind why you’re a Dog or Cat Person’  and '3 Things Being a Dog or Cat Person Reveals about You'– do any observations here ring true for you? Do let us know!
Messy or tidy?

Cath: “I thrive on order so prefer and strive for tidy but can often build up to messy”.
Cath likes to keep things simple and practical with HBB’s range - instead of cluttering up your bathroom with tons of products, as a first port of call, why not try out our simple cleanse, tone and moisturise routine – our starter kits for different skin types contain all the products you will need at discounted price for an efficient skin routine without the need for extra serums, brighteners, and tonics.
We can also help you dispose of your containers in an eco friendly way by taking the empties off your hands free of charge and awarding you money off points for returning them back to with your free post label. Click HERE for more details on our 'Bee Green' return and reuse scheme.
Bath or Shower? 

Cath: “Shower but strive for bath (must slow down)”
There’s nothing like a bath to help you take the time out to unwind and relax is there? Would you like to help you or a friend or family member who make be having trouble slowing down and taking time for themselves? Then why not treat them (or you!)to our ‘Bathing Bee Set’  and 'bee' sure to help them (or you) unwind with a selection of our pampering honey goodies.
Chocolate or Wine?

Cath: “Wine every time”
We are very firm wine lovers here at HBB – any wine or honey cocktail recommendations please, please send our way! 
Runny or Set Honey?

Cath: “Runny.”
Have you tried our delicious raw Welsh honey packed with natural enzymes and vitamins? There is always a jar open in the office for cake, toast, coffees, yoghurt…….. (usually more than one jar!)
Beach or Sightseeing?

Cath: “Beach (cliff tops preferably)”
 We’ve popped in a pic above of one of Cath’s favourite Welsh beaches so we can all dream of sunnier evenings!
Lavender or Citrus scent?

Cath: “Lavender – can’t get enough of how it makes me feel calm.”
Are you a lavender lover like Cath? If so we recommend having a look at our top picks of lavender loveliness – our refreshing lavender and lime body cream, lavender and lime honey soap and our lavender bathing oil which also contains another of Cath’s favourite essential oils, petitgrain -  an uplifting woody citrus oil which helps over come depression, anxiety , stress, anger and fear. In fact it is known for strengthening the nerves and nervous system as a whole. Read more about the benefits of this delish oil HERE!
Body butter or Body cream?

Cath: “Cream for day to day use, body butter for going out.”

Our body butters are really luxuriant and give a hydrating sheen – do you like to indulge in a bit of shimmer for summery evenings out or holidays? Have a look at our luscious golden shimmer honey body butter Summer Bee – sure to give your legs a lovely sunny sparkle; also perfect for giving a sunshine gleam to arms as well!
And……that’s a Wrap!

Thank you so much to Cath for answering and elaborating on soo many questions! It actually started out as 15 tops but then we got chatting….. 😉
 We hope you have enjoyed delving into the business and getting to better know the personality behind  HBB. Did you discover something about Cath that you didn’t know before or did anything surprise you?  If you have any other questions about HBB or for Cath that you would love to know the answer to then hit reply to this email and let us know!
With much love,

Cath, Bec, the bees, Trudy, Squeak, Lilly, Lolly and Team HBB xxx

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