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Does Psoriasis Control YOU? 10 Easy Ways to Take Back Control of YOUR Body

Difficult to manage? Embarrassing? Uncomfortable and restricting? Constant itchiness?  As sufferers of psoriasis, these feelings of skin frustration will be all too familiar and it’s something that we here at Honey Bee Beautiful always want to help with.  So, read on for our easy to follow top ten tips on how manage this condition at home and not let it take over you   Firstly, what exactly is Psoriasis? Psoriasis is an auto immune condition whereby the body over produces skin cells so that they pile up on top of each other creating thickened areas or ‘plaques’.  The body is unable to shed these skin cells at the speed they are being produced - this then creates the thickened skin areas. ...

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Guide To Using Your Gua Sha

JADE ROLLER & GUA SHA INSTRUCTIONS                 STEP 1 - CLEANING Before using your Jade Roller or Gua Sha, you should always make sure your skin is clean.  Wash your face before use and use a few drops of face oil to aid the slide of the Gua Sha and help the product absorb into the skin. Jade is known for its balancing effects and its ability to cool, so it helps de-puff features while clearing inflammation.  For maximum performance, place your tools in the fridge overnight.  The cool jade will help with swelling by shrinking blood vessels and provide a nice cool feeling on your skin. STEP 2 - JADE ROLLER MOVEMENT Start at your neck and use the large...

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