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Recipe for Kissably Soft Lips!

The nights are getting shorter and, it actually feels milder today, I know, shock horror, summer is only around the corner!  However, is not here yet and your lips take the brunt of those extreme temperatures with cold winds and central heating leaving them dry, cracked and chapped.....   Sound familiar?..... .....Well, the best way to treat and protect your lips is to use a natural balm, particularly those that contain honey and beeswax.  The reason why these ingredients are SOOOOOOO good for your lips are because the beeswax acts as a natural barrier, preventing moisture loss, and the honey heals and hydrates! Whilst I eagerly await summer days when I can spend sunny afternoons with the bees I have...

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The Results Are in for the New Look HBB!!

    Well, it has now been nearly 4 weeks since the launch of the New Look for HBB and we are pleased to say that our Brand New 'Face Care Trio' has been sampled and reviewed by some lovely beauty bloggers so we wanted to share with you what they had to say...... So please click on the links below to read what our Bloggers thought......  The November Issue, The CSI Girls, Jessica Kennedy, Two Sister Blogger,  Kelly Allen, Wanderlust Daydreaming. If you would like to try a special sample size version of our Brand New Face Care Trio then click on the link below.....we know you are going to love it! Face Care Trio Sample Kit which include FREE cute linen bag,...

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The Top 3 ‘Must Haves’ In Your Daily Skincare Routine & How to Avoid Reactions & Harsh Chemicals

   There is a danger, with the number of beauty products available on the market today and with the intensity of commercial brand advertising, to go overboard with treating your skin, using chemically laden lotions which can leave your skin dry, inflamed and tight.  However, don’t be fooled into thinking no action is best or that there is no alternative!  It is essential to keep your pores clean and clear and to hydrate and refresh your skin.   The key is to use gentle, natural products which will work in harmony with your skin instead of using chemical and alcohol laden products which can strip your skin of it’s natural protection and leave it dry and sensitive. Want to know about...

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